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KS2 French

If you are self isolating at home you can work on the French we are doing at school here, look at your Year group below and choose a link or activity to try.  You do not need to print anything out at home just have a go on paper or open a Google Doc.  Ask any questions or share any work with Mademoiselle Kelly through email at and I will respond on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Year 3

Autumn 1 - This half term our topic is Food, Glorious Food.  We are reading the story of the Very Greedy Dog, learning how to ask for different foods and describe them.

Year 4 

Autumn 1 - This half term our topic is All Around Town.  We are learning to talk about where we live and describe the things we might find in our town. 

Activity - Draw a picture of your town and label the different places.  Write some sentences to describe what there is using the En Ville Word Mat below.

Year 5 

Autumn 1 - This half term we are learning about parts of the body, describing how we look and talking about the clothes we wear. 

Activity - Draw your own monster and colour it in.  Can you write sentences to describe the monster using the Monster Description Word Mat below?

Year 6

Autumn 1 - This half term our topic is That's Tasty.  We are learning vocabulary about restaurants, breakfast foods, sandwiches and pizza toppings.