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5-6 E Archived July 2018


This term, our class, have used the structure of The Baba Yaga story to create our own stories.  We have made silhouettes of the characters and produced shadow shows.

Tatton Park Visit - Spring 2017

Shine Show 2017

Georgi-Ann, Scarlet, Olivia and Sophie represented our class in the Shine Show 2017, held on the last Friday of half term. They performed a gymnastic sequence to Zara Larson's 'Ain't My Fault', showing us how amazingly flexible, supple and well-co-ordinated they were. Thanks, girls - you are superstars!

Learning About the Anglo-Saxons.

In February, Years Five and Six enjoyed two days out at Tatton Park and spent the day experiencing life in an Anglo-Saxon village. They participated in a variety of activities, including: making some woven wool 'threads' and clay pots; baking bread on on open fire; learning about weapons and ways of defending themselves and handling a variety of artefacts - discovering their worth in relation to one sheep (a valuable commodity in those days).

On the day that they weren't on the trip, they took part in an Anglo-Saxon activity day in class. During the day they all made an Anglo-Saxon peg person, worked in groups to construct a family house, decoded and wrote messages using runes (the Anglo-Saxon Alphabet) and made replica cloak brooches. We had lots of fun and learnt a lot in all the activities.

Having Fun Learning in School.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

KS2 Christmas Top Table.

We've Done It - 100% Attendance this Week!

Our class were really excited this week (beginning 7th November) as we were awarded Benedict Bear in assembly. This was because we had achieved 100% attendance the week before. Benedict has 'lived' in our classroom for the week and made sure that we've all been working hard! He looks just like us in his smart Aldwyn uniform!

A Visit to the River Medlock at Daisy Nook.

All three Year 5 and 6 classes visited Daisy Nook in the first week of November as part of our Topic work about rivers. We studied the River Medlock as it flows through the wooded valley there and made sketches of the landscape. We measured the depth of the river at one point and then drew graphs back in class, using our data to show what the cross section of the river looked like. In addition, we measured the velocity of the water on one of the bends of the meander by dropping satsumas in the water and timing how long it took each one to reach a spot further down the river channel. We were really pleased that our predictions about how fast the water flowed on each side of the S bend were proved to be correct! As it was such chilly weather we were well wrapped up, but that didn't stop some of us from getting VERY wet feet!

Working hard down by the river.

We all drew a range of very accurate graphs to show across-section of the River Medlock, using the data we had collected when measuring the river on our trips. Reya's graph is an example of the fantastic work that was done in class.

devildevildevildevilSpooky goings-on in the dining room!devildevildevildevil

The Hallowe'en Top Table celebrated all those boys and girls who have been polite, eaten their meals nicely, played well with their friends and included others in their games during the first half term of this year. Three children out of each KS2 class were invited to the spookily-dressed table as they had earned the most stickers for their excellent behaviour at lunch times. They enjoyed their hallowe'en treats and were joined in the dining room by Mrs. Charnock. We were proud of the three 'top-tablers' in 5/6E, who were Luke, Kayley and Scarlet.

Safe4 Autumn -

Three officers from Ashton Fire Station came to talk to Years 5 and 6 so that we could all stay safe during  the Hallowe'en and Bonfire celebrations this year. One of the things we had to think about was the clothes we wear and the job they do to protect us on Bonfire Night. Eleanor was our model and dressed in the kit firemen wear when they are called out to a fire. It was a bit big and heavy for her, but it does a valuable job in protecting firemen when they face the dangers of their job.

Thank you for the Harvest!

We celebrated the Harvest just before we broke up for the half term holidays. When we thought about how hard the people who produce our food work, and how many tasty things we have to eat, we realised that we are all lucky to have plenty of good food at each meal time. Knowing that some people in our area sometimes struggle to feed their family,our harvest gifts went to the Food Bank at St. Mary's Church in Droylsden.


Roald Dahl Day - 13th September 2016.

We celebrated what would have been the 100th birthday of one of Britain's most loved children's authors by dressing up as characters from his wonderful books. Can you guess which characters we've dressed up as?


We read extracts from lots of his stories, drew pictures of our favourite characters in the style of Quinten Blake (who illustrated Dahl's books) and even had lots of fun writing recipes for, and making our own versions of Mrs' Twit's eyeball biscuits (which were yummy).

End of Term Assembly.

Certificates for 100% attendance and Star and Courtesy Award winners to the following:

Easter Egg Display.

We hope you enjoy looking at our decorated Easter Eggs inspired by 'eggceptional' Mancunians.

World Book Day Fun.

On World Book Day, many of us looked wonderful  dressed up as book characters and the Y5/6 classes split into three mixed-class groups to spend the morning on book related activities. In Mrs Evans’ classroom, we looked at ‘Goldilocks and Just the One Bear’ by Leigh Hodgkinson – an alternative retelling of the traditional ‘Three Bears’ story. We then made puppets and backdrops and performed puppet shows of our favourite traditional or alternative /traditional stories. We discovered that some of us were amazing at sewing and we had lots of fun!


The Solar Eclipse

On Friday 20th March, Aldwyn experienced a partial Eclipse. In addition to this, everyone had the opportunity to look at the amazing sight.

In the morning, around 9:20, all pupils and teachers went out onto the big KS2 playground so they could all watch the eclipse as it happened. Mrs Thomas put out six trays of water; this was so everyone could see the reflection of the sun. Moreover, each child got their own pinhole camera; these are used to see the shape of the eclipse on another piece of card. As well as all of this, a boy in 5/6.E made three pairs of special glasses, that were safe enough for everyone to take a look at the beautiful event.




By Charlotte  and Alisha 

Our Class Prayer Book

Each class in our school has made a book full of prayers written by individual members of the class. Years 5 and 6 took a poem called 'I dream of a World...' which was written by  American poet  and writer James Mercer Langston Hughes, as our inspiration. He was born in Missouri, USA in 1902, and lived at a time when there was a lot of inequality between black and white people in America. Through his jazz poetry and other writing, he tried to make people aware of this unfairness and fought for  equality for all citizens of the world until he died in 1967. We're really proud of our poems.

Easter Fun!

Some members of our class took the Key Stage 2 Easter Challenge and decorated eggs for display at our 'Easter Jubilation' assembly. The theme this year was ‘Eggs’eptional Citizens of Britain,  and as you can see from the eggstravagant creations below, we have several eggstremely good artists in our class!

Pictured from left to right are: The Fab Four by Jacob; Queen Egglizabeth I by Charlotte; Isaac Newton by Cameron; Adam and Eve by Caitlyn; Queen Egglizabeth II by Lucy; Queen Eleggabeth by Madison; The Suffragettes by Jasmine and Holly; The Queen by Nathan; The Royal Family by Ellie and The Queen and her Guards by Libby.

Japanese Morning.

As we have recently read Michael Morpurgo's 'Kensuke's Kingdom', we had a Japanese morning in years 5/6. Each class did a different activity: in Mrs. Evans’ class we did origami and made penguins and swans; in Mr. Bonsall’s class we made sushi and learnt how to use chopsticks, and in Mr. Mitchell’s class we wrote our names in Japanese characters. We learnt a few Japanese words too, including greetings and numbers. Each class moved around to do all the different activities.

By Sam  & Jacob.        

Our Year 5/6 Mayan Day

RDuring the Autumn term, a passing Time Traveller cum explorer visited our school and 'whisked away' the Year 5 and 6 boys and girls to the Yukatan Pennninsular (which is located in Central America) to a time over 2000 years ago. There they met a Mayan King, who proudly showed them  around the capital city of his territory. The children enjoyed meeting some of his citizens and learning about the amazing Mayan civilisation.

The king proudly showed his  visitors around.
Priests sharpened their axes  for the sacrifices.
Astronomers studied the stars.
The Mayans formulated the first calendars.
Scribes recorded things on parchment using glyphs.
Sculptors shaped huge rocks to decorate buildings.
They loved playing games in vast ball courts.
The peasants traded in the market places.
Slaves begged for their lives to be spared!