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2H Archived July 2018

19th October - Today, we made Pirate hats. Over the next few days, we will be writing a set of instructions so other people can make their own Pirate hat.
17th October - Today we made pirates out of plasticine and wrote about them, using adjectives and conjunctions.
13th October - This week we have been learning about the features of instructions. We have highlighted and annotated a set of instructions for how to make Pirate Grog and have followed a set of instructions for how to make a Pirate flag. Have a look at some of our creations.
9th October -  Today we carried out an experiment to see if our pirate ships would float. Most of them did but some didn't and Poppy will never know if hers floated or not because it was actually too big to fit in the water tray! We had lots of fun testing our pirate ships and when we evaluated them, we discussed what we would do differently if we were to make them again.
3rd October - You may well know that our topic this term is Pirates! Over the last few days we have researched different types of ships and this has given us lots of ideas to design and make are very own pirate ships. Have a look at some of our masterpieces.
29th September - This week in maths we have been measuring different objects in the classroom. We have been deciding which is the most sensible unit of measurement to use and then recording the information in metres and centimetres.
Welcome to Miss Haygarth's Year two class.