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Better Reading Partnership

Thank you Lola and Gabriella for all your hard work with your reading.  You have come on leaps and bounds and it has been a pleasure to read with you and watch you go from strength to strength.  Keep up the hard work girls!

Star and Courtesy winners

Congratulations Jaime and Ashar.  You are both hard working and wonderfully kind and generous.

Easter Activity Day

We have had a lovely day today making cards, bonnets and easter baskets for treats.  One lucky lady even won the easter hamper - well done Willow!

   Aldwyn's Allotment

The weather has been fantastic for most of this week and so we took the opportunity to clean up the allotment and get some planting done.  As it is still a little chilly to be putting things straight outside, we potted up our sunflowers and pumpkins to start them off in school.  The children did, however, plant potatoes straight into the beds.  We dug up all the weeds and prepared the beds ready for next month.  We even used our very own compost for the first time!

Blue Heart for Rewilding Campaign

Aldwyn has joined a campaign to re-wild some of our playground to encourage bees, butterflies and other creatures to move in.  By making a heart out of recycled blue materials, we are sending a message to our wonderful grass cutting people that they need to leave this patch for the wildlife. 


The Blue Campaign was started in response to a report on the State of Nature which highlighted a dramatic decline in biodiversity across the UK.  Why blue you ask?  Well, because it is easy to see!  Why not join us and create a re-wilding patch in your garden.

 Star of the Week award 

Many congratulations to Harriet who achieved our Star of the Week certificate this week for her outstanding efforts in all her lessons.  She is such a shining example to everyone.  Well done Harriet keep up the good work.

Courtesy of the Week award

Congratulations to Raph for winning our Courtesy of the Week award this week.  Raph has recently joined us and has fitted right in!  He is a joy to have in the classroom and the children have welcomed him with open arms.  He is kind and courteous.

     Red Nose Day - Rock Down Relief UK

Three children received their Most Valuable Player certificates today.  Well done!

Great Fire of London

Art Work

In art the children have been recreating scenes from the Great Fire of London.  We learned how to cut a silhouette which is trickier than you might think.  The overall effect was very striking.


Shocking news reported from Aldwyn Primary School today.   A mysterious egg (possibly dinosaur) has been found in the school atrium.  The children have been to investigate and have put their news reader skills to the test to report their findings.  Some of the videos will appear on Tapestry but here are a few pictures to whet your appetite!

News Report

The best thing to do with an interesting discovery is to share it and that is exactly what we are planning to do.  Reports have been written with all the facts that we have so far regarding the discovery of the egg and the bone.  

Today is a very special day as it marks our one year anniversary of lockdown.  The children have arrived at school wearing yellow to mark the occasion and we have chatted about the positive things that they have found during lockdown.  Some children found joy spending more time with family while others enjoyed playing with pets in the garden.  Children were grateful for Christmas presents and lots said that despite being in lockdown they enjoyed their birthdays even though they couldn't share it with friends (well done grown-ups!).  Some children have compiled their very own bucket list of things they are going to do when lockdown is finally over - great idea!

Lets use our Report Hand  

When trying to organise all the things you want to know about something, we find using our Report Hand a really useful tool.  Who?, What?, Where?, When? and Why?  Who laid the egg? What type of creature laid the egg? Where did it come from? When did it come into our school and why Aldwyn?  All very interesting questions and there were lots more too.  The children let their imaginations run wild and we had some fantastic discussions about what type of animal this could be.  A dinosaur perhaps or a lizard. 


Congratulations to Alora and Ibrahim who were awarded our Star and Courtesy certificates for much improved handwriting and working really hard in all subjects in class.  Well done you two!  


All the children came dressed in something red today to support this fantastic day.  We cannot have our usual cake sale but we can still have a great time.  We have lots of activities in the classroom to keep everyone entertained.  Thank you for your on-line donations.

   What we found 

Everyone was so excited and intrigued by the discovery in the atrium.  So that we remembered every little detail, we wrote down everything we could think off.  There were some great double adjectives describing the egg and the bone we found.  

Who doesn't love a good excuse to share their favourite book!  To make it even more fun, everyone dressed up in either their comfy pyjamas or a costume to match their book.  We had lots of lovely books from Harry Potter and Coraline to Hairy Maclary and Scarface Claw!


What is it?

Today we made a very strange discovery in school.  There seems to have been an unscheduled visitor to our atrium and it looks like she had laid an egg!  We went quietly to take a look.

A very warm Aldwyn welcome to Ibrahim and Raph who recently joined our class.  

Yum, Yum, Christmas Dinner!


Everyone had a lovely time in the hall pulling Christmas crackers, sticking stickers on their party hats and eating lots of yummy Christmas treats.

The children have all come dressed in their finest Christmas jumpers today ready for Christmas dinner.  Thank you for your kind £1 donations which will go school's PTA for equipment and toys for the children.

  Oh Christmas Tree!

Today the children planted out our real Christmas Tree which was kindly donated to the allotment by Mrs Ahmed. Thank you Mrs Ahmed!

Yule Book Flood - Jolabokaflod

(pronounced yo-la-bok-a-flot)

This year we have decided to do things a little differently!  We are joining in with the Icelandic tradition of choosing then wrapping our own books to be opened and enjoyed on Christmas Eve.  

Star and Courtesy of the Week


Congratulations to Sacha and Alora this week for achieving these awards respectively.  Sacha has blown us away with her amazing phonics knowledge this week and has been awarded Star and Alora has received our Courtesy award for being an all round good egg!  Well done ladies.

Santa Dash!


The weather was horrid but spirits were high as we went to do our Santa Dash around the juniors playground.  Everyone had their festive head gear on and looked amazing.

Craft Activity Day


Today we had craft activity day.  This is always such a treat.  The children can sit with their friends and chat and make lovely Christmas crafts together.  Mrs Parkes put Christmas music on and we chatted and laughed and got creative.  We made elves, angels, salt dough tree decorations, Christmas trees, candy canes and glittery pine cones.  It was a really lovely day.

It's snowing!!!


We couldn't resist a quick run around in the snow.  Everyone was trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues.

Courtesy of the Week award


Congratulations Myla on getting this award this week.  You are always kind and helpful and look after everyone when they need a good friend.

Star of the Week award


Congratulations Mingchak.  Your letter to Father Christmas was wonderful.


Welcome Ibrahim!  Ibrahim is new to Year 2 and Mrs Parkes's class.  The children have been wonderful in making him feel at home and like a part of the class. 

Thank you everyone for being so kind.

Star and Courtesy of the Week

Congratulations to Zach and Amber for receiving these awards this week, well done.

  Star and Courtesy of the Week

Congratulations to our wonderful winners this week.  Kenji is such a kind and caring friend and Zach is our Star for being "simply perfect!"  Well done boys.

Anti-Bullying Week

Today some of the children came into school wearing odd socks in support of Anti-Bullying Week.  We will be reading stories and discussing how to celebrate being unique!  The Aldwyn family embraces everyone and this week we will be exploring what makes us different and how that is something to be proud of.   


Here are some of our Pudsey/Blush creations and a fabulous lego creation from Kenji (we think he is a designer of the future).

  Children in Need   


We have had such an exciting start to the morning!  Today the children had the opportunity to dress up in their own clothes and make a donation on line to Children in Need.  We put Joe Wicks on the big whiteboard and got super sporty copying his moves in the classroom.  This afternoon we will be making Pudsey and Blush masks, colouring and making split pin Pudsey too.  Thank you to all our grown ups for your support. 

     Better Reading Partnership    

Huge congratulations for your success in the Better Reading Partnership programme to Vass, Esme and Myla.  You have worked incredibly hard and have made great progress.  Don't forget though, Mrs Eastwood will be watching (and listening) closely to your reading with Mrs Gresty to make sure that you are continuing to practise at home!  Well done you three, you are superstars!

Star of the Week Award

This week's Star of the Week has been awarded to Leonie for her outstanding efforts in her reading.  Well done Leonie and keep it up!

Courtesy of the Week Award


Lola has won our Courtesy award this week for being such a kind and caring friend.  Thank you Lola and it's wonderful having you in our class.

    Remembrance Day     


We could not visit the memorial in Rycroft Park this year so we made our own.  The children took their poppies and after a perfect two minutes silence, they placed their poppies in the ground as a mark of respect for our fallen men, women and animals.

  Star of the Week award

This week the award goes to a mathematician!  William has blown Mrs Parkes's socks off with his wonderful work and its presentation.  Well done William.  Keep up the good work.

  Courtesy of the Week award


No one would be surprised at the winner of this award this week.  Mrs Parkes described him as "oozing" kindness and being a lovely member of the class with his caring nature.  Well done Zachary!


The children have been watching a Welephant safety clip about what to wear and how to keep safe on bonfight night.  With lots of families hosting their own firework displays this year, Welephant reminded us how to keep safe and look after each other.  Here are a few of our fire safety posters for you to enjoy.

Apple Bobbing and Pin the Face on the Pumpkin

We have had such good fun this afternoon.  We have been trying to pin the face on the pumpkin which everyone assured me was really easy!  Well take a look at our pictures to see how "easy" it was.  We also bobbed for apples.  Water was changed each time and the children had an apple each.  Amber had the surprise of her life when not only did she come up with an apple but she also came up with a tooth!  Vass nearly swallowed most of the water in his tub but at least he got his apple.  Well done everyone.   It has been such great fun.  Have a lovely week off and see you all soon rested and refreshed.

  Horrible Halloween Activities

We have made lots of things this morning.  Scary spider hats, spooky windows, mummies, masks and all sorts of weird and wonderful things.  


What a grisly sight!  Zombies, witches, ghost brides and everything else ghoulish and spooky!  We are having a spooktacular day at school today with lots of crafts and fun games to play.  Thank you all for joining in.  The costumes look amazing. 

   Happy Halloween!