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Week beginning Monday 31st January 2022


In English, we are continuing with our unit of work which is 'Stories set in an Imaginary Setting.'Our focus is - Where The Wild Things Are.

Listen to a version of this story on Youtube by clicking here.  


This week, we are making a plan to begin writing our own imaginary story, based on the book above.

Start to write down some ideas that you can bring back to class when you come back in. Think about' Where The wild Things Are'. You will need to change the main character. You can also change the mum and dog if you want to.  You will need to think of a different mode of transport, and some new characters instead of The Wild Things. Draw pictures alongside your ideas.




This week, we are starting a new unit on - Money.

Ask an adult if you can borrow some coins/notes. Look at their colour, shape and value. Put them in order from least to greatest amount.

Play a game - choose a selection of coins and see if you can add them together to find their total value. Remember different strategies for adding - place value grids, number lines and column addition. Draw representations to help you. 

Topmarks has some great money games - have a go at these.

Extra learning

Reading - continue to read your school book or any books that you have at home. Use geography websites for your research work that are especially for children, such as National Geographic - kids.

Spellings - misspell, mislead, mistreat, misbehave, mistrust, misprint, misuse, misplace, misheard, misread

Times tables - Use TT Rockstars and Topmarks to practice 8x tables. Try and increase the speed of your answers.

Computing - log into your Google account and continue with your slide presentation.

Research- Find out as much information as you can about Tsunamis. Record what you find, either on paper or on a Google doc.




You can contact the class teachers at:   or



If you want to keep up with your reading, then search ‘for Oxford Owls ebooks’ in Google. Click on ‘levels’, then ‘book bands’. You will be able to choose the colour band that you are reading at the moment. There are lots of ebooks to choose from.

Ebooks are free, but your adult will need to register with the website first.


Remember, times tables and other must have maths skills can be practised on TTRockstars or Top Marks Maths.

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