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Happy new year
4M, would like to welcome  you all back to our 2023  School year. 

 We hope you've had a wonderful break , and are ready to have lots of fun   learning in 2023. heart 

Friday 18th  November 2022


What a fantastic day we all had today raising money for Children in need. Everybody had a relaxing day in their Pyjamas,wink but still managed to all do fantastic in their spelling and timetables test. You're all amazing, and work so hard  Well done! yeswink

Thursday 10th November 2022


This week, we have used the part-whole model to enhance our understanding of division.

Friday 04th November 2022


This afternoon, 4M  all contributed to a PSHE lesson all about aspects of bullying and the importance of getting to know somebody instead of making assumptions about their character.  We took part in lots of different activities, which helped the children to understand this concept. We had a wonderful afternoon.heart


Monday 10th October 2022


Today, we wore yellow to celebrate 'Mental Health Day'. In the afternoon, we all took part in our group dancing activity. After this, we took pot luck at our affirmations cards and celebrated all things positive -making our friends feel good and also ourselves. What a fantastic class, full of kind, caring, considerate children.smileysmiley

Happy European Day of Languages!

Hola  bienvenido al ano 4M.


Year 4M, have had a fantastic day celebrating all things Spanish. We've tasted tapas, chicken and chorizo in a salsa sauce with crusty bread, Spanish cheese and much more . Yummy!!

We researched  lots of interesting facts about Spain using the chromebooks. In addition to this, we watched some spectacular flamenco dancing, then it was our turn to have a go. Ole!

A fantastic day all round. heart


Nosotras amamos espana.




 We were also very lucky today to have our very special guest, Yolande the Spanish Teacher. The Children really enjoyed learning some Spanish phrases. Also, we learnt how to sing Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes in Spanish - Wow! Thank You so much for your time.


Welcome  to  our fabulous Pupil voice and Sports Ambassador for our year ahead.

Welcome back to your new class, we're very excited to work with you this year. It's going to be  an amazing year, learning lots of exciting new things, whilst having lots of fun. Let our adventure begin!

Have an amazing summer 4M, signing off for the last time. It's been a great year. Good luck in year 5. ☺ ☺ X 

In French, throughout this term we have been learning all about Mali. This is a country in West Africa, their official language is French.

Some of the Children, have produced some excellent independent work in  their mini projects.

Well done to everybody who took part!yessmileyyessmiley

Wednesday 20th July 2022.


Today, 4M had lots of fun applying our knowledge of co-ordinates using masking tape to map out our grids. We created our own pictures using string, and left our co-ordinates for another group to reveal the mystery picture.We are now  experts in the use of co-ordinates.yesyes

Friday 15th July 2022.


Today, 4M had the pleasure of formally inviting Mr Beaty to drop in on our special performaces of our very own adapted playscripts. Which, we have worked very hard to create from Our story Leon and the place between.

Wednesday 13th July 2022.


Today in maths, we were using mirrors and looking at our reflections to see what differences we noticed. We then went around the classroom looking at other objects and their reflections. We had lots of fun- especially pulling silly faces in the mirror. 

Wednesday 6th July 2022


We've had a fantastic morning today measuring angles. Firstly, we recognised which angles were acute or obtuse. Next, we measured the angles using protractors. Knowing which angle was acute or obtuse helped us to conclude our answers.  We had lots of discussion on why angles are so important such as becoming an architect, fashion designer, inventor!! Judging by our class responses we have lots of these coming through- watch this space.wink

Thursday 30th June 2022.

During this afternoon, 4M took some time out, to learn about pointillism. We took our inspiration from some very well known artist such as Paul Signac, Maxmillian Luce and Charles Angrand.smiley

Thursday 23rd June 2022.



Today, we had a great time in our art lesson. We were drawing still life, and we captured it from different perspectives. 

Tuesday 21st June 2022


Today, 4M took part in an experiment to find out how the digestive system works. We used plastic  wallets to represent the stomach and tights to act as the small intestines. Cream crackers and water combined acted as the saliva. Orange juice represented the stomach. The children acted as the stomach walls and crushed the crackers with the stomach acid(orange juice). We  created our very own oesophagus and intestine and we watched the food travel down. 

Now for the exciting part!!!!

We excreted the food through cups which represented our bottoms.

Lots of scientific language was taking place such as salivary gland, oesophagus, small intestine & pancreas.

Tuesday 21st June 2022.


4M, took full advantage of the sunshine today. We have been learning all about how to turn a story into a playscript. We used the 3 Billy Goats Gruff as our example, we then acted out our very own handwritten playscripts in class. This really helped us to understand how to create a playscript, using tone, characters and stage directions.

Exciting project,taking shape.

Thursday 26th May 2022


This afternoon, we had the pleasure of Mr Beaty, kindly helping us with the Big Stamp project. The children of class 4M, thoroughly enjoyed


Tuesday 24th May 2022.


4M, Had a great afternoon listening to 70's music and decorating their Jubilee party bags.yes

Wednesday 12th May 2022


What a fantastic Art club, we enjoyed today. All the children did an  amazing job, of creating interesting Art, using Bananas.  🍌 They learnt the process of oxidisation.

The end results were amazing. 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌  

Monday 9th May 2022


As part of our platinum Jubilee celebrations in class, we have been learning dance moves from 1970's. This is one of the many decades the Queen has reigned. Great moves class.

Doing the Hustle.

Thursday 05th May 2022 


We've be having so much fun in class this week, designing our flags using bico stitch. Ready for the 👸  jubilee.heart


Wednesday 04th May 


We had a fantastic turn out today, for our first Art club 😀 we has a great time, with a selection of children, in KS2.

Their behaviour was fantastic. ( well done 😃) keep your eyes peeled, to the page over the next few weeks, lots of exciting things to come. yes

Art club

The children of 4M, were alll very brave, going out of their comfort zone and saying kind words to someone in class, they usually don't get a chance to speak to. They were all brave, kind and caring with their words. Well done 👏 

Thursday 03rd March 2022.

Happy World Book Day. All the children in 4M, made a fantastic effort to dress up as their favourite Book characters. Well done! you all looked amazing.yes

World Book Day.

Monday 28th February 2022.


A great first day back in class, we used our senses to describe a piece of chocolate. We used our see, hear, touch,  smell  and taste senses. The best bit, after finishing the experiment, we got to taste it,wink using our taste sense. Yummy!heart


Thursday 17th February 2022


Today, the children all had the opportunity to create their very own designs, with the use of their plastic, which they all brought in from home.smiley They created some fabulous recyclable fashion creations.  yes

We just might have the future Coco Chanel.heart

Thursday 10th February 2022.


smiley This morning, the children had a fabulous time reading and replying to the lettersmail from all the children in Miss Sutton's Class. yesThey found out lots of interesting facts about the children. One of the children said it was the best English lesson they had ever had.smiley

Thursday 20th January 2022

Today, all of the class have made Roman soup. The soup consisted of carrots,  parsnips, swede,  onion, potato and butternut squash. We all learnt how to hold a knife correctly and safely whilst cutting the vegetables. After we prepared the soup for cooking, we wrote a set of instructions on how to make it. Our writing included fronted adverbials and bossy verbs as put, take, do, now etc..

Roman soup making.

Friday 21st January


Today, the class had the opportunity to taste their soup. Which, they worked hard at preparing. Some of the children enjoyed the soup and some did not. Overall the soup making was a success.smiley

Roman soup tasting.