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Welcome To Our Class


In English, we have used a dictionary to help us classify nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

We have used the chrome books to support our understanding of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

Today, we used the chrome books to begin to write our 'Wizard of OZ' setting descriptions.


This term, we are learning about 'Living Things and Their Habitats.'

To classify animals, we used venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams.

We have compared groups of vertebrates.

Today, we have been investigating how to light a bulb using a cell, wires, and a bulb. Then, we tested different materials to see if they were conductors or insulators.


We have used an atlas to locate and label the seven continents of the world,  the six oceans, the Equator, Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. 

This term, we are learning about the Roman invasion of Britain. Today, we learned about the important events that happened during the Roman Empire and placed them on a timeline.

This week, we traveled back in time to meet a Roman soldier. We learned about Roman inventions, Roman life through drama and looked at Roman artifacts. Also, we learned about life in the Roman army and tried on the armour worn by Roman soldiers when they went into battle. It was very heavy.


Physical Education

This term, we are learning how to play netball. We have been exploring the transition between attack and defence. We have been focusing on developing our passing and moving skills to keep possession of the ball and score goals.


This term , we are exploring the world of digital devices. We will be looking at how digital devices work, sorting digital and non-digital devices, and looking at all the household electrical items that now rely on digital devices that make them work. We will be looking at what goes inside digital devices and how they are all based on input, processing, and output. We will then move on to connected devices and how computers talk to each other. What does our home and school network look like? We will also be producing simple network diagrams.

This term, we are learning about podcasts and what they are used for. A podcast is a spoken recording that can be listened to via a link on the internet. We will plan and write a script on a topic of interest. Using podcasting software, we will then record, edit, add sound effects and background music. When finished, the podcasts will be uploaded to 'Aldwyn's Learning Zone' web-site. Please follow the link below. 


We have been learning about the artist Pablo Picasso. As well as painting, Picasso was a sculptor, a poet and worked with pottery. Picasso's love of owls began when he found an injured owl and nursed it back to health. Picasso painted, created sculptures and made a variety of owl ceramics. We have taken inspiration from Picasso's owl sculptures to create our own masterpieces.

Today, we have been learning about the celebrated Kenyan artist Magdalene Odundo OBE. who uses drawings as inspiration for her clay and glass creations.

Design and Technology

With our resident chef, Mrs Kenndey, we have made a pumpkin cake. We have cut, scraped, stirred, beaten, grated, measured, weighed, and eaten. It was very tasty.

This term, we are designing and making an electric torch. Today, we researched the different types of torches and what they are used for. We looked at the features (housing, reflector, switch), the materials they are made from (durability), and who would use them.

Today, we used our knowledge of series circuits and switches to make a torch that turned on and off.

European Day of Languages

Today, our class have been learning all about Italy. We have learnt simple Italian phrases and greetings (click here to learn the phrases and greetings and play the game) and how to count up to 12 (click here to learn the words then play the game).


Did you know..?


The national flag of Italy is called 'il Tricolore.'

It is made up of three vertical lines of colour; green, white, and red.

Each colour represents a different aspect of Italy, though there are two different interpretations.

With our resident chef, Mrs Kennedy, we made 'ragu alla bolognese' (spaghetti bolognese).

We had garlic bread to dip in, it was delicious,