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Meet the Staff

Head Teacher Mrs Charnock


Deputy Head teacher and Safeguarding and Attendance Lead                 Mrs Clark


Foundation Stage 3 - 5 years


Manager                                                            Miss Hutton

Nursery Teachers                                               Miss Ellis (AM) and Miss Elwell (PM)

Nursery Teaching Assistants                              Mrs Hawkins & Mrs Harkins 

Reception Teacher                                             Mr Loy

Reception Teacher                                             Miss Hutton

Reception Teaching Assistants                          Miss Brocklehurst, Mrs Melling, Mrs Sharrock and Miss Jepson


Key Stage One 5 - 7 years                              


Manager and Teacher Year 1                            Mrs Parks

Teacher – Year 1                                                Miss Manning

Teacher – Year 2                                                Miss Haygarth

Teacher – Year 2                                                Mrs Parkes

KS1 Teaching Assistants                                    Mrs Thomas, Mrs Heeds, Mrs Pace, Mrs Eastwood and Miss Ravenscroft

Reading Teaching Assistants                             Mrs Neild, Miss Jepson, Mrs Gilmore



Key Stage Two 7 - 11 years


Manager and Teacher – Year 5                Mrs Evans

Teacher - Year 3                                       Mrs Oakes

Teacher – Year 3                                       Miss Fell

Teacher – Year 4                                       Miss Hind

Teacher - Year 4                                       Miss Morgan

Teacher – Year 5                                       Miss Coles

Teacher - Year 6                                       Mr Mitchell

Teacher - Year 6                                       Mr Bonsall

Additional Teacher                                   Miss Kelly

KS2 Teaching Assistants                           Miss Neale, Miss Wilkinson, Miss Carney, Mrs Mottram, Mrs Pace,

                                                                 Mrs Newton, Mrs Bowen, Miss Tobin, Mrs Schofield, Mrs Hind and Mrs Kennedy

Reading Teaching Assistants                    Mrs Abram 


Sports Coaches                                                  


Mr Owen and Miss Clark                                                            



Spanish Teacher               


Ms Yolanda Mansilla Orea


Lunchtime Welfare Assistants


Foundation Stage and Key Stage One             Mrs Leigh



Foundation Stage                                              Mrs Leonard, Miss Jupp

Key Stage One                                                   Mrs Ellis, Neild, Mrs Ahmed, Mrs Gresty, Mrs Humber


Key Stage Two Supervisor                                  Mrs Matlock

Key Stage Two                                                    Ms Mirza, Mrs Finn, Ms Best, Mrs Abram, Mrs Karim, Miss Hevingham                                                                                                     and Miss Clark


Before and After School Club           


Manager                                                              Miss Brocklehurst and Miss Scaife

Staff                                                                     Mrs Heeds, Mrs Corbett, Mrs Abram, Mrs Leonard, Miss Ravenscroft,

                                                                            Mrs Webb and Mrs Leigh




Bursar                                                                  Mrs Burnside

Secretary                                                             Mrs Booth

Receptionists                                                      Mrs Stopford

Administration Assistant                                     Mrs Thomas


Site Manager                                                      Mr Hyde


Cleaning Staff                                                                      Mrs Ashworth, Mrs Barnes, Mrs Rowbotham and Mrs Mountfield


School Cook                                                                          Mrs Phillips