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 Here is the Week 9 Home Learning Grid. (Friday 15th May ) We also have our Year 1 Tapestry Page. Please email school if you need a new login at

You can also find a list of websites to use by scrolling down. 

KS1 Bitesize Daily

Go onto KS1 Bitesize Daily and follow the English and Maths lessons for this week. Another website for Maths lessons as an alternative is White Rose Home Learning.  The link can be found below on the Year 1 Home Learning Grid Week 9. 




Listen and watch the story 'Oliver's Vegetables'  by Vivien French. Follow this link to listen to the story on you tube.   Answer these comprehension questions- Where do chips come from?Which vegetables did Oliver eat? Why did Oliver and Grandpa laugh when Mum arrived? Oliver's did Oliver's feeling change towards vegetables?            


Make a Rainbow Experiment.

Watch and follow the experiment from the Theatre Of Science.  You will need: a clear plastic bottle, washing up liquid, water and pens and paper.



Learn all about the names of different fruit and vegetables. Also find out about the ones that grow in the rainforest. 

Then play a Family Quiz!

Think of ten questions to ask your family about fruit and vegetables e.g. Where do chips come from?


Write some sentences about different fruit and vegetables. What do you like about them? What do they taste like? What do they look like?



Do the 'Time to move fruit and veg' dance. Follow the link on the week 9 learning grid just below. 



How many fruit and vegetables do you eat in a day? Make a diary for a week. How many do you eat in a day? Give yourself a smiley face for each day that you eat five a day.  How many smiley faces did you get in a week? 


Music and Science

Learn the 'Five A Day' song.



Learn about the artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo. Watch the cartoon by following the link

Can you make an Arcimboldo picture? Take a photo and put it onto Tapestry.  


Use the Topmarks website and the Sky Writer game. Practise these zig zag letters - w,x,y and z. Try cursive style for an extra challenge!  



Go on Oxford Owl Home Read, Write Inc lessons and do a Set 2 or Set 3 phonic activity a day. The link is on this week's grid. 



Watch these BBC Bitesize clips about a healthy lifestyle and tell your adult about the different types of food we need to stay healthy! 

You can also find also find the links to all of the websites for this week by clicking on the downloadable version of the Learning Grid Week 9 below. 

Teach Your Monster To Read.  

 This is a fantastic website to develop your child's phonics and reading ability. It is free to use on a computer and you just need to register and create a password.  Please be aware that it is not free as an app but free to use if it is played on a computer.  is another very good website for Maths.  The Maths activities on this website are free during school closure. Please be aware that the spelling and grammar activities are not free and so we are recommending instead for free Spelling and Grammar activities.   

On Oxford Owl Home there is a daily Read, Write Inc phonic lesson  plus additional phonic ebooks. 

They can be found by clicking on the link 'Read, Write Inc Guide for Parents'   There are videos explaining phonics and worksheets.  There is a Read, Write Inc phonic lesson every day that I would like my class to do each day.  

Chester Zoo Live Virtual Tour!


Tameside Music Service Y1 Music Lessons - Home Learning


Hello girls and boys! At 9 o'clock each day we would like you to do a PE lesson with P.E. With Joe. Ask Google to find You Tube and then type PE With Joe. Do the PE lessons with you family and have lots of fun! Put on your P.E. kit or your shorts and a t shirt. 

Topmarks Learning Website.

Please can all the children use this website.  The Learning Games and Parents Section are very good. and Topmarks covers all of the National Curriculum subjects for every year group. It is also a super resource if you have younger and older children too. There are  also lots of online reading books too on this site. 




Amazon Free Online Books

Amazon have today cancelled the subscription of books and audio stories for children. They can watch and listen to them onto your laptop, tablet and phone.  It's all free and there are thousands of books for the children to read while we stay at home.




Oxford Owl Home Reading books 

Oxford Owl have lots of information about how you can support your child with their reading during the school closure.  There are lots of online home reading books which are called ebooks which we would like the children to read. There is also guidance on Maths and Maths activities for the children. The site is free too and can be found in the Oxford Owl Home section. Reading Maths

Oliver Jeffers Stay At Home Story Time. 

Every day at 6pm the children's author Oliver Jeffers is reading one of his stories live.  They are fantastic and the children will love listening to them and we think you will too!  The address is>a book a day 

Oliver Jeffers Stay At Home Storytime Oliver Jeffers




You can find these shows  on  CBeebies  iplayer.  Numberblocks is for Maths and Alphablocks is for Phonics. 


Carol Vorderman's the maths factor is  free during the school closure. This is an excellent website.

Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure.

Welcome to Mrs Parks' Class Page

Hello and welcome to our class page for 1P. Here you can find out about all the fun times and exciting learning that we are doing in our class. If you have any ideas or would like to share something with our class then please let us know. 


A warm welcome to Year One and the Spring Term! The children are settling very nicely and we are bright, breezy ready to grow our minds in this new term. 


Things to remember each week:


Reading Book and Record every day. 

Tuesday - Library

Wednesday - Homework is set and to be completed by the following Wednesday    

                         - Book Talk Show And Tell 

Friday -  Birthday Celebration Assembly, Handwriting Awards, Star of the Week and Courtesy of the Week (a slip will be sent home on Thursdays if your child has been chosen to receive a certificate)


Our Topic for Spring Term Second Half is Pets!



In English - we will be reading the picture books , 'Wanted The Perfect Pet' by Fiona Robertson and the 'Hairy Maclary' series of books by Lynley Dodd. The children will be researching about dogs and writing a non fiction reports all about dogs. 


In Maths - we will be learning about place value in numbers to at least 50 and understanding that two digit numbers are made up of tens and units.  We will be learning about addition and subtraction, finding one more and one less than a number, doubling numbers (e.g. 10+10) and comparing and ordering two two digit numbers.  Also we will be learning about measuring using centimetres and metre sticks and weighing using scales.  Finally we will learn about counting in twos, fives and tens and counting 2p, 5p and 10p coins. 


In Science - we are finding out about the different types of animals there are and finding out what reptiles, mammals, amphibians and birds are.  We will be sorting pets into the different types of animals they are and finding out about the life cycle of a caterpillar and a dog. 


In PE - we will be using the large apparatus and we will able be learning team games with Mr Taylor, our PE coach. 


In Computing - we will be learning to log in and use our new online computer Maths program - Numbots. 


In Geography - we will be learning about the World and looking at maps in the UK.  


In Design and Technology - we will be looking at how books with moving parts are created.  We will design and make our own moving books linking to our pet picture book in English. 





Star Of The Week!


Courtesy Of The Week


Star Handwriter Of The Week


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