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Year Three

6.9.21- School closure

Here is your home learning for today while school is closed:


Maths - If you can remember your TTRockstars pass word then please log in and have a go. Alternatively, type -  topmarks - maths into google and choose a times tables game. Hit the button is a great one! See how many you can get right within the time.

English- Read your school reading book, or continue with any books you are reading at home.

What can you find out about the story  - George's Marvellous medicine? Who is the author, and what is the story about? See if you can google any images that show what the characters look like.


Science - Look on Google and find out what you can about the different food groups. What are the main food groups, and what kinds of food are in them?


Look in the kitchen at different food packaging. Choose a packet or tin and look at the ingredients list. Write down everything that is in that food.

To watch Mrs Charnock's last day of term assembly, please go into your Google Classroom.

Home activities for the last week of term - Week beginning 19.7.21

Click on the first link below to find 15 activities to choose from for our last week of school. Have fun!


You can contact the class teachers at:   or



If you want to keep up with your reading, then search ‘for Oxford Owls ebooks’ in Google. Click on ‘levels’, then ‘book bands’. You will be able to choose the colour band that you are reading at the moment. There are lots of ebooks to choose from.

Ebooks are free, but your adult will need to register with the website first.


Remember, times tables and other must have maths skills can be practised on TTRockstars or Top Marks Maths.

How to access google classrooms

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How to access google docs part 1

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How to access google docs part 2

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