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Good bye and good luck


It has been a special pleasure to meet such wonderful young people.  This year has gone by so quickly and the progress you have made is such a massive achievement on your part.  Just look how far you have come!  Give yourselves a pat on the back because you deserve it.  Thank you for making this year so lovely and thank you to all the parents for your support - we couldn't have done it without you.  Thank you boys and girls and good luck in Year 3.  


100% attendance award

Afternoon tea with Mrs Charnock


You have survived all the coughs and colds to achieve this award Rowan, well done and to top it all you were invited to afternoon tea with Mrs Charnock to celebrate.  What a lovely way to end the year.  Well done Rowan.

Courtesy of the Term award


Congratulations Jessica for achieving this award.  It is well deserved.  You have really shown true grit and determination and have achieved so much.  Well done!

Star of the Term award


Congratulations Wingki you thoroughly deserve this award.  You have worked incredibly hard and given your all, well done!


As the weather has been beautiful but super hot today, this afternoon the children spent their time indoors (with every available window and door open) making their very own board game.  Our budding entrepreneurs drew out their games and then added cards and colourful illustrations.  

Today has been a day for enjoying the weather sensibly.  The children have had plenty of drinks and cool classrooms to shelter in if the weather became too much for them.  We have played out and had fun with our friends and then had a sneaky trip to the ICT suite to cool down in the air conditioning!

  Better Reading Partnership

It has been a special treat for me to have Wingki all to myself for extra reading for the last ten weeks.  It is always wonderful to see children flourish in all areas but reading really does have a big impact.  Wingki has worked hard and it has been wonderful watching her grow in confidence and progress.  Well done Wingki and keep reading!

Sporting Superstars

This week's sporting superstars are Connor and Amelia for football and cricket respectively.  Well done you two!    

Star of the Week/Handwriter of the Week


Dylan has been awarded both of these certificates this week for outstanding handwriting.  He tries so hard and this week his efforts were nothing short of amazing.  Mrs Parkes said you blew her socks off!  Well done Dylan.

Courtesy of the Week award


Congratulations Maissa, you deserve this award for your determination and hard work.  A double achievement this week with top table too - well done!

     Top Table V.I.P.'s

Congratulations to Maissa and Lily for achieving this award this week.  Keep up the good work girls!

Birthday celebrations


Wishing Millie, Isabelle and Madiline a very happy birthday from all your class mates.

     Our beautiful new shed!



Just look at what our talented children have made!  Our old boring shed has been transformed into a work of art.  They have taken it in turns to paint it so that it is in keeping with our allotment.  Thank you to everyone that worked really hard on this, it looks great. 

Cherokee Little People - Design & Technology


As part of our English work on traditional tales, the children have been putting their design and technology skills to the test making their very own traditional native American Indian outfit.  The design and the materials to be used for the outfits was drawn up in their books last week.  Today they put their design to the test and made the outfit!  We will be evaluating our efforts next to see what we might change if we had to do it again.

Aldwyn Allotment

You have all probably noticed by now that something very exciting is happening in the Key Stage 1 playground.  We are making our very own allotment which we hope to have up and running in September.  We have worked hard to dig out and lay the raised beds and attach pallets to the fence ready for herbs and flowers.  We believe we may have unearthed some important Roman artefacts too!  Mr Hyde, our secret weapon, has secured everything in place for us and the children have done a fantastic job painting our old shed.  We hope to grow all manner of different vegetables, honing our green fingered skills along the way. The possibilities are endless and we are all super excited.    

Star/Courtesy Award Winners


We really don't need to tell you this, but just to confirm, we are the best class (sorry Miss Haygarth) and we proved it yesterday.  On the trip to the Zoo, all the boys and girls were kind, courteous and helpful to each other and also showed their impeccable manners to the other school parties around them.  We are super proud of them all!

Sporting Superstars


This week's sporting superstars are Lily and Jessica who have impressed their coaches with their skills.  England ladies team watch out!

     Top Table V.I.P.'s   

Congratulations to Reid and Zackariya for receiving this award.  Two intellectual gentlemen for

Mrs Charnock to share her lunchtime with today.  Well done boys.



Blackpool Zoo Trip

We have had a wonderful trip today to the Zoo.  The weather was wonderful the animals were exciting and the seagulls were a nightmare!  The sea lion show was a real treat and some of our children were brave enough to hold a huge cockroach and an African snail.  Thank you to all the grown ups for the sensible shoes and rucksacks, it really did make the day easier.

    Lunchtime V.I.P.'s

Double trouble this week on Top Table.  Congratulations to Jessica and Emily for getting this certificate.  Have fun!

Birthday Boy!


We all wish Zackariya a very happy birthday.  We hope you have a wonderful day!

Star of the Week


Max thoroughly deserves this award this week for his astonishing knowledge of space facts!  It has been really interesting listening to everything Max has learned and shared with us.

Sporting Superstars



This week Amelia undertook her Rainbow Promise, Connor achieved "man of the match" at football and Rowan was a super dodger!  Well done to all of you.

Courtesy of the Week award


Congratulations Millie on receiving the Courtesy award this week for sheer persistence with improving your handwriting.  Well done.  

       Summer's here! (finally)

The weather is gorgeous and what better way to enjoy it than with some new toys!  Thanks to the funds raised by the PTA, KS1 have some lovely new things such as swing football, Wubbles (I had to google that one), tunnels and connecting tents and other lovely things too.  Enjoy!

The Cherokee Little People


The children have been learning about this native American tale and working really hard to make the story their own by changing the characters and other aspects of the story.  Together with their unique tale, they have been practicing their native American artwork.  We have been "cave painting" using charcoal, finger printing concentric circles in the Cherokee style and making our own totem poles!  Some of the children have even had a go at weaving using traditional colours.  Their artwork and writing is now on display in the classroom.

Swimming award   


Well done Jessica for getting your Goldfish 2 award - fantastic!


      Handwriters of the Week award 

Congratulations to Isabelle and Madiline who won Mrs Parkes's prestigious handwriting certificates this week.  She doesn't give them to just anyone you know girls so well done!


Birthday Celebration!


We all wish Emily a very happy 35th, oops sorry, 7th Birthday today.  Happy Birthday Emily!

Star of the Week award   

Congratulations Archie for achieving this award this week.  Archie has worked incredibly hard on improving his handwriting and use of punctuation.  Well done!

     Lunchtime V.I.P.'s

Congratulations to Amba and Nathan for receiving this award.  You have impressed the lunchtime ladies with your wonderful manners and your sensible behaviour in the dining hall and the playground.

Courtesy of the Week award


Amba always gives her all in class but this week she has worked her socks off!  Her Cherokee Little People story has been nothing short of amazing.  Well done Amba!


P.S.:  Can you guess which is Amba's favourite colour?

Courtesy of the Week award


Dylan is always a ray of sunshine in our class and cheers us up with a ready smile and a fantastic sense of humour.  Thanks Dylan.

Stars of the Week

Well done to everyone for a fantastic first week back.  You have been brilliant, just straight back into the swing of things and working at full steam.  Thanks everyone.


We like to look after our grown-ups at Aldwyn and our dads are no exception!  We have had a wonderful Father's Day stall packed with goodies and treats.


Have a lovely two weeks off stay safe and have fun!

    Dr Ron 7 Mile Schools Challenge  

The children have completed the Ron Hill 7 Mile challenge.  They have undertaken the challenge by running around the school field.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed this and feel fitter too!

  Singathon - The Victorians

What a lovely way to end the day with a sing-along in the hall.  The children have been practicing the song The Victorians for a Greater Manchester sing-along taking place in all schools at the same time across the region.

Traditional Tales - Year 4


What a treat! Today we had a visit from Year 4 who very kindly brought along their traditional tales to read to us.  As part of their English topic, the children have put their own twist on our well loved traditional tales.  They have typed them up and turned them into books for everyone to enjoy.  It is so lovely to share things across school and our children loved it.  Thank you Miss Sutton.

Sports Star of the Week   

Congratulations Reid for winning Mr Taylor's dodgeball medal this week.

Courtesy/Star of the Week award 

We all have them, a senior moment, and Mrs Charnock is no exception!  This week's Courtesy winners also received a Star medal to go with their bear - how lovely!  All our Courtesy winners are stars too and Rowan is no exception.  He is always kind and caring, a really lovely young man to have in our class.  Thank you and well done Rowan.

Star of the Week award   

Congratulations Isabelle for receiving this award.  It is so lovely to see the progress children make throughout the year and we believe that the progress made from the beginning of the year towards the end of the year is amazing.  It still takes a lot of effort of course and Isabelle has worked really hard.  Well done!

Nature Walk


This morning the children went into our wildlife garden to look for living organisms as part of their science topic.  We found woodlice, tadpoles, bees and all manner of things.  We kept a tally of all the things we found.



         Popcorn and Pillows Cinema Event      

Everyone had a great time last night at our Aldwyn fundraiser, Popcorn & Pillows.  The children enjoyed Wallace & Gromit whilst munching on cake, crisps, popcorn and having a drink of juice.  Thank you to everyone who stayed behind to help make the occasion an enjoyable one for all the children.    



Well done everyone.  The sun has been out and we have had a wonderful sports day.  Thank you to Mrs Hind and her Year 6 helpers for the music and dancing and to all the grown-ups for attending.   We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have.


We have had a terrific response to the request for books to be brought into school.  It has given the children a wonderful opportunity to put their much loved and often read books to good use by offering to swap them with someone else's.  This morning the children had the opportunity to visit the book collection and choose a new book to take home with them.  This is a great way to get children into reading.  Thank you all for your help with this event.

  Sports Stars 


We have lots of sports awards this week with Lola - dancing, Sebastian - rugby, Connor - football, Reid - swimming and Jasmine, Millie and Isabella winning dodgeball medals from Mr Taylor.  Well done everyone!    

  Star of the Week award 


Congratulations Wingki on receiving Star of the Week this week.  Your phonics knowledge is nothing short of amazing and this is now filtering through in your reading.  Wonderful segmenting and blending using your phonics = fabulous reading. Well done!

   Courtesy of the Week award  


Well done Maissa.  Mrs Parkes has given you this award this week because of your fabulous manners (always) and because you have a real "can do" attitude to your work.  No one can ask for more than that!

Top Table V.I.P.'s     


Congratulations to Isaac and Reid for gaining a place on the coveted Top Table with Mrs Charnock.  Thank you for showing everyone how it's done.

Good Luck!


For everyone sitting their SAT's this week, good luck and a little word of encouragement from Mr Churchill:


"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."  


 The Cherokee Little People - Traditional Tales

The children will be exploring this text in English and as part of this today we have been trying out our weaving skills. 

KS1 Reading Book Librarians


To keep our reading books in tiptop condition, we asked for volunteers from Year 2 to spend one break a week inside sorting out our books into the correct colour and number bands.  Thank you to our wonderful librarians (who only started this week) as the shelves are looking fantastic!

Star of the Week award     

There are so many components to learning to read, phonics, blending and segmenting, using punctuation, intonation etc, etc, that it can often be forgotten that it needs to sound good too!  Max has worked incredibly hard on slowing his reading down and using his punctuation to effect and the result is wonderful.  Well done Max.


                                   Courtesy of the Week award

If ever a role model was needed for the use of exceptional manners you would have to choose

Honey-Mae.  We are very lucky at Aldwyn to have so many children that are courteous and kind but Honey-Mae's consistency makes her a shining example to us all.  A very well deserved award.

Top Table V.I.P.'s   

Congratulations Ruby and Emily for winning a seat at this week's top table with Mrs Charnock.  Sorry Emily just lunch, no darts playing!  Well done ladies.

Handwriting Hero

There is nothing more wonderful than showing off someone's talent and I think we have definitely found one of Isabella's.  My apologies as the photo does not do her handwriting justice but if you could see it first hand and note all the punctuation she has used (in the correct places) you would be amazed.  This really is exceptional.  Well done Isabella.

                    Sporting Award

Well as unusual sports go, this has to be a first!  A sporting certificate for winning a DARTS competition.  Well done Emily and watch out juniors if you have a javelin competition on sports day!

   Courtesy of the Week award


As well as being a ray of sunshine in our classroom every day, Amba works incredibly hard to overcome barriers to her learning.  She has been working really hard on her number work and is a fabulous role model to anyone who needs to be shown that determination is all you need to succeed.  Well done Amba.

   Star of the Week award   


Nathan has shown a flare this week for expanded noun phrases whilst writing about Little Red Riding Hood.  A  "swishing, red cloak" and "shiny, black shoes" are just a couple of examples.  Well done Nathan it really adds to the reader's enjoyment.

  Rugby Sports Star  


Sebastian is our rugby playing superstar this week after taking part in six matches and winning them all!  Result!

      Top Table V.I.P.'s      

For displaying beautiful manners and showing other children how to use our lunch hall appropriately, Jasmine and Jessica are this week's lunchtime V.I.P.'s.  Well done ladies.

     Handwriter of the Week award


Well done Isabelle on a fantastic effort.  Cursive script is really tricky to master and it looks like you have done just that!  Keep trying hard and it will become neater and neater.  

  Star of the Week award    


Congratulations Isaac.  If there is one thing that will be very useful to you in the juniors it is quick fire mental maths.  What a great skill to have, well done and keep working on it.

Courtesy of the Week award


Well done Jack for getting this award this week.  It is not always easy to organise your time so that every piece of work set is finished but you have worked really hard on this and Mrs Parkes is very proud of you.

      Better Reading Partnership     

Congratulations to Inaaya, Riley, Chayton and Kody for their incredible hard work during their ten week course.  B.R.P. is a fantastic boost to reading but takes commitment from staff, children and grown-ups alike to guide the children to achieve their goals.  Well done you four and keep reading!

        Lunchtime V.I.P.'s

Congratulations Sebastian and Kody for using your wonderful manners in the dinner hall.  Enjoy a lovely lunchtime on the Top Table with Mrs Charnock.  What a treat!

Easter Holidays


We hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday and that you all come back refreshed and ready to learn even more!  Have fun.

Star of the Week Award

What can I say about Sebastian that has not already been said.  He works so incredibly hard to overcome the barriers to his learning and is a shining example to everyone in our school!

Courtesy of the Week award


Yes that is our one and only Yousaf hiding behind the Courtesy bear this week.  Yousaf is a ray of sunshine in our class and a really lovely friend.  Thank you for taking care of everyone.

    Top Table V.I.P.'s


Congratulations ladies for receiving this award.  You are obviously modelling all the good things Mrs Charnock asks for when using our dinner hall and outside on the playground too.  Well done.

Easter Jubilation Assembly

The Easter assembly is always a wonderful occasion.  As well as the message that it brings, the children show off their wonderful bonnets and love singing the Easter songs.  It was great to see so many grown-ups in the audience and we hope you enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did! 

What a fantastic array of Easter bonnets.  See you in assembly this afternoon 2pm if you can make it.

      Lunchtime V.I.P.'s         


Congratulations Dylan and Millie for winning this award this week and for showing us all how to use our lunch hall in a proper fashion.  Enjoy!

Star of the Week award         


Congratulations Connor on getting this award and no surprises that you got it for having a fantastic attitude towards your learning.     

Courtesy of the Week award                   

Congratulations Inaaya for winning this award.  You have worked really hard with your physio exercises.



What a special treat.  Today a veterinary nurse visited school to educate the children about how to take care of their furry friends.  We learned about the five things that all pets need: a home, fresh food and water every day, friendship, good health and plenty of exercise.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

The Daily Mile

children fit for life


Today the children have taken part in the Daily Mile initiative being adopted by schools throughout the UK to improve the physical, emotional and social health and well being of their children. The Daily Mile is a fantastic way to allow children of all ages or ability the opportunity to be involved in a fun daily exercise.  As part of this, Aldwyn children have taken to the playground to boost their brain power in the classroom as well as their physical selves too!

City of Trees


Today some of the children from each key stage were taken to Lees Park for a very important job.  As party of the Manchester City of Trees initiative, which is an exciting movement set to re-invigorate Greater Manchester's landscape by transforming underused, unloved woodland by planting a tree for every man, woman and child who lives there, the children were tasked with planting 100 trees of varying species.  It was hard work but very rewarding!

Courtesy of the Week award


Ruby is one of those wonderful children who quietly gets on with things and is always there if someone needs help or a good friend.  She can always be relied upon to comfort others and make them happy if they feel sad.  Ruby is really kind.  Thank you Ruby.

Star of the Week award


When Mrs Parkes said that she had chosen Chayton for this award I was not surprised at all.  Chayton has worked his socks off recently and puts 100% into everything he does, reading included.  Well done Chayton you thoroughly deserve this award.

Handwriter of the Week award


Congratulations to Wingki and Amelia for getting this award.  Your handwriting is outstanding and your award is well deserved!

Lunchtime V.I.P.'s


Well done Connor and Yousaf for showing others how they should behave in the dining hall.  Mrs Charnock will have a wonderful lunchtime with you two to keep her company!  

Down Syndrome Day


Inclusion is everything to us at Aldwyn and as some of our children had chosen to 'Rock your Socks' for this very special day, we took their photo to share with you.

Breaking News!


Today the children have been writing a news report about an exciting discovery at school.  Please watch our budding news readers as they bring you up to date with all the goings on at Aldwyn (it's very exciting)!


My Movie5.mp4

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Comic Relief - Red Nose Day


Everyone looks fantastic today with their Red Nose Day accessories.  Thank you for your donation of £1.  As we all know, the funds from this day touch many, many lives and it is down to your generosity.  Thank you.

Lunchtime V.I.P.


Congratulations Lola on winning this week's lunchtime award.  Have fun on Top Table!

Star of the Week award


Congratulations Madiline for winning Star award this week.  You always shine and show that with effort you can move mountains.  Well done.  Onward and upward!

Courtesy of the Week award


Zackariya always gives his best in everything that he does and is a pleasure to have in the classroom.  He is a wonderful role model and thoroughly deserves this award, well done Zackariya.

Lunchtime V.I.P.'s


Mrs Charnock is a very lucky lady as she will be sharing her lunchtime with two of our wonderful students today.  Well done Nathan and Amba for showing others in the lunch hall how to behave and eat their lunch nicely.  Your example to others has won you this week's award.

Star of the Week award


The children always give their best in their lessons and it is great to see things clicking in to place.  This week Jessica has produced some fantastic work in maths and to see her confidence growing is a wonderful thing!  Well done Jessica.

Handwriter of the Week award


I am so proud of Inaaya for getting this award as she has worked really hard on her handwriting.  Cursive script is really tricky to master and Inaaya is going from strength to strength with her writing.  Well done Inaaya.

Courtesy of the Week award


There is no surprise here.  Jasmine is one of those wonderful children who can be completely relied upon to carry out tasks in a sensible manner.   She is really helpful at all times and thoroughly deserves this award, well done Jasmine.

World Book Day!


Everyone looks amazing!  We have some fabulous costumes and some really interesting books to have a read of during the day.  Thank you everyone for your support.

Friday afternoon activities

After a hard week at work we all deserve a "crafty" afternoon!  The children are painting but with a difference.  We have cut up various vegetables for texture printing and we are also making symmetry pictures.  The old favourites of Lego, colouring and imagination play are also available.

Star of the Week award


You have blown Mrs Parkes's socks off this week with your maths Lily!  She is really impressed with your hard work and determination.  Well done.

Courtesy of the Week award


Well done Connor.  You have really impressed Mrs Parkes this week and always try your best.

Lunchtime V.I.P.'s


Congratulations to Lily and Nathan who have been demonstrating how to behave and what is expected of the children in the lunch hall.  Have a wonderful time!



Enjoy your week's holiday everyone and see you soon. 

Keep safe and well, relax and enjoy yourselves.

Star of the Week award


For working so hard not only in English but in everything you do.  You are a shining example to our class and the rest of school.  Well done Isabella.

Courtesy of the Week award


Congratulations Emily on receiving this award.  It can be tricky sometimes when lots of friends all want to do different things at once and it can lead to fall-outs and upsets.  Well this week Emily has shown her friends that you can still care for each other even if you are playing with someone else!  Thank you Emily for being a good friend.

Handwriter of the Week


Every now and again an exceptional piece of work is produced.  All our children try incredibly hard and this week Isabella has gone above and beyond with her wonderful story.  It is a real challenge for our children as not only do they have to think of the theme of their work, they have to think about capital letters, cursive script (where all the joins are), finger spaces, punctuation and getting full stops in!  All our children can be super proud of their efforts and none more so than Isabella this week.  Well done! 

Lunchtime V.I.P.


Congratulations to Rowan and Zackariya for getting this award.  Through your demonstrations of how to use the hall correctly at lunchtime, and your good example to the younger children, you get to enjoy lunch on Top Table with Mrs Charnock!  Well done boys. 

Cake Sale!

This week, to raise funds for school, we have had a cake sale.  Thank you to all the grown-ups for donating all the yummy cakes which went down a treat (and with the children too!).

Star of the week award


This week we are showing two Stars of the Week.  This is because Riley was off when he was awarded the prize.  Well done to both boys, Riley and Rowan for outstanding efforts week in and week out.  Very well deserved.

Lunchtime V.I.P.


As the grin would suggest, Maissa has been awarded this week's lunchtime V.I.P. award for displaying beautiful manners and being neat and tidy in our lunch hall.  Thank you Maissa.

Courtesy of the Week award


We always encourage all our children at Aldwyn to be kind and caring towards each other and this week Kody has shown everyone just how to do it!  Well done Kody.

Handwriter of the Week award


Congratulations Honey-Mae.  Beautiful handwriting and well deserved recognition for all your hard work.  Your grown ups will be very proud!

Gung Hey Fat Choi


What a beautiful celebration to be part of.  The children have worn red and we have heard stories and traditional tales of why this is such an important time in the Chinese calendar.  During assembly we had an exciting dragon parade through the hall, lead by children with traditional lanterns.  In class we have made lots of crafts from a lucky cat to a dragon of our own.  The children will bring home a short story explaining why people wear red and set off fire crackers, a fortune cookie and a lucky red envelope kindly given to us by Wingki's mum!  Thank you for making this celebration such fun.

Design and Technology - Model Village


This week in design and technology the children have been designing and building their very own building to go into our village.  We discussed which kinds of buildings would make up the perfect village and the children drew a design, talked about the materials they would use to build their building and then built it!!  Take a look.

Courtesy of the Week award


Congratulations Maissa.  You are a lovely friend to have and our class are very lucky to have such a caring girl.

Lunchtime V.I.P.'s


Congratulations Max and Honey-Mae for winning our lunchtime award this week.

Let it snow!


YAY!  The snow's here!  As it doesn't come round very often, when the snow finally does arrive we do our best to make the most of it and yesterday was no exception.  The children bundled up and off they went into the great white playground!  Lots of fun was had building snowmen and pulling each other around on sledges.  Unbelievably the boys still managed a game of football!

Our local area


As part of topic with Mrs Clark, we went for a walk of our local area pinpointing certain structures on a map.  The children had a wonderful time orienteering around the streets near school, helping each other ascertain which buildings or areas were denoted on the map.  We definitely have some great map readers and they all enjoyed leading the lesson and taking the teachers for a lovely walk!

Star of the Week award


Congratulations Inaaya.  You work so incredibly hard and Mrs Eastwood has been singing your praises.  She has seen your work improve so much and says that you work more and more independently.  Well done!

Courtesy of the Week award


Well done Amelia for earning this award this week.  It's not always easy to stand up in front of the class to ask their views on what they would like proposed at the next Pupil Voice meeting but you do it really well. 

Lunchtime V.I.P.'s


Congratulations ladies you have earned yourself a coveted spot on this week's top table with Mrs Charnock.  Excellent manners and a shining example to the other children is exactly what we need from our Year 2's.

Handwriter of the Week Award


Well done Yousaf for a fantastic effort with your handwriting.  

Star of the Week Award


Well done Dylan.  Keep practising!

Courtesy of the Week award


Congratulations Wingki.  You are a lovely friend to all the children in our class and also people in other classes too.  You are kind and caring and deserve this award.

Lunchtime V.I.P.'s

Well done boys.  You have obviously been showing the dinner ladies how well you use our dinner hall. You have also been a great example to the younger boys and girls.

Handwriting of the Week Award


Well done Rowan.  Your writing is really coming on and it is obvious that you take great pride in your work.

Happy New Year!


Mrs Parkes and I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and a not too difficult first week back at work!  The children have settled in like the champs they are and we are all looking forward to an exciting 2019!  Welcome back everyone.

Star of the Week award


If you need anything from the shops then Emily is your girl!  What a whiz with money and being the kind girl that she is she even went and helped others who were struggling.  Emily always works hard and tries her best. Well done Emily.

Courtesy of the Week award


Well done Millie.  I think the smile says it all!  Such a wonderful little girl and a pleasure to have in our class.

Lunchtime V.I.P.'s


Congratulations Isabella and Chayton on becoming our first VIP's of the new year!  Enjoy your well earned lunch with Mrs Charnock.

Friday activities


Now our morning work has been done, we are having a craft afternoon with junk modelling and winter pictures.  Of course the lego and other things are out too! 


Having Fun at Christmas!


Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.  Stay safe, be happy and see you all again

in the New Year xxxx

Star of the Week award

Congratulations Father Christmas, Oh sorry, I mean Chayton (fabulous beard there) for winning our Star of the Week award.

Courtesy of the Week award

Yes that is Isaac under there!  Well done Isaac for working really hard and always trying your best.

Unicorn Quiz Team

Congratulations to our "Unicorns" for winning Mrs Clarke's quiz!

Top Table V.I.P.'s


Congratulations ladies!  Well done and have a wonderful time with Mrs Charnock and your fellow winners.

YAY! It's Christmas!


Father Christmas has taken time out of his busy schedule to pay us a visit at Aldwyn.  All the boys and girls paid a visit to him and received a gift.  Even cheeky Daisy from Mrs Parks's class had her picture taken with Father Christmas!

Courtesy of the Week award


If you ever need a hand in a crisis, Lola is your lady!  She stepped up to the mark when we needed a last minute replacement for one of our speaking parts in the play.  She not only remembered her own lines, she remembered the ones she had only had about five minutes to learn before we went in the hall!  Well done Lola you are a superstar!!

Star of the Week award


Congratulations Jessica.  You were a fabulous Mary in the production and have set the bar very high for future Mary's!

Top Table V.I.P.'s


Well done Madiline and Yousaf.  You have been spotted using your lovely manners, sitting nicely at the table and playing nicely outside.  Thank you, you are a wonderful example to the other children.

Christmas Production - Prickly Hay


Yes folks it's that time of year again!  The production was a roaring success again this year and the children were fabulous.  Thank you to all the grown ups for their help with costumes and for your attendance at the show.  The children have been so excited and many overcame stage fright to put on another great performance.  Well done everyone you have done yourselves proud.

Lunchtime V.I.P.'s


Well done boys for using your manners and the hall in a proper fashion.  Enjoy your lunch.

Star of the Week Award


Who knew we had a resident John Travolta!  Fantastic moves in the rehersals for the production Connor, well done!

Courtesy of the Week Award


Well done Yousaf.  It's true, Mrs Parkes doesn't call him "Mr Sunshine" for nothing!  He always has a smile and a cheery outlook on everything. 

Handwriter of the Week Award


Well done Madiline.  Your handwriting is beautiful and you are trying really hard to produce all your work using cursive script.  

Star of the Week Award


Well done Archie.  You always work really hard in class but this week you really shone in mental maths.  

Courtesy of the Week Award


Congratulations Jasmine for winning Courtesy of the Week.  No surprises, you always give your all and are an example to the rest of the class, well done!

Top Table V.I.P.'s


Congratulations to Jasmine and Dylan for getting the Top Table award this week.  Lunch with Mrs Charnock and a present to take away with you.  Thank you for using our dinner hall nicely.

Handwriter of the Week Award


If its super neat handwriting you're looking for then look no further than these two ladies.  Wonderful cursive script, neat, finger spaces and full stops.  What more could we ask for!  Well done ladies.

Do your thing!


What talented children we have!  Here are some pictures showcasing the wonderful show the children have just put on for everyone.  Everything from gymnastics to building the letter "O" (thank you Nathan)!

Star of the Week


What can we say about this young man.  He always gives 100% and is a credit and role model to everyone in our class.  Well done Sebastian.

Courtesy of the Week Award

Congratulations Zackariya for achieving the award this week.  You truly are a gentleman and always use impeccable manners with everyone.  Well done.