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The Better Reading Programme BRP

Reading Interventions


At Aldwyn Primary School our Teaching Assistants are trained in the Better Reading (@Boosting Reading)  Programme. This is a ten week intensive programme of three fifteen minute  one-to-one sessions for pupil who have not yet met national expectations for reading for their year group, for children who have not yet met the expected level in the Year 1 Phonic Check or whose progress has not at least good and need a 'boost' with their reading. The programme provides a relaxed environment that gives children the time and space to practise and apply the skills taught by their classteacher. This is a special time  where the children read with pleasure and enjoyment and talk about their reading with a skilled Teaching Assistant  in Better Reading. 


The Better Reading Programme: 

  • develops phonics and comprehension skills 
  • promotes engagement with and enjoyment in reading
  • enables children to make rapid progress in reading and reading age