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External Agencies

We strongly support and value a multi-agency working approach, welcoming and encouraging the active involvement of parents and carers.  Advice, information and direct assistance from a range of statutory and non-statutory bodies ensures effective inclusion for ALL pupils at Aldwyn.


  • The School Nurse (Kim Bagshaw) based at Guide Lane Clinic.
  • BLIS - An LA service providing 1:1 and small group support for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.
  • EPALS (Educational Psychology & Learning Support) - An LA service offering assessment and advice in support of pupils with a range of learning difficulties.
  • Sensory Support Service - Provides direct support and advice for pupils with impaired hearing or vision.
  • SALT (Speech & Language Therapy Service) - Based at Tameside Hospital, this service  offers ongoing assessment and support for pupils with speech and language difficulties.
  • CLASS (Communication Language & Autistic Spectrum Service) - An LA service offering support, monitoring and advice for pupils with a range of communication difficulties.
  • Parent Partnership - A statutory service offering direct assistance and advice for parents of children with special educational needs.  For further information collect a leaflet from school or call Parent Partnership on 0161 342 3382.