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Hello everyone!  It is so lovely to welcome you back to school and a brand new year group. 

Miss Manning and Mrs Eastwood are looking forward to getting to know you all.  We hope you have had a wonderful relaxing summer and are rested and eager to get back to learning.

Yo Ho Ho Me Hearties!

We made an exciting discovery in our classroom this morning.  When Mrs Eastwood arrived at school there was a letter waiting on Miss Manning's chair.  A young girl called Nora has written to us because she has lost a very important key.  The children wondered who Nora could be and said that they wanted to help her.


They went onto the playground to see if she had lost her key there. 

Well done Mia!  Mia found the key.  It was in the long grass next to the allotment.  We wondered if perhaps Nora had been looking at the pumpkin patch and the key had fallen from her pocket.

We carried the key back into the classroom and then passed it around so that everyone could see it.  What will it open?  The children had great ideas.  Would it open a pirate treasure chest filled with jewels? Would it be the door to the captain's cabin?  We can't wait to find out. 

Found Poster 

The children have wasted no time in their bid to help Nora.  They have produced their own "found" posters showing a drawing of the key and a description of where it was found.  Some children have also asked Nora what the key is for.  We will get the posters sent to her straight away!

Writing to Nora

Yesterday we made "Found" posters for Nora to let her know that we had found her important key. Today, we have used our letter writing skills and written to her to let her know.  We are hoping she replies soon to let us know if it is hers.

This week in maths ...

We have been learning greater than, less than and equals too.  Remember! The greedy crocodile always eats the biggest number.

Our Star and Courtesy award winners 

Congratulations Esmae and Oliver.  Esmae has produced some super writing about the key we found on the playground and Oliver is an example to all with his beautiful manners and his kindness.  Well done you two.

Sporting Superstars

Our sporting superstars this week are Hollie and Adam.  Hollie has been busy gaining her swimming certificates and Adam has been showing off his super footballing skills.  Well done.

Golden Time

Friday afternoon is an opportunity to mingle with friends and enjoy a chat and relax.  For those wanting to try to beat their scores on Numbots, we have the computers out too.


An exciting discovery


Today we received a letter and a book from Nora the cabin girl.  She thanked the children for finding her key and tried her best to answer all their questions.  


Describing Nora

Today the children have been describing Nora.  They have drawn a picture of her too.


Partitioning a two digit number

Today in maths we have been learning how to partition a two digit number into its tens and units.


Wishing you a very happy birthday Sienna!

 Hector's World - Internet Safety

Today the boys and girls have been learning the "do's" and "don't's" of using the internet.  They produced posters and discussed how to stay safe on-line.

It's good to be green

At the beginning of the year we always discuss the behaviour that we expect to see in school.  We operate a traffic light system and we invite the children to say what they think should be green, amber and red behaviour.  By doing this we are reinforcing the school rules and helping children to make good choices.


Star of the Week 

Congratulations Hugo on an incredible effort with your work this week.  

Courtesy of the Week 

Congratulations Sienna on receiving this award this week.