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Come aboard!

Nora was so impressed with the children's job applications, that she has invited us all to Bounty Island.  She asked the children to make a list (using commas of course) to tell her what they would bring along for the trip.  Sun hat, sun cream, shorts, sun glasses - the lists have been endless but I have to say that I'm not sure that a washing machine would be a good idea! Where would you plug it in?  


In maths we have been learning about one more and one less.

Ever fancied being a member of a pirate crew?  Nora said she thought we would make excellent pirates and asked us to write to her applying for a job!  Nora is a cabin girl but there are so many other opportunities on board ship.  The children decided what they would like to do and then applied for the job. 

Golden Time fun!

This afternoon the boys and girls have been making everything from dinosaurs and snakes to apples and pumpkins.  Luca made a wonderful zoo for our toy animals.

Courtesy of the Week Award

Congratulations Luca for winning this award this week for using your manners and being a courteous member of the class.  Well done.

    Star of the Week Award


Congratulations Jack on achieving this award this week for your boundless enthusiasm to your learning. Fantastic!

Number bonds to 100 and inverse




Sentence structure

The children have been looking at using capital letters and full stops in their sentences.  We have also been looking at using proper nouns for names of people and places. 


A helping hand for Nora's crew 

A pirate ship can be a very dangerous place so to keep the crew safe we made some signs to help them. We discussed the hazards they may face such as falling out of the crow's nest, falling from the rigging and the best of all - slipping in the unmentionables on the poop deck!  

Number Bonds to 20


Today the children have been building on their number bond knowledge by practising their number bonds to 20 and showing the inverse.

      Labelling a pirate ship   

We have been asking Nora lots of questions about herself, but what is her ship like we wondered?  We looked at various pirate ships and labelled all the important bits that make up these

wonderful vessels.

Today in maths ...


We have been recapping our number bonds to 10 and writing inverses where we start with 10 and take away a number to find the answer e.g. 10 - 4 = 6

Thank you Nora



Today the children wrote "thank you" letters to Nora.  They thanked her for the wonderful book she sent to us and also told her which was their favourite part of it.  We were a little bit cheeky and asked her if she would send us something else too!  Some asked for treasure, a pirate cutlass or a cannon and some just for chocolate. 

  Number Bonds to 10 and 20

The boys and girls have been mastering number bonds to 10 and then 20 today.

Golden Time


After a hard week, we like to wind down on a Friday afternoon with some craft activities.  As well as the usual toys, we have been making paper sharks and enjoying learning how to make leaf rubbings.  The children have made some lovely pictures we hope you like them.


Juicy, fresh apples and cucumbers

Our apple tree has produced fruit already!  We were not expecting anything this year as it is a new tree, but it has given us a tiny crop of apples.  The cucumber plant that Mrs Thomas kindly donated also gave us an impressive bowl of cucumbers so we washed them all and cut them up to try.  The apples were delicious and sweet and the cucumbers tasted of lemon apparently.


A Gift from Nora   


Nora has sent us a book!  How exciting.  She was so pleased that we had written to her and asked her lots of questions that she has sent us a book about her adventures.  We read the book twice and then wrote a book review.

Courtesy of the Week


Congratulations Jamie you are a credit to the class with your wonderful manners and always trying your best.

     Star of the Week

Our mega star of the week this week is Mohammad for having the most smiley face which makes everyone feel happy.  Thanks Mohammad!

Describing Nora 


We are so excited to be writing to a real pirate but what does she look like?  The boys and girls discussed what Nora could look like.  Does she have a cutlass?  Does she have an eye patch?  Maybe she has both!  We put our imaginings down on paper.

     A Letter to Nora


We thought that our questions would be too much for Nora and so we decided to write a letter to her instead.  We told her a bit about ourselves and then added some of our fabulous questions.

         Allotment News      

This morning the boys and girls have been busy planting for next year.  They have planted onions and garlic.  We found a few old wriggly friends too!


     Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates


We have received a letter about our "found" posters!  It seems that a pirate girl called Nora has lost the key.  We wanted to know all about the key and Nora so we set about writing some fantastic questions. 

Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates 


Today we made a strange discovery in school.  A beautiful key was found in our pirate captain's cabin.  Who could it belong to?  We made a "found" poster to try to find its owner.

Star of the Week Award

Congratulations Mila for achieving our very first Star of the Week award of this year.  Well done!

Courtesy of the Week Award

Congratulations Alissa for achieving this week's Courtesy of the Week award.

Many congratulations to Alissa for achieving the Courtesy of the Week award. Well done!

          Summer Fun!


Although the end of this year has not been how we would have wanted it, we wish you all a wonderful summer whatever lovely things you may be up to.  September will be here before we know it and we can wave and send each other "air hugs" across the playground.  Year 3 juniors!  WOW!  We are super proud of you all.  Have a lovely summer and come back ready to blow Miss Fell's socks off and make us and yourselves proud.  Take care and see you soon xxx

Summer Week 7 Learning Grid

Summer Week 6 Learning Grid

Summer Week 5 Learning Grid

Summer Week 4 Learning Grid

Summer Week 3 Learning Grid

Summer Week 2 Learning Grid

Summer Week 1 Learning Grid

Please find below the Home Learning Grid for week 9. It is also available on Tapestry.
Please find below the Home Learning Grid for week 8. You can also access it on Tapestry - if you are struggling to sign up or are unable to log on to Tapestry, please email On Tapestry you will also find useful websites and extra optional tasks. Take care everyone!
Please find below the Home Learning Grid for week 7 - the last one on Taking Care of Animals.

Please find below the Home Learning Grid for week 6. The theme this week is 'Taking Care of Animals'.


A Tapestry account has also be set up for both year 2 classes, if you haven't already signed up please do so, as we share useful websites and information on there too. Thank you to the parents/carers who have already signed up and responded, it's been lovely to hear from you all.  Hope you are all keeping safe and well. Take care, Mrs Parkes.

Please find below the Home Learning Grid for week 5. The theme for this week is 'Taking Care of Animals'.
Happy Easter. Hope you all have a wonderful, happy and safe Easter weekend. This is the Home Learning Grid for week 4.

Each home learning grid has a theme and so if you feel that you would like to go off and research that theme further, please do - go and see what wonderful things you can learn from the comfort of your own home! Also if you have enjoyed a certain activity from a previous home learning grid, please revisit it and complete the activity again. It's a great idea to have a look at other home learning grids from different year groups too, as there are some fantastic ideas for activities there, which can be adapted for year 2. 

If you're looking for some extra work, here are some lovely Spring themed Maths and English activity booklets. If you have a printer they can be printed off but don't worry if you haven't, they can still be used on the computer - you can use your Home Learning book to write in.

Hello everyone.  Here is the Year 2 home working grid with lots of wonderful activities for you to get stuck into.  The idea is that you undertake two activities per day and that there are more than enough activities for two weeks - enjoy!  


Please find below the link to the Year 2 Home Learning Grid.


Tameside Music Service Y2 Music Lessons - Home Learning

Below is a list of some useful websites that you may want to use during the school closure:
Phonics Play -
If you enter username - march20 and the password - home you can access the resources for free and with no subscription.  Decodable comics to read with many different reading levels available. With the option to print off templates so you can make your own comics.
Book Trust  -  A selection of story books to read and listen to online.
Oxford Owl - A mixture of reading, writing and maths activities online
Twinkl          - Free for 1 month using the code UKTWINKLHELPS
Topmarks   - Phonics/reading games online and interactive maths games.


We have been truly blessed with the weather this week and even though today is slightly cooler, the sun is out and so are we.  We have been drawing shadow pictures with the help of our class dinosaurs and we had some strange"plants" growing out of the tyres and the pop up tunnels!

 Woodland Artwork

The children have been showing off their creative flair.  Using natural materials and a big piece of paper, they have been making beautiful woodland artwork.  

As our tree planting event had to be postponed, we got together and planted our saplings.  They are all nicely wrapped up in their protective plastic shields and will hopefully make a beautiful addition to our playground in years to come.

As a special treat, we had our lunch outside today, picnic style.  We took some decorations with us and dressed one of our lovely trees.  We used ribbons, lanterns, paper chains and necklaces.  The tree looked beautiful and was the perfect backdrop to our wonderful picnic.

Carrot Dinosaurs


The children have been busy painting and making dinosaurs for our carrot and cress seeds.  These are now on the windowsill and will hopefully start to grow very soon.  We had some great names like Carr-o-t-o-saurus and T-Veg!  Well done everyone they look amazing.

  A special allotment visitor


Nature has a wonderful way of reminding us that even when times are hard there are still lots of wonderful things to be grateful for.  Look at this beautiful reminder.  She came to visit the allotment yesterday.

We have had some new students start school this week.  They look like lots of fun and they will probably look even funnier when their hair starts to grow!

       Washing Aldwyn Style!      


Who needs a washing line when you have a school fence!  We have decided to wash everything while we are enjoying this wonderful weather.

Easter Crafts

Everyone has been super sensible today and adhered to the distance protocol but that hasn't stopped the fun!  We have risen to the challenge and made cards and rice crispy cakes albeit in our own little areas.  Well done boys and girls for making today a lovely day.

    Beautiful sunshiny day   

Thank you Mother Nature for such beautiful weather.  We have enjoyed lots and lots of space on the playground, had a ride on the bikes and chalked all over the playground.  Thank you Thomas for your parking spaces!!



P.E. with Joe Wicks     


This morning we woke ourselves up with a P.E. lesson with Joe Wicks.  Think it might have been a bit more than we bargained for as we had to have a sit down afterwards!


    Big Grow


Hello everyone.  Just wanted to share with you the great news that the peas we planted last week as part of the Innocent Big Grow competition are sprouting!  

A ray of sunshine to brighten your day xx

  Potato Planting

This week the children have taken advantage of the dry weather to get our chitted potatoes outside and planted.  We have used bags and one of our raised beds.  The potatoes were carefully planted and then covered and watered.  With some sunny, warm weather we should hopefully have the beginnings of a crop soon.


The PTA have worked incredibly hard to get some lovely things for the Mother's Day stall.  Bring your pennies and buy something wonderful for mum!

     BBC News - Breaking Story ! 

There has been a very exciting discovery at Aldwyn.  An egg has been found in the courtyard, nestled under a bush.  It's huge!  The children have turned professional newsreaders and have written their own account of the discovery. Where could it have come from?  How did mum get in to lay her egg?  Why Aldwyn?  Is it a dinosaur or an ostrich egg?  Some children believed it could be a giant snake or a Comodo Dragon.  When the reports were written the children had the opportunity to read them out to the class, 10 o'clock news style!




Despite the challenges of late, its business as usual at Aldwyn and at the allotment.  The weather was lovely so we went outside for some planting.  We are taking part in the Innocent Big Grow where we plant peas, cress and carrots in the hope of winning a garden makeover!  The children were given pots, a disc of compost and some warm water and then seeds to plant.  They are currently lounging on the windowsill in the sunshine (the pots, not the children).  The children are in charge of looking after them and watering them regularly.  We will post updates when they start to sprout.


Just a reminder that Aldwyn is to appear on Blue Peter tonight at 5.30pm on CBBC for Sports Relief.

Top Table V.I.P.'s


Have a fantastic time ladies at lunch with Mrs Charnock on top table.  

Sporting Superstars!


Congratulations Olly and Laila.  Olly has been busy getting a medal and a trophy from football.  His medal was for perseverance in training and his trophy was awarded to him from all his team mates for being a great player.  Laila has been busy making her Brownies promise.  She has now joined the Sprites Group and brought her wonderful sash in to show us.  Well done you two.

Stars and Courtesy Winners


Well done Marco, Arthur and Phoenix (only kidding Sawyer) for getting your awards this week.  Marco for a fantastic recount of World Book Day in English, Arthur for always giving his all (we can't ask for much more than that) and for Sawyer for being a kind and caring member of our class.  Well done boys.

   Blue Peter and Sports Relief  

We have had a wonderful morning!  The film crew have been busy filming our wonderful singing and dancing.  The hall was a sea of red and white and the excitement was electric.  Have you spotted the new head camera man??

Star of the Week

A massive well done to the entire class who were awarded this certificate today.  World Book Day was great fun and you had some wonderful books to share with each other.  Thank you for making it a great day.

     Courtesy of the Week 


It is really tricky sometimes when you have learned to do something in a certain way and then you are asked to change that style.  Well, Belle has managed to do just that.   She has tried really hard and her handwriting is coming on leaps and bounds.  Well done Belle.

Sporting Superstars  

Congratulations Luca and Tilly for gaining your awards this week. Both "stars of the week" in their respective activities.  Luca for being a good goal scorer and Tilly for excelling in her Latin dancing.  Well done both of you.

Top Table V.I.P.'s


Congratulations Arthur and Blaine for being spotted using our hall in the right way during lunchtime.  Enjoy your lunch with Mrs Charnock boys.


What a fantastic turnout!  Take a look at our pictures.  Everyone has dressed up as their favourite character for World Book Day.

Star of the Week


Our fantastic mathematician this week is Isla who has blown Mrs Parkes' socks off with her fractions work!

Courtesy of the Week


There is no surprise that Isla got this award because she is very helpful and very kind.  Thank you Isla.

Bravery Award


Nobody enjoys going to hospital but sometimes it is necessary.  Sawyer has been to hospital recently for an operation and the doctors and nurses were very impressed with his bravery.  So much so that they gave him a star award certificate of bravery.

Top Table V.I.P.'s


Congratulations ladies. Isla and Belle will be being entertained by Mrs Charnock on top table this lunchtime.  Have a lovely time.

Better Reading Partnership


You made a fantastic effort with your reading Muhammad, well done and keep it up.

Handwriter of the Week


Just when you have nailed fantastic printed handwriting, we then ask for cursive script!  Well done Charlie for taking the leap from print to cursive.  You have done a wonderful job here.  We know it is not easy.

  Triple all round winner this week!   

Phoebe has got the triple this week.  Not only is it Pyjamas for Australia day, it is also Phoebe's birthday, she is on top table with Mrs Charnock and also she has her Stanley 3 swimming award!  Phew Phoebe what a fantastic day.  We all wish you a very happy birthday.

Courtesy of the Week


Congratulations on gaining this award this week Elizabeth for your hard work and great progress in maths.

Star of the Week

Luca has won Star of the Week this week for being a brilliant mathematician.  You are red hot with your maths work Luca, well done.

       Top Table V.I.P.'s     

Congratulations Isla and Phoebe.  Today you will be dining in your pyjamas on top table with Mrs Charnock.  Have a wonderful time.

  Better Reading Partnership 

Congratulations to Arabella Mason and Harvey on completing their Better Reading Partnership programme.  You have all made fantastic progress.  Please keep up the good work at home!

   Pyjamas for Australia

What a treat!  Today the boys and girls came in their most comfy outfits - their pyjamas.  This is not because their uniforms needed washing, but to raise funds to help the koalas and other animals in Australia.  Thanks everyone for your donations.   



There is an old saying boys and girls that we "live and learn" and that is precisely what we have done here.  We were all desperate to kick start planting seeds for the allotment and so we chose radish, turnips and peas.  We happily planted away and thought we had solved the problem of where to keep them (on top of the lockers, under the skylight).  There they would have warmth and a source of natural light.  We couldn't have been more wrong!  Some of the seeds were placed on a windowsill and the others on the lockers.  What a difference.  The ones on the windowsill have grown with thick, strong stems and lots of leaves and unfortunately the ones living on the lockers have not fared so well.  As the light source was so far away, they have been forced to grow and have ended up tall and weak.


We are hoping that in the future we may have our own greenhouse and therefore this problem should not arise again but for now every available windowsill has been forced into use!  



Today is TT Rock Stars numbers day in association with the NSPCC!  The children have all come dressed in their rock star or avatar best and WOW what a sight for sore eyes!  Check out these mega stars and thank you very much for your donation to the NSPCC.   

Rock Star Top Table V.I.P.'s


These two "bad boys" have done well this week and impressed the lunchtime staff so much they've made it onto Top Table.  Enjoy a totally rocking lunch with Mrs Charnock boys!

(Rock) Star of the Week award

This award goes to Kehara this week for a fantastic start to her story in English.  

Cool Avatar Courtesy Award winner


Mason is totally rocking his avatar look on TT Rockstars day and as if that wasn't enough, he has also won our courtesy award for his great enthusiasm when it comes to reading.  Well done Mason you are an example to us all. 

Rock Star Sporting Superstar


As well as being one of the coolest rock chicks Aldwyn has ever seen, in her down time Laila also goes swimming!  Well done Laila for getting your Angelfish swimming award this week.

Making our own town


What makes a town?  The children have been researching and planning their very own town.  We looked at our local towns, which shops and amenities were available (the vet, doctors, bank, post office) etc.  Once they had decided which building they were going to make they designed it, stating which materials they would use and why, and then built it using their own planning.  Take a look at our wonderful buildings.

Star of the Week award  

Congratulations Isla for receiving this award this week.  Your handwriting is beautiful.  Keep up the hard work.

Top Table V.I.P.'s  


Olly and Alfie, we hope you have a wonderful lunchtime with Mrs Charnock on Top Table.  Enjoy!

Courtesy of the Week award


Charlie has received this award for working extremely hard in his maths.  Well done.

Sporting Superstars!


Well done to all our swimming superstars.  It is a great lifesaving skill to learn and you are all doing a wonderful job.

Aldwyn's Allotment

Flower Bulb Sale


What a great success!  Children were chosen from the two year 2 classes to man the stall.  Posters and balloons were put up to advertise the sale and we soon had customers flooding through the gate.  The children were fantastic.  They handled the money, stocked the stall, handed out carrier bags (bio-degradable of course) and all with a welcoming smile.  All the proceeds from the sale will be spent on more supplies for the allotment.  Thank you so much if you purchased a plant from us. 

We raised £81!  Well done everyone.


  Big Schools' Birdwatch 2020


The boys and girls in KS1 have joined in the Big Schools' Birdwatch 2020 in association with the r.s.p.b. to catalogue which birds we see in our school grounds.  With home made binoculars in one hand and a clipboard and pencil in the other, we quietly set out to see which birds were around.  We spotted wood pidgeons, starlings and sparrows but the most prolific were the magpies. Our data has been sent off to the r.s.p.b. to join the national results.  Don't forget, you can still take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend at home.

Courtesy of the Week award


Congratulations Ava for winning this award this week.  Your attitude to your reading has been fantastic and you thoroughly deserve this award.  Well done!

Star of the Week award


The children have really enjoyed researching what a town needs.  Zayn has had some fantastic ideas which he has shared with us in design and technology.

Lunchtime V.I.P.'s


It is important to show the other boys and girls how to behave in the dinner hall.  Mason and Zayn have done that this week and they have been rewarded with a lunchtime spent today on Top Table with Mrs Charnock.  Well done boys.

Handwriting Hero


Not only has Sawyer been impressing his football coach but he has been impressing Mrs Parkes as well with his wonderful handwriting.  The boys and girls has been researching what a town needs and then adding their ideas onto a spider diagram.  We have everything, finger spaces, capital letters and cursive script.  Well done Sawyer. 

Sporting Superstars!


Well done Luca and Sawyer for winning your sporting trophies and medals this week.  Luca has been impressing Mr Taylor in football with his great skills and Sawyer has been doing the same, scoring penalties and goals for his team.  Evie won a medal too for her wonderful efforts in gymnastics.

  Top Table V.I.P's

Congratulations Isabelle and Arabella.  We hope you have a wonderful time on Top Table with Mrs Charnock.

 Happy Birthday!

Our happy birthday wishes go to Olly this week.  We hope you have a wonderful day.

Courtesy of the Week 


Congratulations Sehar for achieving this award.  You always put 100% effort into all you do and you thoroughly deserve the courtesy certificate this week.

A double celebration! 

We have a double celebration this week for Alfie as not only is it his birthday, he has received the Star of the Week award as well.  Congratulations Alfie, Mrs Parkes is super impressed with how you present your work in your books,  not just in English but across all subjects.

 Looking after our feathered friends

Nobody goes hungry here at Aldwyn and that includes the wildlife!


In golden time this afternoon, the children put their hand to making bird feeders.  We used lard and different types of bird seed which was then packed into recycled pots.  The pots have been put in the fridge to cool and next week we can go out and hang them on the fence for the birds. 


The children had never seen lard before and judging by the exclamations, they probably do not want to see it ever again! 


   Top Table V.I.P.'s 


Congratulations Sawyer and Ava.  You will be sitting with Mrs Charnock and the other winners on Top Table today - enjoy!

Courtesy of the Week 


Congratulations Kauthar for receiving this award.  Your attitude is always positive when learning new things and you always have a great attitude to getting things done.

Star of the Week   


Well done Olly for earning this award.  You always have a fantastic attitude to your learning and your enthusiasm always shines through.



Happy New Year everyone!  While there is not a lot to do on the allotment at this time of year, except watch over what has already been planted, the children have filled their time by planting beautiful Crocus bulbs. 


The Rotary Club kindly gave school purple Crocuses for the children as a reminder of the hard work which is still on-going to eradicate Polio.  Why purple Crocuses?  This is because the children who receive the Polio vaccine have one of their fingers dyed purple so that people know they have received the treatment. 


Our allotment team got hard to work to plant the beautiful flowers and every child in KS1 will be bringing a pot home.  Please plant them and if you can, let us have our pots back, we would be most grateful.

Welcome back everyone.  Let's make this year the best ever!

Mrs Parkes and her team would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.  We hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Star of the Term


This came as no surprise at all that Laila was awarded this award by Mrs Charnock.  Laila is a fantastic ambassador for our class and Aldwyn as a whole.  She is super sensible, an incredible hard worker and a great friend to everyone.  Well done Laila.

Sporting Superstar


This week's sporting superstar is Kehara who has been doing a fantastic job working on her water safety skills.  Very important skills to have Kehara well done.

Star of the Week


Congratulations Arabella you really are a shining example to us all.

Top Table V.I.P.'s

Congratulations to Marco, Elizabeth and Darcey.  Have a wonderful time on Top Table.

Craft afternoon

After a hard morning of maths, the children have relaxed this afternoon by making their very own Christmas tree.

Christmas Stall

Yesterday and today we had a Christmas stall where the children could bring in some spends and get some last minute goodies for the big day.  We had lots on offer and the children went away happy customers.

Father Christmas!   

What a busy day it has been!  Christmas dinner, Christmas stall and to top it all, we had a very special visitor, none other than Father Christmas himself.  The children have had a chat and told him all their Christmas wishes.  They came away with a present too.

 Christmas Dinner

Today is definitely the best day of the year (so says Mrs Eastwood) as everyone has a wonderful Christmas Dinner together in the hall.  Mrs Phillips and her team treat us to all sorts of festive trimmings and it is truly delicious!


Everyone has dressed up today in their festive jumpers to see Father Christmas.  Here we are!

Our Party Clothes

Everyone looked fabulous in their party clothes today and we had to have a photo shoot to show you.



This afternoon we had great fun at the Christmas party!  The children were all dressed to the nines and they danced away to some fantastic tunes.  We played party games such as corners and pass the parcel and ate lots of yummy party food.  Thank you to everyone for your generous contributions.

We all wish Muhammed a very happy birthday!  Hope you have a wonderful day.

Top Table V.I.P.'s  

Well done Muhammed and Harvey you have impressed the lunchtime ladies with your sensible use of the hall and will be spending lunchtime with Mrs Charnock on Top Table.

 Star of the Week award

Congratulations Zayn for winning our Star award this week.  Your efforts in English have been fantastic and this award is thoroughly deserved.  Well done.

   Sporting Superstars 


Congratulations Tilly and Arthur for achieving your awards this week.  Tilly was showing us her fabulous dancing moves in class and Arthur has been wowing his team mates and manager at football.  Well done you two.

Courtesy of the Week award


Congratulations Ebonie for winning the Courtesy award this week.



Think life as a pirate was glamorous?

We would urge you to read our reports and think again!  Our pirate topic is fascinating and the children have really enjoyed digging into the lives of these poor unfortunate people.  They have researched everything from how pirates looked and what they ate to life on board ship and it was truly awful.  If you see them, ask the children why pirates wore earrings, what happened to some of the slaves when the food supply ran out and Mrs Parkes' favourite, ask them about the Poop Deck.

Thank you to everyone who kindly donated toys for the Tameside Christmas Toy Appeal.  The presents were put under our Christmas tree and will be collected on Monday. The children looked fabulous in their "silly for Santa" outfits.

Top Table V.I.P.'s


Well done you two for impressing the lunchtime ladies with your fabulous table manners and sensible use of the hall.  Have a lovely time today on top table.

  Handwriter of the Week award


Congratulations Laila.  This piece of work is fantastic!

   Happy Birthday!

We all wish you a very Happy Birthday Finley and hope that you have a wonderful day.

  A Christmas Recipe  

Here are some of the pictures from today's production.  The children were fantastic!

Our production is about to start and we think we look amazing!


Christmas Production - A Christmas Recipe  

Pre-production rehersal group photo.  The children all look fantastic!  Thank you everyone for all your help in making this year's production such a success.


Star of the Week award


A thoroughly deserved winner this week.  Blaine should be super proud of himself for the effort he always puts in to all his work.  Well done Blaine.

Sporting Superstar!


Well done Elizabeth on getting your 400 metres - a great effort!

            Top Table V.I.P.

Have a wonderful time Yvie with Tilly and Mrs Charnock this lunchtime on Top Table.  

 Super Girl!

Just how many achievements can one girl be awarded!  Well done Tilly.  You have lots of things to celebrate today.  Have a lovely time on Top Table.

Sporting and Cooking Superstars!


A very unusual certificate this one Ebonie.  Sounds like you could help Mrs Phillips in the kitchen!  Well done Arthur - the premier league might be just around the corner you never know.

  Top Table V.I.P.'s

Congratulations to Kauthar and Blaine.  Have a wonderful time with Mrs Charnock this lunchtime.

Happy Birthday!


We all wish you a very Happy Birthday Laila and hope you have a wonderful day.

Star of the Week award

Congratulations Phoebe.  All anyone can ask of you is for you to give your best and that is exactly what you have done.  Well done and keep it up.

Handwriter of the Week award

Congratulations Sawyer.  Mrs Parkes has been very impressed with the effort you have put in and that is why you are this week's award winner!

Courtesy of the Week award

Congratulations Arthur on achieving this award for being a fantastic role model.  

Sporting Superstars


Olly achieved not one but two awards this week.  A fantastic achievement Olly, well done.

       Better Reading Partnership

Congratulations Darcey for completing the Better Reading Partnership with Mrs Thomas.  You have worked really hard each week with your reading and the results show just that!  Well done and keep it up.

A huge thank you to everyone who donated and brought money in for cakes.  We have raised a whopping £600 for Children in Need!

  Lunchtime V.I.P.'s

Congratulations to Isla and Finley for receiving this award.  As Mrs Charnock said in assembly, it is not just about how you eat your lunch, it is about using your manners, walking nicely to your place and eating your lunch with your knife and fork and playing nicely in the playground afterwards.  Well done you two. 

Marco and Finley had a very exciting evening when they joined the rest of their 12th Ashton Cub pack to welcome Steve Bennett from Hyde based Starchaser.  Steve had brought along his Nova 2 Rocket as part of the opening celebrations of the Richmond Street Community Centre.  

Superstar of the Week award 


Congratulations Marco.  I think it is fair to say that everyone tries really hard in lessons but sometimes someone goes that little bit further and that was Marco this week.  Well done Marco.

Courtesy of the Week award


Harvey has impeccable manners and always uses them.  He is a shining example to everyone he meets.   Well done Harvey.

Sporting Superstars


Today's sporting superstars are Sawyer and Ava who have been playing football and swimming respectively.  Well done you two.

Children in Need


What better way to end the week than our own clothes and more cake!  The children dressed in their Pudsey/Blush finery today and will be enjoying an afternoon of Children in Need related activities.  Thank you again for all your wonderful cake donations.



Thank you all for your kind donations of cakes for the Children in Need stall today.  The children have bought a variety of cakes and the good news is that the stall is on again tomorrow. 

Better late than never ...


We made it into the Reporter!  (Mrs Eastwood even got a promotion). 

Simile Poems


Today the boys and girls have been writing simile poems in English.  Nora has loved all the work we have sent to her so far and I think she will enjoy these just as much! 


Odd Socks for Anti-Bullying Week       


We are all against bullying at Aldwyn and to show our support the children have come to school in some fabulous odd socks!  Have a look.

Remembrance Day - Visit to Ryecroft Park Memorial


Today the children visited the Memorial in Ryecroft Park to lay their poppies and pay their respects to our fallen heroes.  We also laid a purple wreath to remember the service animals.  

   Sporting Superstar!

Well done Darcey for achieving your Level 3 Octopus swimming award this week.

Handwriter of the Week award


Isla's has produced a beautiful piece of handwriting this week and it has earned her the handwriter of the week certificate.  It is tricky to remember all the elements which make up a fabulous piece of work (capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, and cursive script) but Isla has nailed it this week.  Well done! 

Lunchtime V.I.P.'s


Congratulations to Phoebe and Sehar.  You have impressed the dinner ladies with your conduct in the hall and have been rewarded with your lunch on Top Table with Mrs Charnock.  Have a lovely time ladies.

Better Reading Partnership Award


Congratulations ladies for completing our BRP programme.  This reading programme is a short, sharp 10 week boost which produces great results.  These ladies have worked really hard and should be rightly proud of themselves for all their hard work and the effort they have put in.

Star and Courtesy of the Week


Congratulations to Finley and Laila who wanted their picture taken together this week.  Finley produced a fantastic piece of work which really impressed Mrs Parkes this week and Laila has been recognised for her kind and caring nature.  She is like a big sister! Thank you to both of you.

     Happy Holidays

The children have worked incredibly hard this half term and certainly deserve this holiday.  Please have a wonderful break, keep safe and enjoy your trick or treating!  See you soon.

           Top Table V.I.P.'s            


Mrs Charnock will have a lovely treat today sharing her lunch with Isla and Leila.  Have a wonderful time ladies.

Star of the Week 

Congratulations Elizabeth for showing us your fantastic attitude to your learning.

  Courtesy of the Week 

Well done Jamie for earning this award.  Reading is really tricky and you have put lots of effort in.  Keep it up!

  Spooky Halloween Disco


What a treat!  The PTA put on a wonderful spooky Halloween evening.  The boys and girls were dressed to the nines in their finest costumes last night for the Halloween disco.  We had werewolves, clowns, witches and even Frankenstein's monster!  There were treats and drinks aplenty and lots of dance moves were shown off on the floor. Thank you for all who attended and helped make the evening a great success.    

 A beautiful day for a visit from the Mayor

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect start to our special day today.  The sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  The children were very excited awaiting their special visitor.  The Mayor was taken on a tour of the school, meeting as many children and visiting as many classrooms as he could.  Our children, as always, were a credit to us.  Impeccable manners and a wealth of knowledge about all our important school projects which kept the Mayor engrossed until it was time to visit the allotment. 


Our scarecrow, Sid, was a hit too!  We had lots of photos and then went inside for tea and cakes and a chat.  The Mayor was presented with his gifts and we asked if he would come back to our plant sale next year (he said he would)!  Thank you everyone for all your hard work and for making the day a great success.  

Harvest Festival


This afternoon we celebrated with all our grown ups in the hall.  Harvest is a special time of year where we think about how grateful we are for all our crops and the food we have to eat.  The children sang their hearts out.  The food donated will be taken to the local food bank on Thursday by the junior children.  Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Instructions - How to make your own pirate hat!


Nora was so impressed with all the different sets of instructions that we sent to her that she said we should share them with you.  The boys and girls recounted step by step how they had made their very own pirate hat and set them down in a set of instructions.  If you get bored over the holidays, why not have a go yourself.  Don't forget to say Aaarrrrr!

Sid the Scarecrow


This afternoon, some of the KS1 and KS2 children got together for a little design and technology!  They put their heads together and built a fabulous scarecrow to watch over the allotment.  We might have to save adding the straw until he is outside (sorry Mr Hyde).  Welcome to Aldwyn Sid!

A very important visitor!


Next Wednesday we are expecting a very important visitor! The Mayor will be paying our allotment a visit to see what has been planted and built so far.  After a tour of the school and the official opening of the allotment, we will treat him to a lovely morning tea of pastries and a pot of tea.  The gardeners and some of our KS2 children are also invited. 

Allotment News

This week school received its R.H.S. Schools Gardening Certificates Levels 1, 2 and 3.  The children have been working really hard with their planting, composting and building and have been recognised by the Royal Horticultural Society for their efforts.  So far they have planted onions, garlic, raspberries and strawberries.  They have also planted up over 100 bulbs which we hope to sell next spring to gain our Level 4 certificate.  Well done boys and girls it has been wonderful watching you work together as a team and hopefully, next summer, we will be even busier!

Courtesy of the Week award   


Did you know that 2P has its very own ray of sunshine?  Well we do and she is called Isabelle!  Isabelle always has a ready smile and a kind word for her classmates and all her friends.  She has a caring soul and we love having her in our class.

Star of the Week Award


Mrs Parkes cannot ask for more than 100% Isla and that is exactly what you have been giving her in your work.  Well done and a well deserved award. 

Sporting Superstars 

We have two budding footballers from Brendon Bees this week who have been showing off their great skills and proving they are good team players.  In the meantime, Finley has been getting even better with his swimming.  Well done boys.  

Handwriting Hero

Congratulations Alfie for producing this beautiful handwriting and winning the handwriting certificate this week.

   Yo, Ho, Ho me hearties!

As we are learning about instructions, following them and how to write good ones for others, we have made a pirate hat to send to Nora.  Whilst making them however the children have been asked to think of the step by step process they have gone through so that they can write their instructions later on.  Which materials did they use? What did they do first, next, after that?  I hope you like our piratey Aaaarrrrrrr!!!!! faces!



As with anything done for the first time, it is always best to reflect upon what went well and what was a total disaster!  We had great fun floating (or sinking) our pirate ships and the children learned a lot about which materials were the best to use to achieve their goal.  As some found out, cardboard is not the best material to use for the hull of a ship!

Will our ships sink or float?  


The children followed their own brief and produced fabulous ships of all shapes and sizes.  Some had huge cargo holds for all the pirate booty  and some had on-board hot tubs for the weary pirates after a hard day of pillaging!  Would they float or sink to Davy Jones Locker?  Take a look to see who was successful. 

  Happy Halloween crafts 

This afternoon the boys and girls have been indulging their spooky side by making things for Halloween.  Spider webs, floaty ghosts who pop up at the window and terrifying spider hats with lots of eyes.  We even had a visit from a zombie! A well deserved fun afternoon after a hard week at work.




Sporting Superstars 


Congratulations to Mason, Kauthar and Ebonie for receiving their awards this week.  Mr Taylor was particularly impressed with Ebonie and Kauthar for their dodgeball skills while Mason has been swimming like a fish to achieve his awards.  Well done to all of you and thank you for sharing your achievements with us.


 Star of the Week award 

Earlier this week the children designed their own pirate ship.  They discussed in depth the materials they would need to do the job.  Sticking to her design brief, Darcey brought in her equipment and built her ship yesterday and while we do not know yet whether it will float, all indications are that she has made wise choices!    

   Handwriting Hero


Congratulations Inayah for achieving this certificate.  The reason your handwriting is so beautiful is because you always try your hardest and it shows!  Well done. 

Courtesy of the Week award


Half the battle of achieving something is having the right attitude to the task.  If learning in school was easy we wouldn't need to attend but having a "can do" attitude to your work is a major stepping stone in helping you achieve your goals.  Well done Belle.

Top Table V.I.P.'s


Charlie and Arthur tell me that they have been on the Top Table "loads of times" now.  Well there's really no secret.  Show your wonderful manners and educate the children around you about how to behave in the hall and you've cracked it!  Well done boys.  Enjoy yourselves.


Design & Technology - Ship Building


This afternoon, the children used their very own ship designs to build their ship.  They brought in specific materials that they had planned to use earlier this week and put their ship building skills to the test.  It was definitely not as easy as we thought but great fun!  Will they float when we test them out next week?  Stay tuned ...

Following Instructions - Imperative Verbs


Today the children were given a set of instructions for how to make their own pirate flag.  In English, the children have been learning about imperative verbs (bossy words) and where they are usually used.  Everyone did a great job of following their instructions and the flags look great!

Budding ship builders


How would you go about building a pirate ship?  Which materials would you use?  Are they waterproof?  Are they strong enough to support all the cannons and pirate treasure you will be carrying?  These are some of the considerations the children have been thinking about this afternoon as they put pencil to paper to design their very own pirate ship.  A lot of thought has gone into the kinds of materials we will be using when we put our plans into action and actually build our ships later this week.  

 Wild Bird Feeders


In golden time this afternoon, the children have been making bird feeders for our allotment. 

We have been stabbing sunflower seeds into the juicy apples to entice the birds onto our playground.  

In Topic this week ...


We have been looking at pirate ships.  A favourite ship with pirates was a Sloop. It was one of the fastest most feared ships on the open sea.  The children have been researching the size and capacity of the ship from its ability to carry many guns and a large crew to how much treasure it could hold.

What should we take to Bounty Island?


It's all very well running off to become a valuable member of a pirate crew but then comes the decision of what to take with you.  This week the children have been debating just that.  Would you take a beloved pet?  Your favourite pillow?  Mum and dad?  Your horrible brother/sister and throw them in the brig?  So many questions!  

        Habitat heaven!


This week we have had to take advantage of the better weather days to get into our garden area.  While some of the children have been busy planting bulbs, some boys and girls got stuck into building a habitat heap for our wildlife.  We used logs, sticks, branches, dried leaves and grass to create a mound which will hopefully attract creatures such as hedgehogs and frogs. 

 Star of the Week Award

What can we say about this young man.  He is a shining example of everything we hold dear here at Aldwyn.  Whilst playing football earlier this week, Sawyer's team were easily winning their match due in part to the many goals he was scoring.  Without being asked to, he removed his bib, joined the other team, and scored a few for them as well!  He is kind and generous and we are very lucky to have him in our class.  Thank you Sawyer for showing everyone at Aldwyn your kindness.

Top Table V.I.P.'s


Congratulations to Olly and Alfie for gaining a coveted seat with Mrs Charnock at lunchtime on Top Table.  Well done boys.  

Space Race Reading Challenge


Finley has been very busy taking part in the Space Race reading challenge at the library.  The challenge was to encourage all children to read six books over the summer period.  The library is a wonderful place to visit with a great variety of texts from fantasy and magic to fish and World War II.  They have something for everyone and of course its free!  This is a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time using all the skills learned during reading sessions at school. 

Well done Finley. 

Courtesy of the Week Award


Congratulations Finley for receiving this award this week.  You always display impeccable manners and are kind and courteous to everyone in school.  Well done Finley.


Handwriting Hero


Congratulations Belle for gaining the class handwriting certificate.  Mrs Parkes loves full stops and capital letters! 

Sports superstars!


Well done Olly, Tilly and Arthur for gaining your certificates this week.   Olly has been our footballing superstar, Tilly has been dodgeballing with Mr Taylor and Arthur has been working hard at his swimming.  


Beautiful flowers   

To ensure we have some colour to cheer us up at the beginning of next year, the children have planted Hyacinth, Daffodil and Tulip bulbs in individual pots which we are hoping to sell next year.  


Life on the ocean waves


Nora has become a firm friend and as such has offered to take on one or two of our children to work on her ship!  We have proved most useful and to show her appreciation she has asked the children to write to her telling her how we would be indispensable as her crew.  Can you swim fast? Are you a crack shot with a pistol? Perhaps you're a wonderful cook?  Read our resumes and see for yourself.  

 Planting for next year  

Children from years 1 and 2 have been busy planting garlic and onions for next year.  A selection of children from each of the classes came to help plant up two of our raised beds.  We just have to hope the birds don't spot the onion stalks!

Courtesy of the Week award


We always promote kindness and caring at Aldwyn and this shows through all our children. This makes it especially hard to think of one particular individual but Isla is definitely a poster girl for this award.  She is always kind and takes care of her friends and classmates.  Thank you Isla.

 Sporting Superstars 


We have had lots of certificates and medals this week.  Arthur has had a busy time at football, Isla has been swimming, receiving awards at Rainbows and winning medals with Mr Taylor for dodgeball while Muhammed-Ali has been busy in the pool!  Gosh I'm surprised you all have time for school!  Well done everyone.  

Star of the Week award 

Congratulations Charlie.  Mrs Parkes has been very impressed with your dedication to your work and your contribution to class discussions.  Keep up the good work.

Laila has worked very hard for her Rainbows award and is rightly very proud.  Well done Laila!

Lunchtime V.I.P.'s


Congratulations ladies.  We know you will have a lovely lunchtime with Mrs Charnock.  Thank you for showing the rest of the children what is expected of them in the lunch hall.

Do you know what a pirate ship is made up of?


Although she is a very busy girl, Nora has written to the children to ask if they could assist her with her pirate crew.  She has asked the children if they could label the different parts of the ship.  Take a look and see how many you could have named without our help. 

Book review


Who can resist writing a book review when a fabulous new book arrives especially if its from a pirate!  Have a read of ours and see if you think you would enjoy it too. 

Nora the Cabin Girl sends us a present


Nora was so grateful to the children for finding her missing key and for all the wonderful pictures and letters that they sent to her, that she has sent us a present!  A beautiful book. 

       Our green fingered gardeners!


As well as all the other activities going on on Friday, we also had a bug house making table.  Earlier in the week Mrs Thomas and Mrs Eastwood made the beginnings of a bug hotel in our new garden area.  The only problem with the hotel?  There are no hotel rooms!          

The children got to work making individual rooms for our over-wintering bugs.  We used pine cones, larch cones, leaves and lots of twigs for them to hopefully be "as snug as a bug" in.  The children were fantastic and really enthusiastic about their creations.  Initially we were going to make the outside of the rooms from used plastic bottles to make them waterproof but the children did not like the idea of using plastic (even though it was being re-used) so instead we went with rolled up cardboard.  They look amazing.  Well done everyone.  

  Friday afternoon Golden Time 


After a week of working really hard, the children are rewarded with Golden Time.  We like to set up activities for the children to do as well as free choice.  This Friday we had a pumpkin making table, a pirate map making table and a painting table where the children could make a hedgehog or a

toad stool.   

Birthday congratulations! 



Many happy returns to Kehara.  We all wish you a very happy birthday.  

Lunchtime V.I.P.'s


Congratulations ladies for achieving this award this week.  Top Table is a real treat and has to be earned.  Have a wonderful time with Mrs Charnock.

Sporting Super Star


This week's sporting personality is Finley who gained his medal for determination and hard work!  Well done Finley

Courtesy of the Week award


Many congratulations to Ava for winning this award.  She is such a kind, caring and considerate little girl who is always ready to lend a hand.  Keep it up Ava.

Top Table V.I.P.'s


Well done Jamie and Zayn for earning this award.  As top infants, we expect you to show the younger children how to use our lunch hall respectfully, using your manners and making sure you eat your lunch sensibly.  You have obviously been doing all of these things as you have been chosen this week to have your lunch with Mrs Charnock.  Well done and enjoy!

Star of the Week award


Congratulations Kehara on receiving this award.  You are always enthusiastic and listen to instructions when Mrs Parkes is teaching.  Your work is wonderful, well done.

      Courtesy of the Week Award

Congratulations Mason on winning Courtesy of the Week this week.  You really are a ray of sunshine in our class and always use your wonderful manners.  You are kind and caring and we are so lucky to have you as a classmate!


What does Nora look like?      


What does a pirate girl look like?  This was the question the children were asking themselves today.  What would she wear?  Would she carry weapons?  An eye patch perhaps?  The children came up with some great ideas and drew their version of Nora in their books.

    Writing to a pirate 


This week the class wrote letters to Nora the Cabin Girl to ask her some questions.  The children wanted to know if Nora was a pirate.  How did she get into our classroom?  Why did she hide her key in our pirate ship?  What does the key open?  So many wonderful questions.  


An exciting find!


Today, after assembly, we came back into our classroom and discovered a note.  It appears that someone called Nora, the Cabin Girl has lost a very important key.  Wanting to help, the children searched the classroom and Ava found the key in our pirate ship.  The children have made their own poster to let Nora know and ask if this is her key.  Please see some of our posters below.  We will keep you informed of further developments!


Just a little housekeeping ....


P.E. - Please ensure that your child has a full P.E. kit of pumps, top and shorts clearly labelled.  P.E. will be on Wednesday.   This half term we have a very special treat as the  Manchester United coaches are coming in to teach us ball skills and play matches with us! 


Library  - We will visit the library on Wednesday afternoon.


Homework - Homework will be given out every Thursday/Friday and will be collected in the following Thursday morning. 




This morning the class voted on who they would like to represent them at various meetings on the topics of Pupil Voice, Sports and Health.  These positions hold various responsibilities and the children have chosen the people they feel will best serve our class.  Congratulations to our new Ambassadors.


Arthur and Ebonie - Pupil Voice

Kauthar - Sports Ambassador

Jamie - Health Ambassador


    Sports Certificates  

Congratulations Tilly on not just one sporting achievement, but two!  Tilly has been busy getting her mermaid swimming certificate on holiday and then her dancing certificate at home.  Thank you for bringing them in for us all to see.

Happy Birthday!

We all wish you a very happy birthday Elizabeth.  Hope you have a wonderful day.

   Top Table V.I.P.'s

Congratulations to Mason and Sawyer for showing all our other children how to behave in the dining hall, using your wonderful manners and sitting beautifully whilst eating your lunch.  Well done boys.

Hello and welcome to Year 2! 

Welcome back to school everyone.  We hope you have had a wonderful, restful summer and are refreshed and ready to learn.