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3F Archived July 2018

Autumn 2018

Welcome to 3F's class page.  We hope you have a lovely summer and we look forward to seeing you in September.  The transition days that we had were a great success.  In September, our research topic will be 'Local History and Geography' which will build on the children's learning last year.  We are planning visits to the local Moravian settlement in Droylsden and Clayton Hall later in the term.  
Summer 2018

The Royal Wedding Party

On Friday 18th May, we celebrated the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  We all dressed up in red, white and blue, enjoyed a wonderful feast and played some traditional sports on the field.

Spring 2018

Bramall Hall

This half term, we enjoyed a visit to Bramall Hall near Stockport.  We learned lots of interesting information about what life was like in Tudor Britain.  During the day, we took part in 5 different workshops about Tudor food, religion, clothes, health/hygiene and entertainment.  

Design and Technology

In D&T, we have been designing, making and evaluating our work.  Linked to our science work on habitats, we each chose a habitat (forest, water, desert, tundra or savanna).  We then designed a shoe box habitat.  Also, we researched which animals and plants lived there.  Using a shoe box we then created our habitat.  Look at the slideshow to see our amazing results.


Welcome back to another term.  We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas break.  This half term, our research topic is 'Weather' and in science we will be learning about habitats.  In English our work will also be on the theme of weather where we will be learning to be weather presenters/meteorologists! 

Autumn 2017



In science we have been investigating circuits.  We were given batteries, wires and bulbs and were challenged to make the bulb light up.  After that, we made a mask and included a circuit in the design.  Have a look at the photos to see for yourself!

R.E. and Music

The 7 Groups

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
As part of our R.E topic on the Christian creation story, we were divided into 7 groups and each group was given a different day of the creation story.  Then, each group was asked to compose a piece of music to go with their given day.  Watch and listen to our performances.

The Creation Story - Day 1

Still image for this video
God created darkness and light.

Day 2

Still image for this video
God separated the sky from the sea.

Day 3

Still image for this video
God created the earth (land) and seas.

Welcome back!  We have had a lovely first week back.  The children have settled into their new class and are keen and eager to learn.  This week we have been learning about the Christian creation story and establishing our rules and routines for the class.  We are looking forward to lots of exciting learning opportunities in the year ahead.  


Summer Term 2017

The Romans visit Aldwyn

Still image for this video
Today we thoroughly enjoyed our visit from Quintus and Caius. We dressed up, learned lots of interesting facts about Roman life and experienced being a Roman soldier.

Spring Term 2017

World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March 2017

Today, we dressed up us characters from some of our favourite books (and there were a few film characters too!)

Can you work out who we dressed up as, there are some clues in most of the photos.  Throughout the day we carried out many book related activities including designing an alternative book cover, a book scavenger hunt and a book quiz.  



Still image for this video

PE with Mr Rose

Since Christmas, we have been working with Mr Rose who is a PE teacher from Audenshaw High School.  We have been developing our throwing and catching skills and have had lots of fun.  


This half term, we have enjoyed taking part and experiencing Yoga.  Mrs Hind has worked with us and shown us lots of techniques and movements which will help us to relax and perform well.  Look at our photos to see some of our yoga poses.

Creswell Crags

On Tuesday 31st of January, we enjoyed a fantastic day out at Creswell Crags as part of our ongoing research topic - From Stone Age to Iron Age.  When we eventually arrived, we were split up into different tribes and then went off to explore.  Dressed in hard hats and lamps, we entered Robin Hood's cave and learned all about what life would have been like during the Stone Age.  We also learned about survival skills,  walked around the fascinating museum and studied cave art.  It was a great day out and the visit has inspired us all.



Happy New Year!  This term, our main research topic is From Stone Age to Iron Age.  We will be learning about what life was like in Stone Age Britain and visiting Creswell Crags to explore how Stone Age people lived.  In science, we will be studying rocks and soils.  We have lots of exciting learning opportunities planned and are really looking forward to learning and being the best that we can be.

Autumn Term 2016

Welcome back to another exciting year at Aldwyn.  Today was the first day back for the children and everyone has had a great day.  This morning we went to our maths and English groups, Mrs Charnock talked to us in assembly and we had an impromptu fire alarm!  During the afternoon we started to look at our science topic where we will be learning about skeletons, muscles, food and nutrition.

This term, our research topic is 'The Local Area'.  We will be finding out about the local canal, the Moravian settlement in Droylsden, religions in the local area and much, much more.    

Clayton Hall - A Victorian Christmas

On Thursday 8th December we visited Clayton Hall where we had an amazing day.  When we arrived, we dressed up as Victorian children and then we toured the building.  There were 6 different rooms to explore including the drawing room, the cold store, the dining room and the wash room.  In each room there were different Victorian activities for us to explore.  

After lunch we enjoyed a visit from Father Christmas and one of his elves.

It was a brilliant day, we learned lots of interesting information.  Watch this space for photos (there are 298 to sort through).

Fairfield Moravian Settlement

On Tuesday 8th November we visited the Moravian Settlement in Droylsden.  We had a lovely walk along Ashton Canal.  When we arrived at the settlement, we were met by Barbara, Mary, Denise and Anne who gave us lots of facts about the Moravians.  After, we split up into different groups and carried out different activities including; a tour of the settlement where we learned lots of interesting information, an opportunity to dress up as a Moravian and a chance to explore the museum.  



Design and Technology

Today (Thursday 16th October) we made a super soup in class!  We used lots of different vegetables including carrots, potatoes, onions, broccoli, aubergine, beetroot, tomatoes, cabbage and cauliflower!  We peeled, chopped, stirred, blended and tasted the vegetables.  Most of us agreed that the soup was amazing and delicious!  Check out our photos to see for yourself!

RE (Religious Education)

In RE, we have been learning about religions in the local area.  As part of this topic, Zainab delivered a very informative talk on her beliefs and what she does when she's at the local mosque or at home.

PE (Physical Education)

In PE, we have been using the apparatus.  We've also been thinking about our science learning and which muscles we are using when we are doing different movements.  

Ryecroft Hall

Today (6th October 2016) we visited Ryecroft Hall where Mrs Watkins showed us around and shared lots of interesting information about the history of this local building.

Roald Dahl Day - Tuesday 13th September 2016

On this day, we celebrated Roald Dahl Day as it would have been his 100th birthday.  We dressed up as a character from one of the many Roald Dahl books.  Can you work out who we were from our photos?  During the day we carried out lots of fun activities related to Roald's Dahl life and his stories.

Summer Term 2016

This term our research topic is Ancient Greece.  


Click on the link below to look at some of the work that the children in years 3 and 4 have been doing.  Last half term, we worked with Mr Goodier where we learned about lots of interesting and useful features of Google.

English - spellings - Miss Fell's English group

Each week we will put a link on here to the weekly spellings list for Miss Fell's English group. The children will practise the spelling rules and strategies in class during the week and will be assessed each Friday.  

*****No spellings were given out this week (w/b 23.05.16) so there won't be a spelling test on the last Friday of this half term. *********

Spring Term 2016

We hope that you have had a fun filled Christmas holiday and we wish you all a happy new year.

This half term, we are going to be learning about the counties and cities of the United Kingdom and doing lots of work using maps and atlases.  In history, we will be learning about what life was like for children in different periods in the past including the Tudors, the Victorians and during World War II.  Our English work will be based around the theme of 'weather' and we'll be producing and writing weather reports, explaining how the water cycle works and writing stories with weather descriptions.  

Art, French, music, PE and much more will also be covered during the term.


Our Eggcellent eggsamples of Great Mancunians

The Stone Roses and Oasis
Emmeline Pankhurst
Stephenson's Rocket and Football
Humphrey Chetham and Brian Cox
Emmeline Pankhurst and John Alcock
The Suffragettes
Nobby Stiles and LS Lowry

World Book Day 2016

Can you work out which characters we dressed up as for World Book Day 2016?

Design and Technology


Autumn Term 2015

Welcome to 3/4F's class page.  Keep checking back to this page to find out what we've been learning about in class.  This term, our research topic is Ancient Egypt and in science, we will be learning about the digestive system, teeth and food chains.  Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday so please make sure that your full PE kit is in school on these days.  


In science we have been investigating circuits.  Having successfully created a circuit using a battery, bulb and wires, we made predictions then tested different arrangements of the components.  We really enjoyed it!

Electricity imovie (and papier mache)

Still image for this video
A first attempt at using i movie.


In computing we are learning about coding.  


December 3rd 

Today we have been learning how to write code to program a button to make a helicopter move.  Have a go at Hafsa's app!



November 26th

We have created our program to make the plane change direction when different keys are pressed on a keyboard.  Take a look at Jamie's program where he thought really carefully about which keys to use (m for move, u for up, d for down and s for stop).  Can you make the plane loop the loop?

Design and Technology

Having evaluated existing products and planned our own designs, the making process has begun.  We are hoping that our final products will be available for an Egyptian masquerade ball before the end of the autumn term.  These papier mache balloons will eventually be transformed into amazing masks.


In History we have been learning about Ancient Egypt.  Click on the link below to find some great information about different aspects about life in Ancient Egypt.

Maths - Miss Fell's group

On Monday 12th October, Miss Fell's maths group were given a username, password and school code to access the activities on the Active Learning website.  Miss Fell will allocate different activities for the group to carry out at home.  If you click on the link below, then that will take you straight to the website where you can enter your details.  Enjoy!

Click on the link to Interactive Resources where you'll find lots of exciting games which will help you with your maths.  Your child should know the username and password.

Design and Technology

In Design and Technology we are going to be looking at masks.  If you have any masks then we would really appreciate borrowing them in order to evaluate existing products which will then feed in to our own designs.  They could be made of any material including plastic, wood, fabric or card.  Also, we would like to collect newspapers for papier mache.  So, please send them in as soon as possible.  Thanks.



This half term, our class are working with Mr Rose to develop our ball skills.  We have been practising our throwing and catching skills.

Summer Term 2015

End of Year Roman Feast - Wednesday 22nd July

To celebrate the end of this term where we have been learning about Roman Life, and because it's nearly the end of the year, we decided to have Roman morning.  The children dug out their costumes from earlier on in the term and had a fantastic time.

In the morning, we made Roman(ish) biscuits and cakes.  After break we tasted a selection of foods that would have been around during Roman times.  Unfortunately, we couldn't get hold of any stuffed dormice anywhere!

Roman feast with home made delicacies

A Roman class photo

Roman group photos

Our Roman Feast

Rugby Festival - Friday 10th July

The whole of Year 3/4 went along to Aldwinians Rugby Club to take part in a festival of rugby.  The children were introduced to Ruckley who is the mascot for the England Rugby Union in this autumn's World Cup.  We all had a great time.

3/4F visit the Grosvenor Museum in Chester

On Monday 29th June 2015, we visited Chester where we had a Roman tour to the amphitheatre, enjoyed a museum workshop and visited the galleries in the Grosvenor Museum.  

Our visit to Chester

...and more drill practice.

Still image for this video

...and more.

Still image for this video

...last one!

Still image for this video


This term, the class have been working with Mr Partington on developing their keyboard skills.  

31 children playing the keyboard at the same time....

Still image for this video

...and there's more...

Still image for this video

Gymnastics Club

Friday 26th June

The children in the gymnastics club put on a wonderful display in assembly today.  

Watch for yourselves....

Still image for this video



Week beginning Monday 15th June

This week the class have had the opportunity to display their talents.  Ben showed us his fantastic karate skills while Ruby, Erin, Kayleigh and Tahlia demonstrated their amazing gymnastic skills.  Caitlin, Evie, Kiera, Lola and Sara performed a song and dance routine in Friday's  Shine show.  The video is too large to upload but we're working on this!

Pupils in Year 3 and 4 will be visiting Roman Chester at the Grosvenor Museum in Chester to explore what life was like during the Roman times. The date of the visit is Monday 29th June 2015.  

A copy of the letter which has been sent out can be found on the Parents / Letters part of the school website.

Roman Day - Tuesday 5th May 2015


Watch our video of our drills on Roman Day

Still image for this video
Shorticus and Tallicus

....Roman drills

Still image for this video

During this term, we will be learning about what life was like during the Roman times.  Also, we'll be investigating plants and finding out what they need in order to be healthy.  In RE, we will be looking at some of the parables that Jesus told.

On Tuesday 5th May, we are having a Roman day where a Roman soldier and civilian will be coming to visit us.  We are also inviting the class to dress up in Roman costume.

Manchester Museum Visit - Tuesday 24th March 2015

On Tuesday 3/4F enjoyed a visit to Manchester Museum where we learned lots of interesting information and used our skills in an exciting workshop about The Stone Age.

Solar Eclipse - Friday 20th March 2015  

Armed with colanders, sieves, homemade pin hole cameras, pieces of card, paper plates and even Ritz crackers, 3/4F witnessed the partial eclipse of the sun from the playground.

Eclipse time
Lucky camera pointing

World Book Day - Thursday 5th March 2015


Spring Term 2015

This term in history, we have been learning about life during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.  In science we have been investigating and finding out about rocks, fossils and soils.  We've also enjoyed events for World Book Day and Comic Relief.  

Making Bronze Age beakerpots

Stone Age workshops

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