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Autumn Term 2017
In maths this week we have been measuring the length of objects and ourselves! The children have been making comparisons and working in groups to find the tallest and smallest.

The children have been very creative this week making their very own Gruffalo homes. I am sure you will agree they are fabulous! We used the homes to act out The Gruffalo story. We have wonderful story tellers in the class. 

In maths we have been finding numbers that make 10.
Look at our PE skills!!
This term we have been visited by a strange creature in the classroom. It has left big footprints! Ask your children about our mysterious find they are being detectives to solve the mystery. We have also been learning our register number and recognising numerals. 

Welcome back to  school after a lovely summer holiday. We hope you all had a wonderful break. 

Thank you all for your beautiful cards and gifts... You are very kind. 

From Miss Hutton, Mrs Melling and Miss Jepson

Summer 2017
We had a lovely day at Formby beach. The children were fantastic on such a hot, sticky day. I am sure they were very tired that evening.
We had great fun making our Bog Baby homes.

On Tuesday we had a lovely morning on our Farm to Fork trip at Tesco.

We looked at the various fruit and vegetables and discussed healthy food options.

The children (and adults) were shocked at the amount of sugar in different foods.

We also had an opportunity to taste fruit, vegetables and bread. They were very hungry after a long walk!!!

Here are a selection of photos from the morning.


Welcome back after the Easter break. We hope you had a lovely holiday.

What a busy first week back.

The children have enjoyed our shopping trip to Home Bargains where we purchased toys to play with at playtime. This money has been kindly given to KS1 from the Friends of Aldwyn, so thank you to them! 

The trip links to our learning for this term:

English -  recount piece of writing

Maths -  adding and subtracting two 2 digit number using money in real life situations

Topic - Maps and our local area

We also had special visitors,  Amina's mum and four chicks that the children helped to name - Rosie, Amina, Santa and Tequila (I don't know where they get the names from)

Here are some photos of the first week back.

In English we have been reading the book 'Supertato by Sue Hendra.

We had a visit from the Evil Pea and he was very naughty!

He captured the fruit and made a mess of our fruit trolley!

The children have been describing the Evil Pea and they have made their own Supertato.

So glad we had a class of superheroes to save the fruit! Phew!!

World Book Day!

We look fantastic!!

We had a great time flipping the pancakes!!

Spring Term

We had a great time making our ice breaking ships.

The children created their designs and put them to sail in ice and water.  We discussed which materials would be best and why? 

We quite fancied the idea of sailing around in a heated jacuzzi!


Here are the final designs!
The Big Make!
The Big Experiment!

What a busy term! We enjoyed so many activities such as:

Victorian Day, the Christmas performance, a music show - including our violinist, meeting Father Christmas and dancing at the party.

Thank you so much for all our lovely Christmas cards and present! You are very kind!!

Miss Hutton, Mrs Melling and Miss Jepson.

Autumn Term

Another message for Felix

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More messages!

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Fantastic News!!!  -  Felix has had his kidney transplant operation and is doing exceptionally well.  

We are being kept informed of his progress and the children have loved seeing pictures of their friend looking so well. 

We are extremely proud of our inspirational and courageous classmate!

We send  Felix and all his family our best wishes and a Miss Hutton special - a huge air cuddle!!! 

As special message for Felix

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Key Information

PE      -                     Monday and Wednesday

Homework  -         Tuesday - to be returned to school by the following Tuesday.

Show and Tell -    Wednesday

Library  -                Thursday

PE on the apparatus

The children looked fantastic on Roald Dahl day. We had lots of fun!

Making a human number line

Exploring numbers with numicon

We are so proud of the children, they have settled in so well.


Welcome back to a new school year and we hope you all had a restful summer. Thank you again for your lovely gifts and kind words you are so very thoughtful!

 A very warm welcome to the new children and parents joining my class and we look forward to working with you all this year. 

Summer Term

What a super term!

Well done to Star of the term - Charlotte Slater and Courtesy of the term - Harrison Lee Jones.

We would like to say a massive thank you for all the lovely cards and presents - you are very kind!

We hope you all have a wonderful summer!


Miss Hutton, Mrs Melling and Miss Jepson


Here is a selection of photographs showing the various events of this busy term!

Spring 2

Have a lovely spring break.

Well done to...

Brooke Williams - Star of the Term 

Alishbah Shakeel - Courtesy of the Term

A very tricky job to choose I wanted to pick all the class!!

Well done to the children for all your hard work and thank you to the parents for your continued support.


This half term we have been learning about:

English -  Writing information books about the moon. Letter writing to Bob the Man in the Moon.  Grammar rules - suffixes

Maths -    Subtraction strategies, problem solving and fractions of shape and number.

Topic -     The Great Fire of London.

Science - Materials

RE -          Judaism - traditions such as Shabbat and making Mezuzahs.

                   Christianity - The Easter Story.


The children had a fantastic time learning new skills with the United coaches. Here is a snap shot of the games they played. As you can see such good fun!!
The United Football Fun Festival was a great success again this year, Mrs Melling and Mrs Thomas were very proud of the representatives from our school. Well done to those chosen from my class: Noah Lawton, Spencer Batt, Summer Hadfield and Joey Sandbach.
It was lovely to meet you all on parents evening and if there is anything else you would like to discuss about your child please do not hesitate to see me after school to arrange a suitable time.
Spring 1
Have a lovely half term break!

Thank you to Scarlett and Bethan this week for the pet visits. 

This week we have celebrated Chinese New Year and flipped pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. 

For our geography topic we have discussed our local area and have drawn  maps of places of interest near school.  The children also created a 3D map using the boxes from home (thank you) with buildings ranging from Ikea to the 'Conny Club'!!



The children had a visit from Kylie who works for the PDSA charity. 

The 5 Welfare Needs for looking after pets were explain to the class. Test your child, can they remember what they are?

We took part in the cosmic classroom where the children watched the live streaming of Tim Peake. They were fascinated with the tricks, especially drinking a water bubble!
Well what another busy few weeks with so many pet visitors!! Thank you so much to all the parents who made arrangements for their pets to visit school. 
Well done to Frankie for super work with Mrs Mottram. 
A special message for Jess and Mitch from Miss Hutton's class. Xx

Congratulations Jess and Mitch

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A message for Jess and Mitch!!

Still image for this video

A big congratulations to Mrs Melling who is celebrating the birth of her grandson Bailey. 

Granny Melling is very proud!!!

Thank you to all the parents who have brought their pets into school this week. The children have loved sharing facts and information.


Our topic this term is pets and our new role play area The Pet Shop has been very popular. 

We had a grand opening by the birthday girl of the day Alexa!!

Welcome back!! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year!!

Thank you so much for all the lovely presents and cards you are so very kind. 

Miss Hutton and Mrs Melling.

Autumn 2

We had the opportunity to watch the shuttle launch this morning and the children were enthralled. They may want to learn more about Tim Peake and his voyage over the Christmas period. 


What a lovely surprise when we had a special visitor today!

Father Christmas, Jolly and the naughty elf loved meeting the children. 

A massive well done to everyone for fantastic singing and acting in out Christmas play. 

We had a great time performing and thank you to all the adults for their help providing the wonderful costumes.


We had great fun making our Festive Fizz drinks! They looked delicious! 

Well done to Charlotte and Isabel the star and courtesy of the week. 20.11.2015

Here are the events of the last few weeks.

We have been learning how to multiply. Ask your child to explain a strategy they have used!

Dhilan very kindly brought in sweets to celebrate Diwali.

We were so proud of the children when we went to the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day.  

The children worked together to generate bonfire poems.


Autumn 1
Well done to the star and courtesy of the week.

We had a special visitor on Friday - Mrs Parkes with baby Emme. The children were so excited to see them both.

As you will agree Emme is beautiful. 

Autumn 1 Week 7 - 12th October 2015


Thank you to all who attended parents evening last week. It was lovely to meet you all and share with you the children's work.

They have been very busy !!

Here are the highlights of last week :

PE - The big apparatus.

English - Following instructions to make a Pirate Hat. OOO ARR ME HEARTIES !!

Maths - Symmetrical patterns and sorting 2d shapes.

I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Hutton and Mrs Melling.


Autumn 1 - Week 5 - 28th September 2015


What another busy week!

In maths the children have been doubling and halving numbers  and investigating the names and properties of 2D shapes. 

In English we had lots of fun acting out and writing instructions for cleaning teeth. They all had sparkling teeth after the class clean on Wednesday!!

Continuing work on hygiene in science the children have made super posters to be Teeth Defenders!!

Obviously Golden Time on Friday is a highlight!!

Take a look a the pictures below.

Again thank you for your continued support and I look forward to meeting you on Wednesday for Parents Evening.

Miss Hutton


Autumn 1 - Week 2 - 7th - 11th September 2015

This has been a busy week.

We have been ordering and reading numbers, working out number pairs and learning our number in register order. 

Earlier in the week we received a special letter off Nora asking us to look for a key.  Alexia found it outside under a chair.

I think this will lead to a pirate adventure......

The children have made pirate hats and rainbow parrots. 

Your children have worked hard this week and looked very tired as they left on Friday!!


Just a quick note to let you know 'show and tell' is on a Tuesday and our PE days are Monday and Tuesday. 


Have a lovely weekend and thank you for your support.

Miss Hutton and Mrs Melling

What a fun and busy week!! - 7.9.2015

Yo ho ho me hearty welcome to Miss Hutton's crew!!! They are a scary bunch of pirates!! 


Year 2014 - 2015

Summer 2.

Miss Hutton's class rocks on sports day!!!

The children enjoyed the Shine Show !!!

Well done to all the children who auditioned and well done to The Sunshine Girls. 

Natalie and Caitlin do a great job of explaining how we spent Pennies for the Playground.

How we spent pennies for the playground.

Still image for this video
We had a super time shopping! The children had to work out how much change they would get from £1.00.
The children work hard in class to see how much money they have.

Our banana song

Still image for this video

Our trip to Tesco

We look fantastic in our Easter hats !! Thank you for all your hard work.
If you have any ideas for our class page please let Miss Hutton know.