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New Google Blog site:

Have a look at our Google blog site - this has lots of information about all the computing work that is happening at Aldwyn.


This also contains details about accessing Google Apps at home.





Computing Curriculum:


The school has proudly developed a centrally located ICT suite, equipped with over thirty networked personal computers.  All pupils are given regular opportunity to use the facility to develop dedicated ICT skills and to enhance work done in other curriculum areas.  We also have just purchased a bank of Ipads which a whole class can use to enhance other areas of the curriculum and support specific pupil needs.  The children are really motivated to use them and there are lots of educational apps that we are beginning to use with all the classes.  There are apps for almost every subject you can think of.  We have been working with Year 1 and 2 on phonic games.  Year 3 and 4 have made interactive stories and Year 5 and 6 have produced stunning Viking collages.  All classrooms have a Smartboard (large screen) and visualiser which enable the teacher to model work in ICT and also to enhance teaching methods in all subjects through interactive work.  We have a range of software that encourages our pupils to understand the future importance of ICT in the world of work and leisure.


It is important to remember that this part of the curriculum also includes the development of a range of other skills including the use of programmable robots, television, video/DVD and calculators.  There are many new gadgets that use ICT to really help motivate and inspire children in all areas of the curriculum.  Flip videos and mini recording devices are very popular.  In the Foundation Stage there are lots of opportunities to use ICT as part of the continuous provision.  We are proud to have a comprehensive ICT suite which is networked to the library and to all classroom computers.  The ICT suite forms the hub of the school.