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Computing Curriculum:


The school has proudly developed a centrally located computer suite, equipped with over thirty networked computers.  All pupils are given regular opportunity to use the facility to develop dedicated computing skills and to enhance work done in other curriculum areas. We also purchased a bank of 32 Chromebooks which a whole class can use to enhance other areas of the curriculum and support specific pupil needs. We have around 70 Chromebooks in school, some being used by individual children. 

All students from year 2 have a Google Workspace for Education account. This gives them access to Google Cloud services and as well as giving children access to curriculum work within the school from almost any device. Children can, if they wish, continue working from home and we find many children willing to create presentations, continue coding or build websites in their own time either individually or collaboratively with a friend. All this made possible because children know how to access and use the apps available on Google Cloud and other cloud services the school is signed up to. 

The school has recently started to roll out the “Teach Computing” curriculum. This is supported by the Department of Education, the National Center for Computing in Education and the Raspberry Pie Foundation. The Computing curriculum is comprised of three strands: Computer Science, Information Technology, and Digital Literacy. These strands come together to teach children how computers and computer systems work, how to design, build and analyse programs, and how to find and manage digital information securely. You can see some of the children's work by visiting our sister website “The Learning Zone – 

Cross curriculum and transferable skills are key to making sure that important digital skills are used across many lessons, not just computing. Topic pages on “The Learning Zone” website shows a clear split between the lesson focus and the computing and digital skills children must use to complete their work.