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2P Archived July 2018

Welcome to Year 2!


Mrs Parkes has had the children hard at work today writing down all the fantastic things they have done over the holidays.  Everyone has settled in beautifully and had a good catch up with their friends.  We are looking forward to a great year. smiley

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Cherokee Little People


Continuing our topic focus on the Cherokee Little People tale, today we made a traditional American Indian costume complete with head dress, breech cloth and necklace.  The children have thoroughly embraced this tale and enjoyed showing off their creative flair!

Wild Boar Park


Years 1 and 2 had a fantastic day out yesterday at the Wild Boar Park.  We saw lots of different animals, including the boar, and even got to feed and stroke some of them.  We met Beyoncé with her beautiful piglets and fed a very hungry lamb with a tail that wagged so much we thought it might actually fall off!  The chicks were lovely and we said a quick "hello" to the Iguana and snakes in the reptile house.  After lunch, we had a tractor ride, an ice lolly and a play on the park too.  The children were, as ever, impeccably behaved and a credit to Aldwyn.  Well done everyone for making our trip a great success.

Super Star!

You really deserve this award this week Christopher.  You are a fabulous role model for the younger children and you will be a great addition to year 3.  Well done.

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Courtesy Winner!

Congratulations Theo.  You are a wonderful, kind, caring young man and it is a pleasure to have you in our class. 

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Cherokee Little People - Traditional Tales


As part of our English lesson on traditional tales, we have been learning about a Native American traditional tale called the Cherokee Little People.  Whilst enjoying the beautiful sunshine outside, the children have made their very own Teepee using traditional Native American patterns.  We hope you like the finished result!

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Absolutely Fabulous!


Congratulations to Jayden and Harvey, two totally upstanding members of Mrs Parkes' class. Well done boys!

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Sports Day


WOW!  What a fabulous sports day.  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy of the children having fun in the sun!  Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Royal Wedding Tea Party


Everyone had a fantastic time on Friday celebrating the up-coming wedding of Harry and Meghan.  The sun was shining and we were able to go outside to enjoy the festivities.  We danced the "first dance" and shouted "Hip, Hip, Hooray!" for the soon to be royal couple.  Thank you everyone for your kind donation of food and drinks for our special day.


This Week's Dynamic Duo!


Congratulations to Jacob and Freddie our Star and Courtesy winners for this week.  Well done boys.

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Star and Courtesy Award Winners


Congratulations to Macey and Oscar who won this week's Star and Courtesy Award respectively.  Well done!

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Easter Jubilation Assembly

The children showed off their beautiful creations in this year's jubilation assembly which was attended by lots of parents and carers.  Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoyed our songs and Mrs Evans' story of why we celebrate Easter.

Easter Bonnets


Have a look at our beautiful Easter bonnets.  The children have worked very hard on them and they look great!

Science - Properties of Materials


In science we are learning about the properties of materials.  Today we carried out an experiment to see which material would be the most absorbent.  We used tin foil, a piece of newspaper, paper towel, kitchen towel, tissue, and tea towel.  We were trying to find out which would be the most absorbent and also which would be the best to use as a towel to get dry.  The results showed that the kitchen towel was the most absorbent but the children all agreed that it was an impractical material to use as you would need lots of sheets to get dry and it would not be very soft of your skin.


Keep Fit Friday - Sports Relief


We had a fantastic time on Friday keeping fit and raising money for Sports Relief.  Everyone was outside dancing and walking and doing their bit for this special day. 

Model Village


Here is our finished village.

Design & Technology - Making a Model Village


Today the children have been hard at work putting their creative stamp on a building of their choice.  We have a pub, a vet, a gym and for those who enjoy a facial and a new hairdo, there's a wonderful salon to take your stresses away!  There have been some fantastic ideas shared around the class and everyone has worked together to help each other. 

Visit to Staircase House


Here is a selection of our trip photographs.  The children re-enacted the discovery of the fire and dressed up in period costumes.  Everyone took part and helped to put out the fire!  A great visit in which our children were impeccably behaved and were once again a credit to Aldwyn.  Well done everyone.

World Book Day


There were lots of fabulous costumes on display today as the children turned out in force for World Book Day.  We had everything from The Cat in the Hat and Horrid Henry to 101 Dalmatians and the terrible Cruella De Vil (you looked amazing Esme!).  The children shared their books and wrote about their characters and why they had chosen them. 

A Bouncing good time in PE!
The children recently had a visit from Bounce Back who gave us a PE lesson with a difference.  The children bounced and rolled their way down a huge inflatable producing star jumps, pikes, tucks and all manner of different shapes.  Great fun was had by all.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!


The boys and girls have had a flying visit from Father Christmas today.  Although he's very busy, he stopped off at Aldwyn to check that everyone has made their wish list and posted it to him.  He chatted with everyone and even brought a young reindeer to see us.


Thank you Father Christmas!

Christmas Show


What a fantastic couple of performances by Key Stage 1.  Although we had some technical faults with streaming the music through the internet, the children were wonderful and sang their hearts out.  The hall was packed with standing room only.  Thank you all for coming to see our wonderfully talented children and thank you for your support with costumes and learning lines.  I'm sure you will agree it was worth it.



Children in Need



Today the children excelled themselves.  Mrs Parkes took a back seat from teaching and joined in learning the many talents of the children in our class.  We had singing, dancing, a martial art (sorry Caleb I can't pronounce it let alone spell it!) and gymnastics.  There were some wonderful Pudsy outfits and lots of money was raised for a wonderful cause.  Thank you grown ups and children for making the day so special.


Remembrance Day


Earlier this week we were busy making poppies.  We have been learning about the war and the sacrifices the soldiers made for us and how the families that were left behind were affected.  Today we walked to the memorial in Ryecroft Park and planted out poppies to say thank you to all the service people.  We stood for a two minute silence and said our family prayer.  Everyone's behaviour was impeccable, well done Years 1 and 2.

Every Pirate Needs a Hat!


Need a pirate hat?  Well you've come to the right place.  The children have made their own pirate hat using their own design ideas incorporating feathers, chalk, shiny stars etc.  Tomorrow the children will write their own set of step-by-step instructions on how they achieved their final piece.

Model Making


Just look at the talented model makers in Mrs Parkes's class!  Today we have been writing about and making our own pirate from modelling clay.  Some of the detail the children have put in is fantastic, please have a look.

Following a set of instructions


Today we have been making our own pirate flag following a set of carefully laid out instructions.  Have a look at our flags, they are fantastic!

Brilliant Builders


This afternoon Mrs Parkes' class put their hard work to the test, would their wonderful ship creations float?  Of course they did (we did have a couple of soggy bottoms though).  Well done everyone on some truly creative designs and imaginative use of materials.



AHOY Pirate Class Mateys!


What better way to start the Autumn term than with a pirate ship building exercise.  All the children have drawn and written out very detailed plans for their wonderful ships and today they put their plans into action.  We had some fantastic ideas, wonderful building skills and great team work from all the children.  Enjoy our pictures!