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At Aldwyn Primary School we are passionate about reading and reading is at the heart of our curriculum.  Our teachers and teaching assistants are models for reading for our children and we promote reading for pleasure and enjoyment. 


Reading is taught through a variety of methods: by using quality texts in our English Curriculum, using Book Talk as part of our English lessons, teaching whole class and guided reading aswell as one to one reading. Our children learn a variety of skills through learning to decode (sound out and blend), learning to become fluent expressive readers and developing comprehension and vocabulary skills. Our classrooms have inviting reading areas with quality books and we have a library where children can research and read for purpose and pleasure. We have a dedicated story time each day with a class novel or picture book. 


Progression in Reading Books


At Aldwyn, we use a variety of reading books that are motivating and enjoyable for our children enabling children to read for pleasure. In EYFS and KS1 children use phonic decodable and Book Bands. In later years our books are banded and develop in progression. We use a variety of reading schemes and real books in fiction, non fiction, poetry and plays. Our schemes are Rigby Reading Planet, Read Write Inc Book Bags, Pearson Phonic Readers and Bug Club, Dandelion Phonics, Rigby Star Fiction and Non Fiction, Project X, Rigby Pocket Reads, Oxford Reading Tree and real books.