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Autumn Term-2

What a lot we have already squeezed into our first half term. Well done 3O- you have worked very hard to settle into KS2!

Scroll down the page to see everything you have already achieved in year 3.


The second half of the Autumn term will start with our new topic- Rock On! 

This incorporates looking at rocks and fossils in science, and the Stone Age, through to the Bronze Age in our history work.

We start with ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth.’ Don’t forget you empty milk carton in the first week back!

Welcome to Year 3 - Mrs Oakes' Class

Our children have all made an excellent start to Year 3 and it was lovely to see how confident they all were coming into a new class. They have been working extremely hard and are doing some fantastic work. Well done 3O!


A few reminders

Monday - come to school wearing your P.E. kit. Remember to dress for outdoor P.E.

Wednesday - Hand in your homework.

Friday - Spelling and times tables tests


Autumn Term-1

This half term, we are looking at our local area. We have been making maps of the area around our school and looking at how we use the outdoor space. We will be taking a walk to The Snipe Retail Park as well as Ryecroft Park, to see how the land is being used there.

We are learning about healthy eating and nutrition, and hope to make our own soup.

In our English work, we are reading George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. We have already had lots of fun making our own medicines and then designing posters to persuade people to buy it!



Would you buy our marvellous medicines?

We worked together to make these fantastic posters telling people why they should come to Aldwyn:

Sara and Amelia
Zak and Cypress
Rayaan and Zach
Ava and Jayden
Finley and Jaxon
Tillie and Tiara
Faye and Oliver
Lacey and Miley
Ralph and Addison
Sasha and Grace
Erin and Kendal
Darcie and Thomas

We had a great time at Ryecroft Park last week. The sun was shining, and we set off to look at how the park is used and the different activities you can do there. 

We loved watching the bowlers, and certainly gave them a bit of encouragement!

we were surprised at how many games you could make up and play without the need for any equipment or to even go on the play park. 

We had a great time running amongst the grass and trees and played games such as racing, tig and hide and seek.

As part of our design and technology work, we tasted different types of tomato soup- tinned, fresh and packet cup-a-soup. We evaluated each one as we went along. The class favourite was the tinned cream of tomato, as it was smooth and creamy.

look out over the next few weeks for us making our own soup recipe.

We designed a vegetarian soup which had elements from all the five food groups. We added pasta and beans for carbohydrate and protein, and some children chose to sprinkle grated cheese on top to include dairy. We made a white loaf in the bread maker. What a nutritional and well balanced meal. Delicious!

Making and tasting our own soup

Halloween fun on the last day of our first half term.