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Wednesday 12th May 2022


What a fantastic Art club, we enjoyed today. All the children did an  amazing job, of creating interesting Art, using Bananas.  🍌 They learnt the process of oxidisation.

The end results were amazing. 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌 🍌  

Monday 9th May 2022


As part of our platinum Jubilee celebrations in class, we have been learning dance moves from 1970's. This is one of the many decades the Queen has reigned. Great moves class.

Doing the Hustle.

Thursday 05th May 2022 


We've be having so much fun in class this week, designing our flags using bico stitch. Ready for the 👸  jubilee.heart


Wednesday 04th May 


We had a fantastic turn out today, for our first Art club 😀 we has a great time, with a selection of children, in KS2.

Their behaviour was fantastic. ( well done 😃) keep your eyes peeled, to the page over the next few weeks, lots of exciting things to come. yes

Art club

The children of 4M, were alll very brave, going out of their comfort zone and saying kind words to someone in class, they usually don't get a chance to speak to. They were all brave, kind and caring with their words. Well done 👏 

Thursday 03rd March 2022.

Happy World Book Day. All the children in 4M, made a fantastic effort to dress up as their favourite Book characters. Well done! you all looked amazing.yes

World Book Day.

Monday 28th February 2022.


A great first day back in class, we used our senses to describe a piece of chocolate. We used our see, hear, touch,  smell  and taste senses. The best bit, after finishing the experiment, we got to taste it,wink using our taste sense. Yummy!heart


Thursday 17th February 2022


Today, the children all had the opportunity to create their very own designs, with the use of their plastic, which they all brought in from home.smiley They created some fabulous recyclable fashion creations.  yes

We just might have the future Coco Chanel.heart

Thursday 10th February 2022.


smiley This morning, the children had a fabulous time reading and replying to the lettersmail from all the children in Miss Sutton's Class. yesThey found out lots of interesting facts about the children. One of the children said it was the best English lesson they had ever had.smiley

Thursday 20th January 2022

Today, all of the class have made Roman soup. The soup consisted of carrots,  parsnips, swede,  onion, potato and butternut squash. We all learnt how to hold a knife correctly and safely whilst cutting the vegetables. After we prepared the soup for cooking, we wrote a set of instructions on how to make it. Our writing included fronted adverbials and bossy verbs as put, take, do, now etc..

Roman soup making.

Friday 21st January


Today, the class had the opportunity to taste their soup. Which, they worked hard at preparing. Some of the children enjoyed the soup and some did not. Overall the soup making was a success.smiley

Roman soup tasting.

heartsmileyWelcome to Miss Morgan' s  Class, let's have an amazing year, filled with lots of learning, and lots of fun.heartsmiley

Class of 2021/2022

Welcome, to our two amazing pupil voice representatives, for our year ahead.

Grace and Ralphie.

Autumn 2

Welcome back to a very exciting term, filled with lots of interesting work.

Just around the corner is also Christmas! We have lots of fun things  in the pipeline. Watch this space!

This term in English, we're learning about plastic pollution, and what effects it  has on the environment. We are very interested in what happens to plastic when it lands in the Ocean.

In History we will be learning all about the Romans.

In Science we will be learning all about sound. 

In maths we are using different strategies for multiplication. 

A busy time ahead,  let's get going year 4. 

Marvellous Maths. Wednesday 3rd November.

We have been very excited to use all our fantastic  new maths equipment,  it has helped us with our multiplication work in class this week.smiley

Monday 8th November 2021 Sound Experiment

In science today, we held our own sound experiment. Does sound travel?

 We have been classifying sounds. We made predictions on how the sound would travel. But we were not sure. We have learnt about frequency and that sound does indeed travel, also there can be a delay in sounds. The further up the line the children were the longer the delay, the nearer they were the quicker they heard it.

We have been studying the effects of  the use of plastic on the environment, in class  this week. We have discussed how we can save our planet. Lets stop! using plastic, and start! recycling. Lets protect our Planet! 

Plastic Pollution. Save Our Planet!

Recycle, Reduce & Reuse.

Tuesday 9th November 2021


Today our class took part in a Teams meeting, with a lovely lady from Recycle for Greater Manchester, Alison Fare.


We were really interested in the correct way to recycle all our household products. We took part in a quiz, and it's clear to see we are really passionate in our class on recycling, reusing and reducing our use, of single use plastic.

Well done 4M!

Mission Impossible or Possible?

Mission Impossible Friday, every Friday we practice our times tables, whilst listening to the Mission Impossible music. Our challenge is to become faster at completing the grid, before the end of the music. This is really helping with our speed and accuracy..

Friday 12th November.


Friday, Fun with Maths.


Every Friday we use lots of different fun ways, to practice our times tables in class. First, we wake up, shake up, with a dance. Then we take part in a times tables relay race, outside. Miss Morgan's team won this week. Well Done Team! but it's all about having fun and taking part. Fingers crossed for Miss Carney's Team next week.smiley

We then go straight into Mission Impossible, lots of the children are making amazing progress, and building up their speed and stamina. Let's keep making learning fun together.

You're all Fantastic.

Thursday 18th November 2021.


The Children have been working on a very exciting project! Their lucky Parents will get the opportunity to purchase work which will be exhibited in the hall.

The Children have been fortunate enough to produce their very own masterpiece and have it exhibited.

Thursday 24th November 2021.


Today, we visited our School Library, where we showcased our knowledge of fiction and

non-fiction Books. We're really looking forward to using our Library and exploring new books.


Reading is fun!

Thursday 2nd December 2021


 Today, the Children  all did a fantastic job, at picking up  all the litter that was  scattered on the playground. They all had a go at using Mr Hyde's Litter Picker.

Well Done! 4M, for keeping the playground tidy.

Litter Picking.

Friday 3rd December.


Today, we used our converting CM to MM  skills, by plotting stages of our age, on a timeline. We then converted the age from centimetres to millimetres. The Children did an amazing job with this. Well done Class! yesyes

Friday 3rd December 2021.


This afternoon, we had a fabulous time,  recreating The Grinch artwork,getting us very much in the chritmas spirit. which is the opposite of the Grinch... Bah Humbug! smiley

Christmas Grinch Artwork.

Friday 3rd December 2021.

All the Children  at Aldwyn, had the opportunity today to visit our special Art Gallery, for the Afternoon. With thanks going out to Paul Giles for taking the time, to mount and make the frames from scratch. And also creating the gallery experience. They all looked incredible, and all the staff, and children worked very hard to make it happen.

What a wonderful experience for the whole school.

Teamwork is the Dreamwork!wink

Monday 6th December 2021.


The Children in 4M, invited Mrs Charnock & Mrs Clarke to come and switch our Christmas lights. We were so lucky that Mrs Charnock could be our VIP guest, to switch on the Christmas magic. Christmas has officially begun in 4M. 

Thank you! Mrs Charnock.heartsmileymail

Christmas Time!

Friday 10th December 2021

A very big Thank you to all the class today, for all your hard work, fantastic singing and above all being your best. You're all Stars!smileyheartsmileyheartsmileyheartsmileyheart

Merry Christmas to all the Children and their Families, have a safe and wonderful Newyear.

Lots of Love and the very best of wishes.

Miss Morgan & Miss Carney.smileysmiley

 See you all in 2022! X

Thank you 4M

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2022!

We hope you all have a fantastic year.


Welcome to our new term. smiley This term we will be, learning lots of exciting new things. smiley


English- non-chronological reports.smiley



Design and technology-sustainable  fashion.smiley

We hope you have a fantastic term.smiley

5th January 2022.

This week our class are

learning about fractions.

We have been learning

about unit and non-

unit fractions.

With the help of,



Thursday 13th January 2022..


This morning, in maths we used Cuisenaire (numbers in colours.) We also used paper fractions as a visual tool, This helped us with our work on fractions and equivalent fractions.

Equivalent Fractions.

Thursay 13th January 2022.


Today, we had a visit from the Dogs Trust, and we learnt lots of interesting facts about Dogs and how to look after them. Melanie from the Trust was very helpful giving us lots of information. We are all now well equipped to both  look after and treat Dogs.

Please take a look at the website for further information.




Dogs Trust.

Sports day 2021