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5E 2021 - 2022

   Summer 2 in Class 5E.

Useful Reminders:


English homework due in - Monday

Maths homework due in - Thursday

P.E  - Thursday (Kit to brought in to change for the lesson)

Signed times tables & spelling books due in  - Friday

Signed Reading Records - Friday

Please bring your reading book into school every day.

VIKING CRAFTS: We've loved having a go at Viking crafts, including bracelet making and jewellery designing.

Dragons' Eyes!

We loved reading  Saga of Beowulf, who came over from Scandinavia to help the Anglos Saxon King, Hrothgar in his quest to defeat the evil monster Grendel.

Beowulf was such a brave hero that he also fought a dragon in order to claim the treasure that it was guarding in its lair. Sadly, Beowulf died in his efforts to slay the dragon, so his treasure passed to his trusty servant - the only person to stay and assist his leader when all the other soldiers fled in fear. 

We loved Michael Forman's illustrations in the book retelling the story written by Michael Morpurgo and they inspired us to sketch our own ideas for a dragon's eye - we then made up our favourite design in clay, using a glass cabochon bead for the pupil itself.

Making up our designs in clay....

Fitness Day Fun!

Dancing our favourite routines in the playground with Mrs Hind is always lots of fun! We got our hearts pumping and our bodies moving on 'Fitness Day'!

RE - Learning About Forgiveness.

In RE this term, we have been learning about 'Forgiveness' - what the word measn and how it feels to forgive or be forgiven. We've learnt about how important forgiveness is in all the world's religions - but looking especially at beliefs in the Jewish, Buddhist and Christian faiths. We've also looked at symbols to represent forgiveness and we have designed some amazing and very thoughtful symbols of our own.

We also enjoyed learning about the parable of the 'Lost Son' which was a story that Jesus told to help people understand that God would forgive them for their sins if they said that they were truly sorry.

We made stick puppets and retold the story as a puppet show in our groups. 

Science - Learning about Living Things and Classifying Animals.

We have been learning about the different types of animals in our world and their characteristics. There has been some very tricky vocabulary to learn, including words such as vertebrate, crustacean and exoskeleton - of course we are now expert and can use the new words we have learnt when discussing different animals!

In Year Five we have to be able to use branching diagrams  to help us sort animals according to their characteristics and this is  a difficult thing to do. 
We've been training though - and we've made branching diagrams to sort Liquorice Allsorts to help us think about the questions (designed to achieve yes/no answers) that we could ask when sorting animals according to their characteristics. 


Summer Term 2021

Maya Arts & Crafts

Maya Masks

Our Y5 home-learners have been busy designing and making Maya masks this week. Have a look at some of the wonderful masks that they have made!

Our classroom is set out a little differently and we've had to get used to lots of new routines, but we're already settled and working very hard!

Some Useful Reminders:


P.E - Thursday - come to school wearing your PE Kit.

PE kit is a plain white t-shirt; plain, dark leggings, jogging bottoms or shorts; sweatshirt, hooded top, fleece (as plain as possible) and trainers. 

Homework: Maths - given on Fridays, due in the followingThursday.

                             English - given on Tuesdays, due in the following Monday.

Signed times tables & spelling books due in  - Friday.

Signed Reading Records - Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Please bring your reading book into school every day.


Everyone has been working very hard and lots of boys and girls have been awarded certificates for their great efforts and achievements and for being such polite and helpful class-members. Well done to these children who have received awards in the Autumn Term:

Star of the Week:

Sienna, Reuben, Isaac, Jaiden, Poppy, Katie M and Nimra.

Courtesy/Well Done Award:

Isabelle P, Poppy, Saaim, Micah and Carmen.

Handwriting Hero:

Emily, Hope, Preston, Isaac and Callum.

Mathematician of the Week:

Saaim, Isaac, Katie T and Safa.

Reading Champion:

Reuben, Isabelle S, Sienna and Suhaan.



Home Learning From September 2020

If you are self-isolating and so learning at home, you  can now find your work via the 'Home Learning' tab of the 'Children's' section and in the Year 5 Google Classroom.


We've enjoyed designing, making and playing our viking games which have enabled us to show and test each other on our knowledge of the Vikings.

What Have we Been Doing in Year Five?

Class 5E have made a very busy start to the year and are already working hard.

In Maths we’ve looked at the place value of bigger numbers, we can round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand and are becoming experts at addition. We’ve also learned enjoyed learning about Roman Numerals and are really good at recognising and writing them ourselves – we have been amazed at how some simple numbers are really long and complicated when written as Roman Numerals.

In English, we’ve been reading a lovely story called ‘Little Albatross’ who was in great danger from a killer bird when his parents flew out to sea to feed. We’re now writing our own stories of animal families who’ve had to rescue their youngsters from danger! We’ve been painting pictures to illustrate where and when our stories are set, using watercolours.

We’ve completed our RE unit of work for the half term on the theme of forgiveness, learning about Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela and designing our own logos to help a charity working towards forgiveness.

We’re learning all about the Anglos Saxons and Vikings in Britain long ago in our history topic. So far we’ve discovered where all the different groups came from who took over Britain when the Romans left. We’re beginning to learn about the jobs that ordinary people did such as blacksmiths, weavers, leeches and wolf- watchers. Even young children had jobs to do every day (or night!) We’re looking forward to finding out about the houses they built and what life was like to live in a house full of animals!

Finding Anglo-Saxon place names on the map of Britain and painting pictures of our story settings.

Spotting the ISS

We’ve been talking about the International Space Station today (25th September) and the children are keen to try to spot the ISS in the night sky. It’s clearly visible over Manchester for the next few days (so long as it’s not cloudy, that is). Here are the best times to spot it over the weekend:

Friday: 9.32 pm for 2 minutes 

Saturday: 8.46 pm for 3 minutes

Sunday: 7.59 pm for 4 minutes and 9.34 pm for 2 minutes.

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins will launch to the International Space Station along with Russian cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov in October. They will launch on October 14 at 12:45 p.m. (Eastern US time) and spend six months on the space station.

Our class are hoping to follow their journey into space, their time on the ISS and their return to Earth in April. We’re also going to learn more about Tim Peake, the British astronaut, who spent six months aboard the ISS a few years ago.


Home Learning

This can now be found via the 'Home Learning' tab of the 'Children's' section and in the Year 5 Google Classroom.

Please find below the weekly Home Learning Grids for Year 5 and the associated video links, powerpoint presentations and worksheets etc. that you will need to complete your work at home. Please open up a Google document to record your work and share it with me when you have completed each task so that I can mark your work. If it's not appropriate to work in Google (it might be tricky to use this way of recording for Maths calculations, for example) or you're unable to do this, please send me a photograph of the work you have done on paper when you've finished it. You can share things with me or email them via Google. Please ask your parents to email school (or me) if you have forgotten your Google log-in.

My GMail address is:

Mrs. Evans


                              Year 2019 - 2020.

smileyHello Boys and Girls!smiley

Please make sure that you check your Google Account -  your end of year report was sent to you on Thursday (16th July). If you haven't messaged me yet (or for a while) please could you send me a message to let me know how you are doing? I'm missing you all! heart

Mrs Evans

Please scroll down to the 'Home Learning Grid' area              below to find the latest activity grid.

BBC Play Writing Competition: 'As You Write it ' - Your play on stage. Find out all the exciting details here:

On 25th June, the Government  updated their guidance for online education resources for home learning to include additional resources and new tips to help parents and carers with home education.

The list of resources can be found here:


Scarlet has made this amazing word art creation of our class. Can you find your name?

What has everyone in our class enjoyed doing whilst they’ve been at home?

In school this week the children have been painting scenes of the storming of the Bastille:

 Look at how busy everyone has been:

Oliver R  and his Mum found a baby blue tit which had fallen out of its nest and was being attacked by some blackbirds (which are a lot bigger than blue tits). They managed to rescue the unfortunate chick and took it to a local animal sanctuary where it is being well looked after.  

Joey has been fishing with his Dad and learning lots of useful life skills as he’s been helping with digging work in the garden! He’s also been in charge of keeping everything well-watered on all those hot, sunny days.

Eleah has had a new addition to her family – a very tiny, cute and furry kitten that they’ve named Phoebe. She likes to watch everything that goes on from the window sills in the house.

George began the ‘lockdown’ by getting stuck into the ‘Lego Challenge’. He and his mum have enjoyed learning about was WW1 together, especially about life in the trenches. George had fun in a hot-tub in the garden for a special occasion too!

Dhilan has worked very hard to make sure that he’s an absolute Maths whizz while he’s been learning at home. He has also entered the Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition with a fantastic piece of writing about the environment, the effect of the global pandemic on our planet and looking ahead to the future too.

Riley has been keeping fit by going on lots of walks with his family and has also enjoyed cooking and baking at home too.

Amelia has enjoyed the sunny weather and has been for lots of lovely long walks with her family so that she can make the most of the outdoors.

Eddie has been keeping fit and has learnt lots of new football tricks.

Adan has enjoyed celebrating Eid with her family while we’ve been off school. It was a very different celebration this year, but she talked with family via facetime and she had lots of delicious food to eat. She’s also enjoyed the sunshine and has read so many books!

Dylan has been learning a lot about food and making meals with his sister - he's now an expert at preparing delicious lunches for his family!

If you have a photograph or comment about what you've been doing at home that you'd like to be included on our class page, please email it to Mrs Evans.

Home Learning Grids



Please click the links below for the optional home learning activities. We recommend 2 activities per day.

Home Learning Grid Week 10 (8th June) - La France!

In order for families and staff to take a break over Whit, there will be no home learning grid posted on 25.5.20 or 01.6.20.

Children who remain at home after 8th June 2020 will continue to be able to access the school learning grids on the class pages of the school website. We would like to thank you for your continuous support in helping your child to learn from home. 

Please encourage your child to check their Gmail account for any messages from their teacher.

Calling all knitters!

If you have access to wool and needles, Mrs. Mottram has found some free patterns that will keep your fingers busy.


Visit for some lovely little patterns of food items and toys that are made from rectangles of knit stitch (garter stitch) and others using knit a row, purl a row (stocking stitch).


Visit  for a selection of free patterns, mainly using stocking stitch, which include hearts, rainbows and some small animals.

For those needing help to cast on or cast/bind off, there are some slow motion tutorials at 

This channel also has tutorials on increasing and decreasing stitches if anyone needs a reminder.

Week 6 Home Learning Activities

Here are the resources from our Week 6 Home Learning Grid. There is no requirement to use a printer as activities can be completed in workbooks.

In addition, it is Year 5's turn to have keyboard lessons with Mrs.Smethurst and she has sent through some great tasks to be completed at home. These have also been added below.

Below are the resources from our Week 5 Home Learning Grid. If your child wishes to complete the St. George Mosaic Maths colouring, this will require a printer, however all other activities can be written up in your child's 'Working From Home Book' instead.

Week 4 Home Learning Activities

A message regarding Parents' Evening:

For any parents who had an appointment for the second Parents' Evening on 25th March, please check your child's Gmail account for an update on your child's progress in English and Maths this term. Thank you.

Week 1 Home Learning Activities

Welcome to our class page. We've made a great start to the year and are working really hard. We're especially enjoying our topic about Anglo Saxons and Vikings, reading the heroic sago of Beowulf who defeated the monster Grendel and writing our own stories.

We take our work seriously, but we have fun too!

Please follow the link below for a copy of the Y5 information letter for parents.

Class Elections.

Last week we held our class elections. We voted to elect our two Pupil Voice Representatives,and our Sports and Health Ambassadors. We are confident that they will all do a fantastic job representing our class and helping to develop ideas to make Aldwyn an even better place to learn.

Pupil Voice Representatives: Scarlet Thorpe and Yasmin Mirza

Health Ambassador: George Cosgrove

Sports Ambassador: Rocco Zeolla.