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5/6M Archived 2018-2019


It's on its way - our annual trip to Waddow Hall with the Year 6 pupils.

Here are some photos to get you in the mood and a few links to documents that you have already received.


Greetings from 5/6 - Spring Term 2019

In English, this week, we made our own sandwiches based on a recipe from Betsy Byars' book 'The Midnight Fox'. This was 'The Petie Burkis Special' and the children loved making their own variations. We have learned how to make instructions to go alongside with our food creations.

Tatton Park Visit -


Both Year 5 and Year 6 had the opportunity to visit Tatton Park this term, in which we learned a lot more about the life of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. The children were really well behaved and got involved in a good number of tasks - finding out all about raw materials and making clay pots, learning the skills needed for battle by looking at Anglo-Saxon weapons, and making bread.



Coming up this half term...

Circulatory System: Learning about the importance of blood, blood vessels, and the heart.

Vikings: Who were the Vikings? Where did they travel? When did they invade?

E-Safety: Staying safe on online games.

Worship: Focusing on aspects of worship across different faiths through music, art and objects.

Paul Sleem Visit:

Paul Sleem, an old friend of Aldwyn, came in on  Monday to deliver his 'RESPECT' workshops with the Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. Everybody loved his sessions. We all laughed and learned a lot from him about how we can treat each other with more respect and kindness - and how that makes everyone so much more happier. This was ideal in helping us understand more 'grown-up' relationships as we move to Year 7. Many thanks to Daisy and her family who suggested this to us.

Safe 4 Autumn

On Monday 8th October, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service came to speak to Year 6 about staying safe during autumn events.

A very warm welcome to Year 5 and 6. We are really excited about the new school year and we hope you are too.


The children received their new planners in class today. Planners are a great tool to help pupils develop their independence. By keeping an up to date planner, pupils can organise their time. Things that they could write in there could include when homework has to be in, when they have a football match or just generally reminders about school. They can also write any personal or family commitments too: netball training, birthdays or camping trips. You can write messages in there too. All these help children cope with their ever increasing busy lives.


Some reminders for the new school year:


School uniform is a white polo or shirt and navy jumper or cardigan either with or without the school logo. Grey trousers or skirts should be worn and grey shorts or blue and white checked dresses may be worn in the summer months. Black school shoes should be worn and if children come to school wearing boots these should be changed into their school pumps whilst indoors. Children should not wear any jewellery, make up or nail varnish.


We are quite strict about uniforms and P.E. kits in Year 5 and 6. The reason being is that we want the jump to Year 7 to be as smooth as possible and secondary schools take uniforms very seriously. There is sometimes a difficulty deciding what is a shoe, a trainer or what’s a boot but, if in doubt, buy something sensible that are plain black and not too big - whatever the ‘style’.


Children will need their kit in a named bag which is small enough to be stored in their locker. This should consist of a plain white t-shirt, plain navy or black shorts and black pumps (for inside perhaps) or trainers. Really, we prefer trainers because as the children get bigger it’s better support for their legs. But please don’t let your child convince you that only trainers over £100 will do! We have to insist on wearing this kit for P.E. because of insurance purposes.

P.E. kits will be brought into school on the first day back of each half term and stay in your child’s locker until they are taken for washing. We can not always predict when P.E. lessons are as this can change each half term.


The cost of a dinner from September 2018 is £2.25. This is payable every Monday and should be given to the class teacher in a named envelope. Cheques should be made payable to TMBC Aldwyn Primary School. Alternatively, you can pay online by visiting

If you think your child is entitled to a free school meal, then please contact the school office.


All children will need to bring a clean and freshly filled up bottle of water to school every day. This should be a basic plastic bottle with a sports lid and clearly labelled with their name. School water bottles can be purchased via your class teacher for £1.50. This has to be plain water unless you have a doctor’s note to say otherwise.

During morning break children may bring money to buy fruit or yogurts from the snack stall. These cost £1 for a voucher which can be exchanged for 5 pieces of fruit or 20p per day. Alternatively your child may bring a piece of fruit from home.


Spellings and times tables books will be sent home every Friday and tested in school the following Friday. The children will also receive a piece of Maths in their homework book on Friday (to be handed in on Thursday) and English homework (given out on Tuesday and back in the following Monday). Hand in earlier if it is completed.


We would like your child to read at home for 15 minutes every day. Please sign and date the reading record book when you have heard them read or what they have read. Reading books are changed on Mondays and Wednesdays and should be brought to school every day.

The children have had a great start to the year in both Maths and English.