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Year Six

If you are self isolating this week, or working from home, then you will find your home learning school grid below.


Please note that this learning grid is the last one for Year 6 work (week ending Friday 2 October). After this point, you will need to log on to your Google Classroom account using the Gmail account that you use in school. Simply follow the instructions that have been sent to you, via email, by Mr. Bonsall and Mr. Mitchell 


Using Google Classroom, you will be able to find all the work we have been looking at in school each week. You will not need to print work out, as in some cases you can open up a Google Document, Slide or PowerPoint, or use paper and pen to record your answers - also, we will happily accept screenshots of work for marking and comments. 


If you need any help with anything, or would like to share work with your Year 6 teachers, then please don't hesitate to contact us.


Also, if you are unable to access any of this work, for whatever reason, then please get in touch and we can provide you with paper copies: