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Year Six

Year 6: Home Learning: Monday 6th September.

This is a surprise! Annoying too because it is just when we're getting back into school but it can't be helped. Don't worry if your parents can't help today or you don't have a P.C., we'll catch up later this week with what we were going to do in class. In Year 6, we do a lot of swapping our learning tasks around and changing things - and covering things from last year. We're experts at it.

So here are some tasks to be getting on with today.



We have our times table test this Friday so spend some time speeding up your instant recall. If someone is there to give you test too - great. Can you remember your log on to TTRockstars? Log on and get cracking if you have a PC available. But simply writing them down is great anyway. Try the tougher ones (7, 8 and 9s) that you don't know as well.



You all have your new reading books - read away. And don't forget to log any pages and books in your journal. Spend some time on your spellings too. But remember - keep checking you're still spelling them correctly as you go along. Also, can you remember your log on to Check that you can still log on.


Smile Mile:

Yes, we are doing the Smile Mile on Mondays. So get yourself out and about if you can. If not, get out in the garden and do some running around there.



Our new topic this term is the Shang Dynasty of China. So if you have a P.C. or tablet you could do a little research on modern day China. For example: where the country is, the people, food, tourist attractions, etc. Write things down if you want or just remember them.

Another think to look at is our science topic - plants. So if you have a plain piece of paper and a pencil (colour if you want) draw a close up picture of a flower. The more detail the better. Can you name the different parts of a plan and a flower?


And that's it for today. Have a great day and don't get hassled and worried about all this. Like I said - Year 6 are experts in getting everything done. One missed day is 'no problemo'!

See you in the morning.