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Foreign Languages

Language learning enables young people to express their ideas and thoughts in another language, and to understand and respond to its speakers, which is essential, practical knowledge for all global citizens in the 21st century. More than this, it is about young people exploring the relationship between language and identity, about developing an international outlook and growing into an enhanced understanding of the world and their place within it.


At Aldwyn our pupils learn French with Mademoiselle Kelly in KS2 and there are opportunities to learn Spanish with Yolanda in KS1 and KS2 as part of our extra curricular opportunities.

Home Learning


Bonjour! I hope you are all staying well and safe.  I am missing you very much!


There are French activities on your Home Learning Grids on your class pages most weeks if you would like an opportunity to practice your language and I will put some websites and activities on this page to help you. 


Mademoiselle Kelly

Our French at Home!

Here are some super examples of French Home Learning in KS2.  


Rowan in Year 3 has been working on his numbers from 0-31 as part of our Time topic.

               Rowan in Year 3 has done super work practicing numbers 0-31 as part of our Time topic.




Reuben (Y4)

Bastille Day - 14 juillet

This week our KS2 children have been learning about the French National Festival of Bastille Day which dates back to 1789 and the storming of 'La Bastille' prison at school and at home.