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Mrs Charnock is the staff member responsible for Safeguarding, including Child Protection, in this school.

E-safety Parental Feedback.


Dear Parents & Carers,


Many thank for all the responses to our questionnaire (15% response): they do give a good idea of where we stand and I think it was a really positive exercise.

Key findings:

  • Parents have a good knowledge of monitoring computing activities (such as having home rules about time spent and guidance), e-safety tools (such as privacy settings), removing inappropriate content and the great majority of you have chats about what children should do if they’re worried about something etc. Great! The vast majority (over 90%) have pcs etc. in the family shared area which is good for e-safety too.
  • The majority of parents (81%) are happy with the information they get from school. Advice in school to pupils rated highly as well (89% felt their pupils got good advice).
  • There was a great variety in our pupil’s online activity at home – generally playing games and studying. Online chatting was used by 29% of our pupils.
  • I am also really pleased you feel you can ask us for advice (90% felt they could).
  • The question about children uploading video content to You Tube was interesting:

Your child is uploading video to You Tube. Is this a good idea?

7% - yes:           60% - no      33% - not sure.


From the surveys, I think the next steps are:

  • We will continue to keep you informed of any advice that we are given in school regarding E-safety:  mobile phones tablets etc.
  • We will respond quickly to any concerns that parents and pupils may have.
  • We will ensure that the specific E-safety lessons are still delivered regularly and when necessary, as the opportunity arises as well.

A great web site for advice and tips is

Here is a link to our E-safety policy. Have you got any issues that you think we need to add or deal with in a different way? Let us know.

If you do need advice or have concerns on any issue regarding E-safety, please feel free to send me an email (via or send a note into school.


Many thanks everyone and keep safe,

Mr. Bonsall