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5-6 B Archived July 2018

Safe Squad (previously known as Crucial Crew).


The Year 6 pupils had their annual trip to Safe Squad. It's always enjoyable and the best way to help pupils to understand some of the situations they may come across when they move to Year 7.

Macbeth Visits Aldwyn...


We were treated to an amazing theatrical experience recently when a troupe of actors visited to perform Macbeth. It really was a memorable afternoon. The faces of the children were a picture - ranging from awed to amazed.

Quotes to follow...

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Tatton Park Visit - Spring 2017

Learning about the Anglo- Saxons.

In February, Years Five and Six enjoyed two days out at Tatton Park and spent the day experiencing life in an Anglo-Saxon village. They participated in a variety of activities, including: making some woven wool 'threads' and clay pots; baking bread on on open fire; learning about weapons and ways of defending themselves and handling a variety of artefacts - discovering their worth in relation to one sheep (a valuable commodity in those days).

On the day that they weren't on the trip, they took part in an Anglo-Saxon activity day in class. During the day they all made an Anglo-Saxon peg person, worked in groups to construct a family house, decoded and wrote messages using runes (the Anglo-Saxon Alphabet) and made replica cloak brooches. We had lots of fun and learnt a lot in all the activities.

Having Fun Learning in School.

Roald Dahl Day: a celebration of the birthday of one of our favourite authors.

Welcome back to school. We all hope you had an enjoyable holiday.

Science Project.

Our work this term in science has focused on the human body: the major organs, the digestive system and circulatory system. Here is some of the work we produced that helped us understand more about the functions of the major organs of the body.

End of Term Awards.

Star and Courtesy Award winners and 100% attendance for the Spring Term:

Easter Egg Display.

There was the usual amazingly high standard for the eggs that were brought in. This years theme was 'Great Mancunians'. Well done to everyone for taking part.

Sports Relief Day.

We had a great day: lots of dancing and a lot of money raised for a good cause. Thanks go to everyone who took part and sent cakes and money in.

World Book Day.

We all loved the imagination and enterprise of the children in coming up with their outfits.

Year 5 Archery.


Year 5 took part in a taster session for archery. The children thought it was 'brilliant', 'fantastic' and 'well good!'

A merry Christmas and the best wishes for the New Year from 5/6B.

Maths on Children in Need Day. Keep your eyes open for a Pudsey Bear!

After a visit from a time travelling doctor and a trip to an ancient Mayan city, we designed headdresses suitable for the Mayan royal family.

Our Residential Trip to Clitheroe:

We all had a fantastic time. The weather was just right for all the activities and we've returned with so many special memories. It is really amazing how the children seem to grow up in front of your eyes when they undertake some of the challenges and just by simply getting themselves organised too. It gives them more confidence to move onto secondary school.


Here's some thoughts:

"At Clitheroe, we had a fantasic time. All of the food and staff were amazing! Everybody had a laugh and we all loved it. It was a special time for all of us."



"The staff were brilliant and so were the instructors. The rooms and the hall were spotless."


"I had great fun staying at Clitheroe with my friends and they helped me, when I was a bit scared, to do some activities. I loved the tree climb."


"I had an awesome time. I loved the zipwire."


"My time at clitheroe was amazing. I can't explain it. When everyone asked me what my best activity was, I could not pick one because they were all great. I would go again in the matter of minutes. Every penny was worth it."


"It was extraordinary."

Here are a few reminders of our wonderful time:




We've got the Aldwyn ducks back!


Do you know what species of duck they are?


Here are some photos of the chicks at seven days: with mum guarding them. They seem bigger than last year at the same age. Is that because mum is older and bigger herself? Last year we had 12 eggs and 9 chicks survived. This year there were 14 eggs and 12 chicks surviving (and thriving) so far. Mrs Eastwood is the expert in what they eat but, if you do some research, you could find out what to feed them as they get older.


7 days old and such good camouflage.

More duck pictures:


Here are the ducks at 32 days old. You can see the fantastic markings are still really good for camouflage. But also see a few proper feathers as well.

A sad day here at Aldwyn.

The ducks are now big and strong enough to be taken to a duck sanctuary. They rely on mum less as they get to this age so now is the ideal time to take them. They've been amazing to watch and mother duck has been a fantastic mum: finding such a 'quiet' spot - away from foxes and other predators (and 12 out of 14 ducklings surviving!) but they need more space to get even stronger.