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Hello everyone!  It is so lovely to welcome you back to school and a brand new year group. 

Miss Manning and Mrs Eastwood are looking forward to getting to know you all.  We hope you have had a wonderful relaxing summer and are rested and eager to get back to learning.

Well done Mia!  Mia found the key.  It was in the long grass next to the allotment.  We wondered if perhaps Nora had been looking at the pumpkin patch and the key had fallen from her pocket.

We carried the key back into the classroom and then passed it around so that everyone could see it.  What will it open?  The children had great ideas.  Would it open a pirate treasure chest filled with jewels? Would it be the door to the captain's cabin?  We can't wait to find out. 

Found Poster 

The children have wasted no time in their bid to help Nora.  They have produced their own "found" posters showing a drawing of the key and a description of where it was found.  Some children have also asked Nora what the key is for.  We will get the posters sent to her straight away!

Writing to Nora

Yesterday we made "Found" posters for Nora to let her know that we had found her important key. Today, we have used our letter writing skills and written to her to let her know.  We are hoping she replies soon to let us know if it is hers.

This week in maths ...

We have been learning greater than, less than and equals too.  Remember! The greedy crocodile always eats the biggest number.

Our Star and Courtesy award winners 

Congratulations Esmae and Oliver.  Esmae has produced some super writing about the key we found on the playground and Oliver is an example to all with his beautiful manners and his kindness.  Well done you two.

Sporting Superstars

Our sporting superstars this week are Hollie and Adam.  Hollie has been busy gaining her swimming certificates and Adam has been showing off his super footballing skills.  Well done.

Golden Time

Friday afternoon is an opportunity to mingle with friends and enjoy a chat and relax.  For those wanting to try to beat their scores on Numbots, we have the computers out too.


An exciting discovery


Today we received a letter and a book from Nora the cabin girl.  She thanked the children for finding her key and tried her best to answer all their questions.  


Describing Nora

Today the children have been describing Nora.  They have drawn a picture of her too.


Partitioning a two digit number

Today in maths we have been learning how to partition a two digit number into its tens and units.


Wishing you a very happy birthday Sienna!

 Hector's World - Internet Safety

Today the boys and girls have been learning the "do's" and "don't's" of using the internet.  They produced posters and discussed how to stay safe on-line.

It's good to be green

At the beginning of the year we always discuss the behaviour that we expect to see in school.  We operate a traffic light system and we invite the children to say what they think should be green, amber and red behaviour.  By doing this we are reinforcing the school rules and helping children to make good choices.


Star of the Week 

Congratulations Hugo on an incredible effort with your work this week.  

Courtesy of the Week 

Congratulations Sienna on receiving this award this week.

   Book Review

Today the children have been writing a book review.  Nora very kindly sent us Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates because we found her key.  The book reviews were excellent and everyone wrote about and drew their favourite part.

Maths - Partitioning

We have been looking at how numbers are made up, partitioning tens and ones.

The Great Big Green Week supported by Aldwyn


Today we had some very special visitors in school - parents and our Councillor, Oliver Ryan.  They had come to pledge to plant a tree in November when our Queen's Canopy trees arrive.  They were treated to refreshments before being shown around all the wonderful artwork and models the children had made especially for this week.  The Great Big Green Week is a nationwide initiative on climate change with everyone encouraged to plant trees and look after their green spaces.  We have ordered a pack of thirty trees from the Queen's Canopy Jubilee collection and there are still trees available if you would like to pledge to plant with us in November.

Maths - Number Bonds




  Letter to Nora using an expanded sentence

We have written a letter to Nora to thank her for her letter and the book which she sent to us.  Today we have been looking at expanding one of our sentences to include the word "because".  




The children have been discussing and looking at what everyday objects are made from.

Labelling up a pirate ship

Nora needs our help!  She has written to us to say that the pirates are having a problem getting lost on the ship.  She has asked us to make some labels for her.


Star and Courtesy of the Week Awards   

Congratulations to Mia and Nico who received these awards this week.  Mia has done some fantastic reading this week with Mrs Eastwood and Mrs Gresty and she is really trying her hardest with her Set 3 sounds.  Nico is such a kind, good friend.  He is a wonderful role model to have in the class.


  Sporty person of the week 

Congratulations Delcie on your fantastic achievement with your swimming.  Delcie has managed to gain her 25 metres certificate this week and she brought her certificate and badge in to show the class.

Happy Birthday Noah!  We hope you have a wonderful day.

  Follow the rules or walk the plank!

After a letter from Nora, the boys and girls have been looking at life on board a pirate ship and the rules that the ship's crew had to follow to stay safe.  They made some helpful warning signs to remind the crew on board to be careful.  Here are some of them.

Science - Materials

This afternoon we went out onto the playground to see which materials we could identify.  We were surprised at the amount of different materials we found.

Pupil Voice

Congratulations to Thomas and Jessie who have been voted as 2M's Pupil Voice candidates.

Exciting invitation!

The children have worked so hard to help Nora and the crew on board the ship that Nora has talked to Captain Fleet about them.  He has sent them an invitation to become a pirate on board for their next adventure but they have had to write a letter explaining why they would make a good pirate.  We discussed lots of skills from cooking, cleaning, sword fighting and steering the ship.

Maths - 2 times tables

We have been working on our 2 times tables in class this week.  


Let's go on a piratey adventure!

What would you take on a pirate voyage?  Nora has written to us and we have all been invited to Bounty Island to train as pirates.  The children have been planning for the trip of a lifetime on a pirate ship!  Some have been very practical with their choices (sun cream, tissues) and others have been more like Mrs Eastwood and are taking the pet cat.


5 X tables

The children have been trying to spot the repeating pattern in their 5 x tables.

Imperative Verbs

Imperative verbs are bossy commands.  We have had fun today "telling" each other to do things such as "pick up that pencil" and "move that chair".  Imperative verbs do not have manners!  Here are some of the ideas the children had.


Maths - 10 x tables 

   Research - Pirate Ships 

Today we have been researching the different types of pirate ship.  There were three main ones used, the Schooner, the Sloop and the Brigantine.  It was fascinating reading about the different capabilities of the ships and discussing which we thought we would prefer if we were pirates. Do you go for more fire power and a bigger crew or a ship that can run in shallow water because it is lighter and smaller?

Maths - Related Facts

We use facts that we already know such as 3 + 2 = 5 to help us work out more complicated maths such as 30 + 20 = 50.  

Star of the Week 

Daisy has been trying incredibly hard with her reading and her phonics this week and she is our Star of the Week.  Well done Daisy.

Courtesy of the Week

William is such a kind and caring friend to everyone, not just the children in our class.  He is super sensible and a great example to others.  Well done William.

Sporty people of the week

People have been very busy this week with football and swimming.  Delcie, Fletcher and Mia have all had swimming certificates this week while Hugo received a footballing medal.  Well done all of you.

 Design a Pirate Flag

How do you let other ships know you are a fearsome pirate?  With a pirate flag of course!  The children have designed their very own pirate flag to go on the ships they will be designing and building later on.

Design and Technology - Design your own pirate ship


We are going to have a go at building our own pirate ship next week and therefore spent some time thinking about which materials we would need.  The children had some great ideas and were very sensible with their choices.  Wood and metal were ruled out for being too heavy but sticks and cardboard seemed very popular choices.  The boys and girls set to work thinking about the materials and also the size of their ships.  They will be building them on Monday.

Golden Time 

What better way to relax than sitting in your very own reading pirate ship.

Building our very own pirate ship

The children have studied their brief and have set to work building their own pirate ship using their own specifications and materials.  We had some fantastic ideas and real craftsmanship.  Have a look.

In maths the children have been learning one more and one less.

   Floating our pirate ships

We knew it wouldn't be easy but it was a lot harder than we thought.  Some children are now re-evaluating their choice of materials, especially for the hull of their ships.  We had a good few floaters, a couple of sinkers and one or two actually tipped over because they were top heavy.  Lots to think about but good for our evaluations which are next.

Pirate ship building evaluation

We had great fun floating (mostly) our pirate ships and today the children reflected on what they would do differently if they were to build one again.  Everyone now realises that cardboard is probably not the best material for the hull of a ship.


Maths - Ten More, Ten Less



An adverb is a word that describes a verb (an action or a doing word) i.e. "quietly" is an adverb as it tells us how someone has done something.  He tiptoed to bed quietly.

Topic - PSHCE - Coughs and sneezes

With Covid still very much in the forefront of everyone's mind, this lesson was very informative and the children were eager to join in.  We watched a clip showing us how important it is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, not just water.  The children designed their own eye catching posters to bring home the message of how important it is to wash your hands regularly.

Pirate Hats

Today we made our own pirate hats.  We had some fantastic designs.

Star of the Week   Courtesy of the Week 

Our Star this week is George.  George has been trying so hard with his phonics work and his reading that Miss Manning is very impressed.  Well done George. 


Our Courtesy award winner is Jack.  Jack is such a good, kind friend who helps people from other classes too.  He is a shining example to the others.  Well done Jack.

   Sporty Hero of the Week

Congratulations Fletcher on your impressive win at the football.  Not only did he get Man of the Match, he scored a header too!  Look out Ronaldo.

TT Rock Stars and Numbots

On Friday we get to visit the ICT suite and polish our times tables and our maths generally.  The children have great fun as they can earn coins and build their own avatar.  They all have their log in details and passwords in the front of their planners so that they can play at home too.

  Harvest Assembly 

Today we celebrated harvest with Mrs Clark.  Mrs Clark explained how farmers would give thanks for the crops at harvest time which would feed their families over winter.  Each class sang a harvest song for the others to enjoy.  Thank you for all your generous donations which will go to the food bank later this week.

The children discussed the fun of Halloween and shared with each other what they like to do to celebrate this time of year.  Some love to Trick or Treat with their parents and friends while others love to carve pumpkins.  We discussed keeping safe and always staying with your grown ups.

Happy Halloween Woooooooo

The boys and girls are having a spooktacular day in school today.  We have wizards, witches, vampires and even a Velociraptor!  We have lots of activities planned from mask making, pumpkin making, Mr Bob spiders (the children will explain) and the best of all ... carving our very own pumpkins from the allotment.  We made our own photo booth too - hope you like our scary pictures. 

Spooky craft afternoon

We have had great fun this afternoon with two lucky winners, George and Phoebe, taking home a carved pumpkin each .  Well done Delcie for winning the Halloween raffle.  

 Aldwyn's allotment at Halloween

Today the children got to carve the pumpkins they have so lovingly looked after on the allotment.  Each class had a pumpkin and once they had been carved, we collected the seeds to dry out and plant again next year.

Star of the Week

Many congratulations Delice for winning the Star award this week.  Your hard work with your writing and your attention to your spelling has really paid off.  Well done.

Courtesy of the Week Award 

Another hard worker who has really tried to improve her written work.  Well done Charlotte.

 Sporty People of the Week 

Today we had quite a variety of different sports that people had received awards for.  Kenzie has received a medal for multi-sports, Oliver achieved his 6th Dragon Belt for Karate and Sienna gained her Octopus 1 in swimming.  Well done everyone.

Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes go to Emmy who will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow.  We hope you have a wonderful day.

Have a wonderful relaxing holiday everyone.  Do you know the best way to relax? 

Read a good book!

Keep safe and stay with your grown ups if you are out and about Trick or Treating for Halloween.  

  Adding a one digit to a two digit number


Bonfire Night

Today the boys and girls have been learning about the importance of keeping safe and enjoying bonfire night with friends and family.

 Firework Senses

The boys and girls have been discussing what they can hear, smell, see and how they feel at Bonfire Night.  They have shared their interesting thoughts and written some down too. 

Bonfire Poetry 

The fantastic ideas the children had of their feelings and thoughts of Bonfire Night have been turned into their own poetry.  Someone has even managed to slip in a little phonics recognition in his work - well done!


We have been learning how to add a two digit number to another two digit number using the sticks and dots method.

Religious Education

This afternoon the children re-enacted the story of the Good Samaritan.  They got themselves into groups and each took a part in the production.  Once they had practiced, they shared their story with the other groups.  They did a really good job.

 R.E. - The Good Samaritan

The story of the Good Samaritan is a great one for discussion.  We ask our children to be kind and look after each other every single day and they wrote about their own experiences and when their friends had been kind and helpful with them.


We wish everyone a very Happy Diwali. We have loved learning all about the Celebration of Light this afternoon.  The children made their own beautiful Diwali lamps to bring home to share with you.