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Many Happy Returns to our Ameerah, who turns 7 in the holidays. We hope you have a lovely day.smiley

Star of the Week is .........Toby. Toby has worked so hard this term to improve his writing and it has really paid off. Well done Toby, keep up the good work.

This weeks Courtesy Award goes to ......... Caitlin. Caitlin always uses her beautiful manners, she is a pleasure to have in class. Well done Caitlin. smiley

What a great day we had on Thursday. Everyone looked brilliant. We spent the afternoon having fun, making Halloween activities. We even carved our own class pumpkin.

Our Star of the Week is ......... Adam. Adam is a maths wizard and he's always willing to help others out if they're finding maths a little tricky. Well done Adam.

Courtesy Award goes to ....... Josie. Josie is a lovely member of our class and a friend to all.

Today, we made pirate hats, don't we look fab!!

This week, we have had the day that teachers dread but children love, junk modelling day. wink We were making pirate ships, when they were finished, we put them on the water, to see if the would float. It was a big thumbs up, as nearly all of them did.

Star of the Week goes to Ali..... Ali has been working very hard on following instructions. Keep up the great work Ali.

A big ,"Well Done!" to James, who has been awarded the Courtesy Award this week. James has been sharing his knowledge of cars with the class and he has drawn some lovely pictures.

We had great fun in P.E. this week. We played 2 new games, Penguin Shuffle and Don't Drop the Bomb. Mrs Charnock walked through the hall and thought we were taking part in the worlds slowest race laugh but the children were holding bean bags between their knees and trying not to drop them.

Last but certainly not least, this weeks Star of the Week goes to ...... Harry. Harry has been working so hard on improving his reading and it's really paying off. Keep up the brilliant work Harry.

Ameerah is this weeks Courtesy Award winner. She is such a lovely member of class and always smiling. Well done Ameerah you really deserve it.

Elizabeth proved to be such a maths whizz, she received a very special certificate off Mrs Charnock. Well done Elizabeth.

James celebrated his 7th birthday this week. Happy Birthday James, we hope you had a great day.smiley

Another week has flown by. This week, we have been learning our 2 and 5 times tables. In English, we have been writing about why we would make great pirates and in Science, we have been looking into different materials and what they're used for.

Star of the Week is .........Muhammad. This week, in English, Muhammad ,really worked hard to produce a lovely piece of work. Keep up the great work Muhammad.

This weeks Courtesy Award goes to ....... Annie. Annie works so hard and ALWAYS does her very best. Well done Annie.

The class also took a walk around the school field to see how many different types of trees we could spot.

 This week, as part of," Big Green Week," we asked for the children to make diorama's of their favourite outdoor space. They were all fantastic, they were put on display in the reception area so that Councillor Ryan and some of our parents and carers could see them, when they visited school this week. I'm sure you'll agree, they must have been incredibly impressed with the work that went into them.

Our (Super) Star of the week is ......... Lily. Lily always tries her very best in everything she does. She is our class Superstar.

This weeks Courtesy Award goes to .......... James. James always uses lovely manners and is a great friend to all. Well done James.

What a lovely week we have had. The children have really settled into Year 2 and are working hard. This week, we wrote a letter to Nora telling her we had found her key. We then received a reply from Nora, telling us it's the key to the cupboard that contains treasure maps surprise.  In Maths, we have been partitioning 2 digit numbers and our Topic has been E-Safety and staying safe online.

Many happy returns to Jonah who turns 7 this weekend. We hope you have a lovely day.

Star of the Week goes to ........................ Charlie. Charlie is a new member of our class. He has fitted in beautifully. We are very pleased to welcome him into 2H, we know he will be a fantastic addition. 

This weeks Courtesy Award goes to ....................... Bonnie. Bonnie has returned to school raring to go and full of enthusiasm. Well done Bonnie, keep up the great work.

What a brilliant start to the term we have had. This week, we received a letter from a cabin girl called Nora, asking us to help her find a lost key. We hunted high and low and eventually, the birthday girl Olivia, spotted it hanging on the Christmas tree in the allotment. We wrote letters to tell Nora we had found it. We will keep you posted as to what happens next.

                           Welcome to Year 2 laugh

Welcome back, we hope everyone has had a lovely summer break. We started the term with a birthday, Olivia turned 7 years old, Happy Birthday Olivia smiley.

We finally made it to the end of term.smiley Despite ,"bubbles," going down and the intense heat of the last week, we saw it through. We have had such a lovely year, this class has been fantastic, we have been very lucky. The boys and girls have worked so hard and it has really paid off, we are sure they'll carry that on into Y3. We have had an abundance of, "Star of the Week, Courtesy Award, Star Of the Term, 100% Attendance and Birthdays," today, congratulations to all. Here's to a lovely summer break, we look forward to seeing you in September. Finally, a huge Thank You, for all your kind gifts, cards and good wishes, we really appreciate them.

Miss Haygarth, Mrs Pace and Miss Ravenscroft.

This weeks Star of the Week is....... Jessica. We have been making story maps in English and the work Jessica has produced has been absolutely brilliant. Well done Jess, you should feel very proud.

Courtesy Award this week goes to........Ali. Ali has been working really hard in class and his work has much improved. Well done Ali, keep up the great work. 

Happy Birthday, to Reuben and Jannat, who both turn 7 this week. They have been sharing their birthday plans with the class and it sounds as if they're both going to have a fantastic time. Happy Birthday to you.

This weeks Star Award goes to ......... Robyn. Robyn is a class superstar, who always tries her best. Keep up the great work Robyn.

This weeks Courtesy Award goes to ............Bobby. Bobby has returned to school raring to go and full of enthusiasm. Well done Bobby.

Star of the Week, goes to ......... Reuben. Reuben has shown real improvement in his work and has been putting super effort into his writing. Keep up the great work Reuben.

The Courtesy Award, this week , goes to ........... Iden. Iden is a pleasure to have in class and is a lovely friend to all. Well done Iden, you deserve it.

Many Happy Returns to  Cian, who has been counting down the days until his 7th birthday. We hope you have a fantastic day on Saturday.

We had a great day on Tuesday. It was a Cricket Engagement Day, where we learnt the basics of cricket in a fun way. We played, "Smash It, Strictly Come Catching and Head Shoulders Knees Ball." By the end of the session, we were all showing great improvement in our throwing and catching skills.

Star of the Week is  ........... Maxwell. Maxwell has returned to school after the holidays full of enthusiasm, with a great attitude to learning. Keep up the great work Maxwell.

This weeks Courtesy Award goes to.........Jannat. Jannat always does her best in class and is a lovely friend to all. Well done Jannat.

What a great first week back we've had, the lovely weather has certainly helped. This coming week,(Tuesday 15th,) year 2 are taking part in a Cricket Engagement Day. Please can they come dressed in their P.E. kit, just for this week only.

A big welcome back to everyone after the two week break. Hard to believe we're now in our final term of the year. The children came back on Monday, raring to go and full of enthusiasm. Wednesday, is now our P.E. day and as the weather has been so lovely, we decided to go on the school field with the sports equipment. As you can see, the boys and girls really enjoyed themselves.

For the final time this half term, Star of the Week is awarded to ........Cian.  Cian always tries his best at whatever he's doing and he always has a smile on his face. Well done Cian, you are a credit to our class.

This weeks Courtesy Award goes to ......... Isla. Always a joy to have in class. This week, she kindly brought an egg shell that she found in the garden, to show the class. Through the power of Google, the children have identified it as being the egg of a Wood Pigeon.  

We have been celebrating several birthdays this week. Many happy returns, to Maxwell, Isaac and Carter who have all turned 7. We hope you all had lovely days.

Well, we finally made it to the end of the Summer 1 term. We have been working so hard, I think everybody is ready for a two week holiday.

We didn't let something as trivial as the weather spoil the enjoyment of Sports Day. We even had a visit from the geese, George and Mildred and their new gosling Ryan (Gosling) who came to cheer us on. 

It's been a very exciting week for one member of our class. Not only has Anum been celebrating Eid but it's also her birthday on Sunday. Many happy returns Anum, we hope you have a fantastic day.

We have wished Eid Mubarak to the children and their families who have been celebrating this week. We were very lucky, that the boys and girls shared with the class the importance of Eid and how they would be celebrating. Eliza and Anum, have had their hands beautifully decorated with mehndi designs. We're sure you'll agree that they look fantastic. 

Star of the Week is ........Emily. Emily went above and beyond this week, with the work she did at home on Space. We were so impressed, we sent her to show Mrs Charnock, who gave her a very special certificate. Well done Emily and keep up the great work.

Our Courtesy Award this week, goes to.......... Ava. She is a joy to have in class and always uses her beautiful manners. Well done Ava.

Another very busy week, they are flying by. In Maths , we have been sequencing, patterns and numbers. In English, we have incorporated our topic on Space into our learning and been making leaflets on, "Life in Space." If anyone wants to know  how an astronaut sleeps or goes to the toilet, we are the class to ask.

The class are entering a, "Heroes Stamp Design" competition, run by the Royal Mail. They have been asked to draw a picture of a hero of the pandemic, that they would like to see featured on a stamp. Ivy chose to draw her big brother Jake, who is in the RAF. It's a wonderful drawing and we're sure Jake will be very proud when he sees it.  

Star of the Week, always tricky to pick just one star but Eliza makes the decision that bit easier. She truly is a class star in every way. Well done Eliza.

This weeks Courtesy Award goes to .......... Reuben. Reuben has been wowing us with his knowledge about space. He is a space superstar. Well done Reuben.

Another week has sped past. We have been very busy writing some fantastic reports about dinosaurs in English. In Maths, we have been looking at direction and compass points. We are now moving onto a new topic about space. Some children have already brought in fascinating facts that they have been researching at home. Keep up the brilliant work.

Our Star of the Week this week is ........ Joseph. Joseph is a pleasure to have in class, his enthusiasm for learning knows no bounds. Well done Joseph, you are a class superstar.

This weeks Courtesy Award goes to.......... Darbey.  Darbey is a fantastic member of our class. Always first to raise her hand and to follow instructions. Keep up the great work Darbey, you are a super role model.

What a busy week we have had. In English, we are writing reports on dinosaur habitats. The class spent some time in the ICT suite, researching fascinating facts. I think we may have several future paleontologists  among us. In maths, we have been looking at, clockwise and anti-clockwise. We spent some time on the playground, chalking directions for our partners to follow.

Star of the Week, goes to .......... Isla. It's always difficult choosing the Star because we have such a fantastic class but Isla makes that job easier. She always gives her very best in all she's asked to do. Well done Isla, you are our class superstar.

The first Courtesy Award of the term goes to ..........Emily.  Emily works so hard at all she does. She is a pleasure to have in class.

A big welcome back to all. As we begin the Summer term, there have been some changes around school because of the onset of the building work but the children have been fantastic in adapting, as we knew they would.   

Finally, congratulations to Emily, who won the Easter raffle prize. We have had a lovely week in class. On Thursday, we had a craft day, making Easter cards and baskets. We even had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny, who set an Easter Egg Hunt Challenge for the children. We hope you all have a lovely break and look forward to seeing you after the holidays for the Summer term.
Bella is this weeks Star of the Week. She is a huge help around the class and always tries her best. Keep up the great work Bella.
This weeks Courtesy Award goes to..... Noah. Noah always gives 100% with a big smile on his face. Well done Noah. 
Many happy returns to Isla, who turns 7 during the holidays. As we said last week, Isla is our, "star baker"  maybe she will make her own birthday cake. Happy birthday Isla.
We think we may have a budding architect in our class. These are far trickier than they look. Well done Noah.
Star of the Week is ........ Rayhan. Rayhan is a 100% superstar. He works so hard and is a friend to all. We are lucky to have him in our class.
This weeks Courtesy Award goes to ......Ivy. Ivy has been working so hard with her reading and is showing great improvement. Keep up the brilliant work Ivy.
 Two members of the class celebrated their 7th birthdays this week. Many happy returns to Ali and Isla, we hope you had lovely days.
A huge, "well done," to Isla. Along with her sister Ava, she spent lockdown baking and selling delicious cakes. The money they raised was donated to the NHS. What a brilliant Cake Fairies you are. 
A huge, "Well Done," to Eliza, Bobby and Rayhan. Our class TT Rockstar superstars. 
Star of the Week, goes to .... Isaac, who always does his best. Well done Isaac, you are a pleasure to have in our class.
Courtesy Award of the Week, goes to ....... Willow. Willow has returned to school with a real enthusiasm for learning. Keep up the great work Willow.
Friday, the children came dressed in red to celebrate this year's Comic Relief Red Nose Day. We had an fun activity afternoon, making masks, doing word searches and colouring pictures.
What a busy week we have had this week. On Tuesday, we found an unusual egg in the courtyard. The children were unsure what could have left it there. Was it a dinosaur or a snake ? Some even thought it may have been the Easter Bunny. We are going to be writing reports on our findings and maybe even filming ourselves reading them to the class.
Today, we celebrated World Book Day. The theme was, "A Bedtime Story."  The children came to school in their pyjamas and dressing gowns. Some of the children brought their favourite books in and read them to the class. 
  What a great, first week back we have had. The children were so excited to be back together again but as Monday progressed, it was as if we had never been away. It has been impossible to choose individual star and courtesy winners this week as everyone has been brilliant, so both awards were given to the whole class. All the children deserve a ,"well done," pat on the back.
Finally, last but certainly not least, Star of the term, goes to ...........Emily. Emily always gives 100% and never, ever gives up. Even if she finds her work tricky, she is determined to keep trying until she gets it right. Well done Emily, you deserve it.
As it's the end of the Autumn Term, we choose special Star and Courtesy winners. The Courtesy Award goes to .....Anum. Who is always so kind, helpful and smiley. We are so glad you are in our class.
We celebrate one birthday during the holidays. Emily, turns 7 on January 2nd. Have a great day Emily.
Star of the Week, goes to.............. Ali. For being such a kind friend. 
Courtesy Award of the week goes to Robyn.............. Who has been a very special friend this term.
Well, what a great week we've had. What with Craft Days, Christmas Dinner, Christmas Parties and this afternoon an online pantomime, Cinderella, the boys and girls are ready for a break. We would like to thank you for the gifts and cards you have sent in, we are very grateful. We return to school on Monday 4th January 2021 and we will be having P.E., so please could the children come to school dressed for P.E. We have put a video of our class singing, "It was on a Starry Night," on the Aldwyn website and on Tapestry, we are sure you'll agree they sang wonderfully. Finally, just to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all and see you in January,
Finally, cause for a double celebration. Star of the Week, for always trying her very best, goes to .......Teegan. It's also Teegan's birthday today , so it's a huge well done AND congratulations, on your 7th birthday.smiley
Carter, is this weeks Courtesy Award winner. Carter always does his best, with a big smile on his face. Well done Carter, as you can see, he dressed up to receive his certificate.smiley
This weeks P.E. superstars, are ......... Hussain and Isla, for super effort during the lesson.
Well, what a very busy week we have had. The classroom has been like Santa's  Workshop at times. Today ,(Friday,) the whole school took part in a Santa Dash, along with schools all across the country. With all the reindeer bells ringing , it sounded like Santa was already on his way.
Star of the Week goes to...........Owen, who has made such an improvement with his reading. Well done Owen , you are a reading superstar.
Courtesy Award goes to ........... Jessica, who is a lovely friend to all.
Eliza has received the first Handwriting Award of the year. She has been working so hard on joining her letters, well done Eliza.
P.E. stars this week are.......... Emily and Noah. Both gave 100%, keep up the great work.
This week, we spent some time writing letters to Santa. As you can imagine, there were some very long lists. Let's hope Santa has plenty of room on his sleigh. 
Star of the Week, goes to .......... Jannat. Jannat is so eager to read and it is really paying off. Keep up the great work Jannat.
Courtesy Award this week, goes to .........Cian, who is always so happy and cheerful. 
Well done to Bobby and Robyn, who received certificates for super effort in P.E.
Another week completed,(phew!) they certainly are moving fast. We have been working on subtracting 2 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers in Maths. In English, we have been writing reports on Pirate Life, and today,(Friday) we decorated the classroom for Christmas, as you can imagine it was a very noisy morning.smiley
Star of the Week is awarded to ....Willow, for her attitude and enthusiasm for learning. Well done Willow
This weeks Courtesy Award goes to .....Isla, who has returned to school, raring to go and as always, with a great big smile.


Still image for this video
This week, in P.E. we joined in with a Joe Wicks  exercise class. We all did fantastic but had to make sure we rehydrated at the end of the lesson.
Next week, (16th - 20th November 2020,) it is Anti Bullying Week. This years theme is: United Against Bullying. To mark the start of the week, we ask that the children come to school wearing odd socks. It's a great way to celebrate what makes us all unique.
This weeks Star of the Week goes to .......... Bobby, for his mature attitude to learning. Well done Bobby. 
This weeks Courtesy Award goes to ......... Hussain, simply a joy to have in class.
Don't  we all look fantastic, in our Pudsey and Blush hats. smiley
What a busy week we have had. On Tuesday, we observed the two minutes silence for Remembrance Day and made and laid our own poppies. Today, we dressed in our own clothes and did many fun activities to raise money for this years, Children in Need. We would like to thank you for your online contributions, the money raised  helps a very worthy cause.
We have taken some time this morning, to make our own poppies. As we were unable to visit the Cenotaph this year, Mrs Eastwood  and Mrs Thomas had made a special display on the allotment. At 11 o'clock, the children gathered to observe the two minutes silence, we then took it in turn to place our poppies around the display.   

A couple of quick reminders,

P.E. is now on a Wednesday, please can the children come to school dressed for P.E.

Next Friday, 13/11/20 it will be a Non-Uniform Day to raise money for Children in Need. We are asking that donations be made through the JustGiving page, rather than sending money into school. Thank you.

Unusually, this week, we have not one but two Stars of the Week. Our second certificate goes to............. Darbey's Grandma Sue, who has been so generous and sent some topic books in for the class to use this term. We are very grateful and would like to say a big Thank You, the books are much appreciated.
Star of the Week goes to .........  Maxwell, who has been putting great effort into making the right choices in class. Well done Maxwell.
This weeks Courtesy Award goes to ........... Ava. Ava is always so polite and a friend to all.
Many Happy Returns to Isla, who turned 7 this week. Happy Birthday Isla.
A big welcome back to school after the half term holiday. This week, we have been working on acrostic poems in English, addition in Maths and this terms Topic is, Travel and Transport. The children have been working really hard on presentation and handwriting. We would also like to say a big Thank You for sending in contributions for this years Poppy Appeal.
Star of the Week is ..........  Noah, who gives 100% effort in all he does. Well done Noah.
This weeks Courtesy Award goes to .......... Iden.  He has been working so hard, all term. Keep up the great work Iden.
Many happy returns, to our friend Noah, who celebrates his birthday during half term.
Congratulation to Joseph, who took part in the "Silly Squad," Summer Reading Challenge 2020.  Joseph read 101 books and received this fantastic certificate
We spent the afternoon, making spooky halloween spiders. I'm sure they will taste as good as they look.
It isn't everyday the class is visited by an array of witches, vampires and even a fire breathing dragon. Don't we all look fantastic.
A well deserved certificate for Isla, who has been bringing water, instead of juice, in her water bottle this term. Isla always makes sure to show us she is being healthy by drinking water. Well done Isla, keep up the great work.
Thank you for the contributions for Harvest. They will be very gratefully received. 
Star of the Week is ...... Noah. Noah has been putting real effort into all his work and it is really paying off. Keep up the great work Noah.
This weeks Courtesy Award goes to ..... Eliza, who is always so polite and helpful. 
We have been super busy this week. In Maths, we have been practising our 5  and 10 times tables. While in English, we were working on apostrophes and contractions. In our Topic work, we were looking at Coughs and Sneezes and how to stay healthy. Finally, as always, we were working really hard on our handwriting and presentation. Well done everyone, you are a class of superstars. 
Happy Birthday Jessica, we all hope you have a lovely day.
Star of the Week is .......... Isla. Isla has worked so hard, both in class and with her reading. She is showing real improvement. Keep up the great work Isla.
It's that time of the week again. This weeks Courtesy Award goes to ........... Anum, who is a friend to everyone and always has a big smile on her face. Well done Anum.
All the ships sailed on the water. Well done everyone.




What an industrious morning, we have been so busy, making the most fantastic pirate ships.

Star Star of the Week goes to .......... Darbey, who gives 100% effort in all her work. 🌟
This week's Courtesy Award goes to ........ Joseph for being a class superstar.

Happy birthday to Rayhan and Ava, who both turned 7 this week. Hope you had lovely birthdays.






If we are visited by Norah the cabin girl and she invites us to join her pirate crew, we will be ready to go, now we have all made our own brilliantly decorated pirate hats.
Well done to Isla, who designed a wonderful pirate ship, that any pirate would be proud to sail on. A future career in ship design may beckon for Isla.
This week, as part of our Topic work, we had to follow instructions to make a pirate flag. I'm sure you will agree, we have made some fantastic flags, worthy of the finest pirate ship.

Star of the week, goes to......,.Robyn, for always working so hard in class. Keep up the great work Robyn.



Our Courtesy award this week goes to .......Emily, for being so kind and helpful in class. Well done Emily.
Many happy returns to Owen, who turned 7 this week. Happy birthday Owen.
Another week of the Autumn term completed (phew). The boys and girls have been working super hard this week. In our science lesson, we conducted an experiment to find out which type of paper was most absorbent, by dipping it in water for 5 seconds and recording how many centimetres it travelled up the paper. Luckily we had junior scientists Joseph and Robyn on hand to dip and measure.

This weeks Star of the Week was.......................... Reuben, a very worthy winner, well done Reuben.

The Courtesy award went to.............................Bella, always ready to help out around the class, keep up the good work Bella. 

What a busy week we have had.In Mathematics, we began the week doing number bonds to 10. We then progressed to number bonds to 20 and by Friday, some children were even doing number bonds to 100, well done all, fantastic work. In English, the class have been helping Nora the cabin girl. We wrote letters,to tell her we had found her lost key, we then designed posters for Nora to put up on her ship,to warn the other pirates of dangers aboard.

We have celebrated the birthdays of 3 of our shipmates this week, Joseph, Eliza and Bobby all turned 7. Happy birthday to all.

Welcome to Class 2H

After a unusual summer, the children have returned to school raring to go. They are settling into the routines of Yr 2 wonderfully. There have been changes to the school day since we were last together but the boys and girls have risen to the challenge, as we knew they would. This term, our class topic is,"Pirates." I'm sure by half term we will all be, Yo Ho Ho-ing and Aye Aye Captaining, like real pirates.

This weeks, Star of the Week, is.......... Ivy Bridge. Awarded for ,trying her very best.

The Courtesy Award goes to......... Isacc Peatfield.  Isacc always uses his beautiful manners.

Well done Ivy and Isacc.

Summer Week 7 Learning Grid

Summer Week 6 Learning Grid

Summer Week 5 Learning Grid

Summer Week 4 Learning Grid

Summer Week 3 Learning Grid

Summer Week 2 Learning Grid

Summer Week 1 Learning Grid

Please find below the Home Learning Grid for week 9. It is also available on Tapestry.
Please find below the Home Learning Grid for week 8. You can also access it on Tapestry - if you are struggling to sign up or are unable to log on to Tapestry, please email On Tapestry you will also find useful websites and extra optional tasks. Take care everyone!
Please find below the Home Learning Grid for week 7 - the last one on Taking Care of Animals.

Please find below the Home Learning Grid for week 6. The theme this week is 'Taking Care of Animals'.


A Tapestry account has also be set up for both year 2 classes, if you haven't already signed up please do so, as we share useful websites and information on there too. Thank you to the parents/carers who have already signed up and responded, it's been lovely to hear from you all.  Hope you are all keeping safe and well. Take care, Miss Haygarth.

Please find below the Home Learning Grid for week 5. The theme for this week is 'Taking Care of Animals'.
HAPPY EASTER!! Hope you all have a happy, safe and fun Easter weekend. Here is the Home Learning Grid for week 4.

WOW! Week 3 already.

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and enjoying the home learning grids. Each home learning grid has a theme and so if you feel that you would like to go off and research that theme further, please do - go and see what wonderful things you can learn from the comfort of your own home! Also if you have enjoyed a certain activity from a previous home learning grid, please revisit it and complete the activity again. It's a great idea to have a look at other home learning grids from different year groups too, as there are some fantastic ideas for activities there, which can be adapted for year 2. Keep safe everyone!


Miss Haygarth  smileyyes

If you're looking for some extra work, here are some lovely Spring themed Maths and English activity booklets. If you have a printer they can be printed off but don't worry if you haven't, they can still be used on the computer - you can use your Home Learning book to write in.

Tameside Music Service Y2 Music Lessons - Home Learning

Below is a list of some useful websites that you may want to use during the school closure;


Phonics Play -

If you enter username - march20 and the password - home   you can access the resources for free and with no subscription.  Decodable comics to read with many different reading levels available. With the option to print off templates so you can make your own comics.


Book Trust -  A selection of story books to read and listen to online.


Oxford Owl - A mixture of reading, writing and maths activities online.


Twinkl - Free for 1 month using the code UKTWINKLHELPS


Topmarks - Phonics/reading games online and interactive maths games.



New to Year 2

Today was 'Voting Day' in 2H. We all had the chance to vote for which class novel we would like to read next. The choices were Billionaire Boy by David Walliams or Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. With 23 votes, Billionaire Boy was the winner. We are excited to get stuck into a new book this week.
Our class have become proud owners of a selection of "Reading Buddies".  We have dinosaurs, dogs, a hedgehog and two sloths and they all have one thing in common . . . they absolutely love being read to and sharing stories with children.  This week we have had lots of opportunities to spend time with our Reading Buddies in our newly renovated class reading area, which is now a "Reading Rainforest". 
In PE this half term we have been using the apparatus. We have improved our balancing, co-ordination and creative skills. We have also learned how to stay safe on the equipment whilst still having lots of fun.
We received a letter from Biscuit Bear and we found out that the cooking equipment belonged to him. We decided to write letters back to him to let him know that we would send his belongings back to him and as a "Thank you" he sent us a book. It's an adventure story with lots of exciting parts in it.
An interesting discovery has been made in class 2H today. We have found a blue and white tea towel, some small pastry cutters, a wooden  rolling pin and some colourful bun cases. We have made some found posters and hopefully we will find out who the baking equipment belongs to.

Our Christmas Show this year is called 'The Christmas Recipe'. Your child should have come home with a costume letter this week, detailing which character they have chosen to be in the play. Please can you provide your child with an appropriate costume for the shows on the 4th (Wednesday) and 5th (Thursday) of December. If you have any problems regarding costumes please call in to discuss them.


Thank you for your continued support.


Miss Haygarth smiley

This week we celebrated Harvest with a Harvest Assembly. Well done to all the brave children who volunteered to do a reading during the assembly - you were so clear and really showed off your reading skills. Others were excellent singers and belted out our Harvest songs with passion and enthusiasm. Thank you to everyone who donated to the food collection - your kind donations will help those in need in our community.smiley Have a look at some photos taken before and during our assembly below.
Have a look at some of our instructions for 'How to make a pirate hat'
Today we used different materials and our creative skills to make pirate hats. Next week we will be writing a set of instructions for "How to make a pirate hat". We will have to think about the different time adverbials we will use, such as first, next, after that and finally and also think about the imperative (bossy) verbs we will use. Have a look at our wonderful pirate hats below. Some of us practiced our scariest pirate faces too!
Today we tested our pirate ships to see if they float. It was a huge success and most of them did float, apart from one which was slightly too big to fit in the water tray!
I knew the children were going to create some great pirate ships when I saw their designs but they have exceeded all of my expectations. What a creative bunch you are!
This week we have followed instructions to make our own Pirate flags.
We had lots of messy, creative fun during Golden Time. We love it when we get the paints out and get our creative juices flowing. Have a look at some of our wonderful masterpieces.
We've started the year by learning all about place value in Maths. We have partitioned 2-digit numbers into tens and ones and used Base 10 and cubes to show the different ways we have split the numbers. These skills will come in really handy when we start to add and subtract numbers in the next few weeks.
Wearing Red for Red Nose Day!!
Happy World Book Day!
We have had lots of fun celebrating Chinese New Year this week.
This week we have been learning all about division. We now know how to use a division board to divide by 2. We are working hard to make sure both groups are equal. Next week we will be learning how to divide by 5 and 10.
Our class 'Super Tidiers' of the term got a special treat today - they decorated Christmas buns and took them home to eat. Thank you to Ava, Florence, Lexi, Layola and Brooke for helping to keep our classroom clean and tidy.
A massive 'Thank you' to all the parents, carers, grandparents and family members for your help and support in our Christmas Production of 'Prickly Hay' - it wouldn't have been the success it was without you all. 
Today, we decorated our class Christmas tree and it really got us in the Christmas spirit. It inspired us to create some Christmas decorations using the blocks too! Look at our wonderful creations.
For Children in Need we 'Did Our Own Thing'. We became teachers for the day and taught each other our special skills and talents. We had a dance lesson, a paper boat making lesson, a Chinese writing lesson and some of the bendier members of the class were taught how to do back bends and the splits. We all brought a donation in to add to the school's total.  Well done class 2H!

Remembrance Day

This week we have been learning about why we wear poppies.This morning we walked over to Ryecroft Park to lay our poppies at the memorial. We observed a 2 minutes silence and behaved impeccably throughout our trip. no

We were invited into Ryecroft Hall to look at their WW1 and Centenary display. We saw a wedding dress made from a parachute and lots of knitted poppies that had been made by people in our community (we even spotted one that Mrs Charnock had made).

Our STAR of the week is Oliver. He has been working hard on his spellings, using his Read, Write Inc sounds to spell words with 3 sound.  Well done Oliver, We are all very proud of you. smiley 
Our COURTESY of the week is Lilly. She always does her best and is such a hard working young lady. We are all very lucky to have you in this class.smiley
In English, we are learning about instructions. Today we followed a set of instructions for how to make a pirate flag. Have a look at our wonderful creations.
In Design and Technology we have designed and made our own pirate ships. Have a look at our masterpieces.